My Controversial Maxim Video And How To Short Sell Penny Stocks

Yesterday, I was featured in this Maxim Magazine article and, although it’s controversial, I have fulfilled my childhood dream of finally being in that legendary publication!

I’m kidding about it being a childhood dream of mine — that was to drive a Lamborghini like this and/or a Ferrari like this and now I’ve spent a little over $500,000 buying them both and so they sit in my driveway:

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

I get some crazy messages about my #lamborghini and my #ferrari like people think I lease them for $1,000/month LOL. Actually I bought both of them for roughly $550,000 and if you’re going to buy #exoticcars you had better have seven figures saved up in your bank so you don’t spend everything in depreciating assets. This is not a big percent of my savings so I’m more than okay, but my point is these are not for everyone and I only bought them over a decade after I first became a #millionaire as I wanted to reward myself for years and years of #hardwork #stocktrading and also #teaching too…so only like this photo, leave a comment and message me if you’re willing to #studyhard and sacrifice THOUSANDS of hours to learn skills that can change your life. I do not teach any #getrichquick scheme as that’s not lasting or ethical, I’m far prouder that my several top millionaire students are #selfsufficient and they do not need me AT ALL anymore (but I am glad they help me mentor other upcoming students too!) #letsbereal #cutthebullshit #savedontspend #rewardyourself #patienceisavirtue #knowledgeispower #thegoodlife #workhardplayhard #jewmobiles #jewrari

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…after 2 decades of hard work of trading and now teaching and creating more millionaire trading challenge students than anyone else in the game.

But, it is cool to finally be in Maxim Magazine, mainly because my latest video features former Playboy Playmate Of The Year Sara Underwood:

…as we spoofed this famous scene from the movie “The Big Short”:

…but instead of explaining how to short sell sub-prime mortgages, my specialty and the specialty of my top students, like these guys:

…is short selling penny stocks and despite 99.9999% of the world hating on penny stocks, thanks to this career criminal, there actually is a good opportunity to profit rather consistently by shorting hyped up pump and dumps…if you can find shares to short that is.

Now Maxim has included in the article a few points of restraint, saying stuff like “stock trader-turned-instagram star Timothy Sykes claims he’s made millions betting against penny stocks on the principal that they all inevitably tank.” and “It sounds too good to be true, but we have a hard time taking our eyesโ€”and earsโ€”off of the blonde beauty. Just look at her.” and I get it because it does sound too good to be true!

But that’s why I back EVERYTHING up by showing all my trades HERE and you can see me short selling some gigantic penny stock pumps in this blog post too.

Want some more examples?


Here’ my top trading challenge student profiting roughly $60,000 in 1 day, shorting a penny stock pump:

Here’s another one from me:

Here’s a live video of me shorting one:

In fact, I have nearly 5,000 video lessons now in my library about shorting penny stocks and roughly 1,500 of those videos are SPECIFICALLY on morning panics as you subscribers can see HERE and you can see I’ve been writing about this pattern for nearly a decade now in classic blog posts like “The Seemingly Unchanging Million Dollar Profit Stock Market Pattern: [8 PRETTY CHARTS]” and “How To Get Rich By Short Selling Mini-Enrons Faster Than Jim Chanos” and “How To Short Sell Penny Stocks FAQs [VIP POST]

If you need more information, then see this infographic on how to short sell penny stocks.

So, why, you may ask, do I teach this and not just run a billion dollar hedge fund and keep this great strategy all to myself and my hedge fund’s investors?

Well, I tried running a hedge fund, as you might’ve read about here, but this strategy isn’t scalable to hundreds of millions…at least not for me…so I now teach it because it’s IDEAL for those with small accounts.

Read this blog post about how to use a small account to your advantage and grow it quicker than any kind of large cap diversification BS that the financial media is so happy to promote that literally does NOTHING MEANINGFUL for accounts under $25,000 or even worse, accounts under $10,000 or $5,000.

And realize, I buy penny stocks, too, THIS pattern and THIS pattern have been working great lately as often times you can’t find shares to short on the best penny stock pumps, so I also made this video called “No Borrow, No Cry”

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  1. RBI

    So many great videos! Thanks for taking the time to teach us newbies. I’m learning a ton!

  2. AshtonDtrader

    I didn’t really understand what she was saying the first few times, kept getting Distracted.

  3. Eric

    How is it controversial .. Sheesh to many people don’t know the value of good informative entertainment … After all it’s for entertainment purposes only … Are the controversial critics. From CNBC? ๐Ÿ™‚ … I refer them to Margot Robbie’s last line in the big short … Y’all know the one

  4. AmberNinja

    Love the No Borrow No Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seen all the other videos and I’ve only been in the Challenge a month. More New Videos! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Fred Becker

    Great video, “How Tim Grittani Made $60,000+ In 1 Day” and definitely loved those messages in the great bubble bath videos. Thank you!

  6. call

    I thought it was Genius. Classic Tim Sykes getting Penny Stocks into the minds of people. Posting charts does not do the job. A Lambo, a Rarri or a bubble bath video definitively works. I thought was pretty astute and the video was very well made. I posted on my FB and my GF flipped and got angry at first. I just found out about the spoof (a day later) and that explains it better. Now, I am cool with my GF and I explained about the importance of getting peoples attention towards Pennystocking, etc and she got it. It was Genius Tim.. You are really doing a very good Job at creating millionaires. Thanks.

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