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My Take On Twitter’s Stock

As you might’ve seen in this must-read blog post “10 Key Stock Market Lessons From My First Millionaire Student” I had my first millionaire student last week and I’m SO incredibly proud of Michael Goode’s profits especially since he’s also our finest trading challenge mentor.

Over 400 traders congratulated us HERE on this accomplishment and I’ve received thousands of emails form people who are finally realizing that my turning a few thousand dollars into over $3 million (see ALL my trades HERE) isn’t unique, my success is not just real, it’s also replicable.

(And I have a few other trading challenge students knock knock knocking on millionaire status’ door!)

See this video of Michael Goode’s amazing journey to $1.08 million in profits (and you can see ALL of his trades HERE)

But the big news this week that has flooded my email inbox (and pushed me over the 400,000 email inbox milestone, woohooo!) is twitter‘s IPO which happened today.

Here’s a quick video on what I think about twitter‘s IPO:

HERE is where I congratulated this great trader/subscriber of mine on making $300,000+ today (I suggest you congratulate him too as this is a great feat)

HERE is where I congratulated this hottest-trader-of-2013 on his $177,000 in profits on his pick ARCW which he alerted his subscribers to his buy in the $9s and $10s just two weeks ago and the stock is now at $23ish giving him a profit of $200,000+ (subscribe to his truly great newsletter HERE, use coupon code FREEDOM30 to save up to 60% off regular monthly prices)

Notice I didn’t bother getting into twitter‘s valuation or comparisons to Facebook’s valuation or any of the other shit that too many useless Wall Street analysts love writing about/debating.

Because NONE of that matters to me.

I’ll do a fun little blog post on my valuation take on twitter and social media stocks and hell, all internet and even all technology stocks in another post, but that post, while inevitably very popular, won’t teach you a damn thing about how to get rich in the stock market.

And as I’ve long said my goal in life is to create a millionaire.

Now that’ve accomplished that my goal is to create more millionaires (tip: if you want to learn how to actually get rich, apply yourself HERE)

Far too many of you religiously read the WSJ and Bloomberg and CNBC and…all because they’ve sucked you into believing that you need to follow breaking financial news and blue chip stocks and that it’s fun to discuss all the latest market happenings with other like-minded individuals.

It’s all bullshit designed to keep you paying subscribers, making endless trades and investments so that the financial media keeps you as readers, viewers or subscribers without EVER focusing on anything that might give you financial freedom anytime soon.

The brokerage and investment firms that advertise on financial media want your commissions and fees FOREVER and it’s all designed to make these firms consistent money every year without any regard to how to make you money or dare I even mention, how to make you rich.

I’m looked down upon by these firms and the financial media because I don’t play by their bullshit eternal-fee-paying games and I would be unhappy if you were a customer of mine for more than a few years.

Because my trading challenge and my websites are training wheels — after you learn EXACTLY how I became a millionaire and now how my top trading challenge students are becoming millionaires, you don’t need me anymore…feel free to send me gifts like this in the forthcoming years:

…but after I teach you everything I know, I want you going off on your own and being truly self-sufficient.

Anyone trading TWTR does not get what I just said and they’re LOVING the action of buying a stock at 45 and flipping it at 47 or shorting it at 49 and covering at 45 (yes there were shares to short if you have one of my preferred brokers)

None of your adrenaline-pumping trading will ever get your rich on any consistent basis and it certainly won’t lead you to profit charts like these of my top students.

As I said in the video, start thinking like us multi-millionaires do instead of how the impoverished masses do.

You’re welcome for my take on twitter, now stop giving a shit about it and watch these video lessons on patterns that ARE predictable and have been known to create a few millionaires over the past few years šŸ™‚

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