MSN Money, FOX News, Motley Fool & Seeking Alpha Implicated In Penny Stock Pump & Dump Cases - Timothy Sykes

MSN Money, FOX News, Motley Fool & Seeking Alpha Implicated In Penny Stock Pump & Dump Cases

UPDATE: Sogotrade did have shares of CLRH to short yesterday, it’s my bad for not signing up with them sooner…congrats to the dozen or so TIMalert subscribers who did and profited nicely:

+$620 on my short of CLRH. Not done with this bitch yet

+300 on Sogo trade shorting of CLRH

Time to take out the trash, that being the corrupt financial media industry. You see I teach TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking DVD students how to uncover and profit from penny stock hype & manipulation and while most of my investigations are limited to future jailbirds like and Penny Stock Chaser, every now and then the stench left by major financial media outlets who are either totally corrupt and on the take or too dumb and incompetent to realize who they are in bed with catches my nose and I feel compelled to write.

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Instead of ripping off a few wealthy country club members like Madoff, MSN Money, FOX News, Motley Fool & Seeking Alpha are guilty of ripping off their poor naive readers, creating mammoth losses based on fault articles, basically making people hate penny stocks for their “unpredictability” when the truth is the exact opposite: if you know how to research stock promotion, there is GREAT predictability…even if it means these major financial media outlets are discovered to be outright criminals who should be stopped, sued or fined, most likely a combination of all 3.

I’ll start with the 2 stocks in question, Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc. (CLRH) and NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc. (NXTH), two of the most blatant pump & dumps of recent memory, their very existence and perpetuation making the SEC more of a laughing stock than it already was (Madoff did a good job).

Hmmmm, see any similarities?

I’ve already written about FOX News’ Charles Payne being involved in not one but BOTH pump & dumps:

Calling CLRH a pump & dump a day before it dropped 30%+

Charles Payne & other penny stock promoters wish they could get this

Charles Payne’s promoted piece of crap company tanked 60% in one day…when the pump turned into a dump

But digging through CLRH’s articles today, I see a Motley Fool article by “JimVanMeerten” talking about how CLRH is a speculative buy…

Hmmmm, curious to see a bullish article when the stock tanked 30%+ today…and where do I know that name from? A Google search reveals Jim Van Meerten is a blogger at and also a Seeking Alpha contributor…now we already know Seeking Alpha ain’t crystal clean after the whole Diedrich Coffee Inc. (DDRX) incident, but would they really publish a stock promoter’s articles?

I mean Jim also writes for MSN Money, he’s a respectable guy, right? Maybe he just wrote about CLRH because it was speculative, right? He even says “Normally on Financial Tides we do not follow highly speculative or IPO issues but I’m going to make an exception for Clear-Lite Holdings”…

The problem with Jim is that he’s not too bright. Just 2 weeks ago, Jimmy boy also wrote a bullish article on NXTH for Seeking Alpha starting it out by saying the usual: “On Financial Tides I usually don’t look at small speculative stocks but the technicals on this are too good to pass.” going on with his BOILERPLATE article about how heard of this company through its marketing and confirmed its technicals look good LOL…just like his NXTH article…like a bad actor reading a script…so is this bad actor getting paid to write this junk?

That NXTH article was on October 25th and the stock dropped 70% just 2 days later. After writing bullishly for major online publications within days of the two most BLATANT pump & dumps dropping bigtime, either Jim is the unluckiest guy in the world or he is a paid stock promoter. No disclaimers on any of his sites or articles means that if the SEC does do its job and investigates for once, he better not be a a part of some company or have any affiliations because that’s fraud.

I’m not the judge or jury, but in penny stock land, if something smells fishy, it usually is a whale. Feel free to answer me Jimbo…PS Jim, stop losses don’t matter when PUMP & DUMPS COLLAPSE WITHIN MINUTES…do you know this or are you gonna play the role of the dumb stock promoter?

So SEC are you reading? Can someone forward this to the SEC please? Normally I don’t try to stop stock promotion, but as I’ve said Payne and his crew are too selfish to let many short sellers in and I just cannot take the hopelessly misguided daily emails I get from readers of MSN Money, FOX News, Motley Fool & Seeking Alpha who don’t understand why the “amazing” stocks which they read about are tanking 50% in a day…

NXTH’s pump broke a few weeks ago, but if you think CLRH is anything close to being a legitimate company, read through TIMalert subscriber Doc King’s research reposted below…it’s what MSN Money, FOX News, Motley Fool & Seeking Alpha should be doing before featuring and publishing articles of stock promoters, but instead are too busy taking in useless and dangerous content so they can get their pathetic ad sales up.

And SEC, if you want to hire me, just contact me here and we’ll negotiate…I alone seem to do more work busting these pump & dumps then your entire organization so how about firing them and giving me half their salary, saving you and the taxpayers money. Whatcha think?

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  1. MichaelGoode

    In Motley Fool's defense, the guy who wrote about CLRH was writing a blog in their CAPS stock trading game, not an official Motley Fool article. Anyone can write anything (and they do write anything) on those blogs.

  2. stockwhisperer

    tim what you fail to recognize is sec is part/beneficiary of p&d's check affiliation of sec & belmont partners/pacific stock transfer and maybe it will become a clearer for you sec is criminal they profit from p7d's themselves

  3. ismellsomething

    Speaking of not too bright.

    This is the slowest loading web site on the planet. been that way for months

    spend some of that dvd money you robbed from morons and get a new web server.

    you are a disgrace.

  4. timothysykes

    been commented on lots of times, dont blame me, blame he's too busy now, its the old wordpress thats the problem.

    but u have little right to talk to me that way, i'm the only good thing in penny stock land, you're not fit to take out my trash troll

  5. timothysykes

    Ps it has nothing do with the server and who cares what people reading a free site think anyway… is never slow nor down

    u get what u pay for…enjoy the “Free” stock promoter newsletters as they trade against u…oh wait u're a hater of mine, u probly are a stock promoter, enjoy prison when the law catches up to u

  6. Gary skankzitzten

    Im shocked you would say something like “who cares what people reading a free site think anyway…

    does that mean we cant trust your posts or your claims of near perfect trading?

    I was going to subscribe , but now I have second thoughts.

  7. timothysykes

    Gary I have NEVER claimed near perfect trading, i have a lot of mistakes…u can subscribe if u want or not, it doesnt matter to me…my TIMalert subscribers know of my trades in near realtime and I answer any of their questions…people who dont want to subscribe and learn dont matter to me…you probly just want random picks, go watch a bald man who is right 40% of the time if u thats what u want.

    u think i have to be nice, i dont…i have a successful proven strategy and that makes me unique. either learn or dont. if u dont want to, stop wasting my time please, thanks!

  8. Gary skankzitzten

    i look a@ that list of trades you claim to have made on the right of this page, and looks to me like near perfect.

    are those cherry picked? if not, why are you wasting your time burning dvd's with your ugly face on them, and not making MILLIONS trading?

    something smells like poop.

  9. timothysykes

    i dont cherry pick trades, all traders are verified by covestor where i am #1 out of 35,000+ traders…i already have made millions, i'm the only real guy in finance…read my bio as to why i teach, its fulfilling and my strategy isnt scalable.

    even my #1 student thought i was full of crap, now he's up $105,000 on my strategy…give it a chance, sign up to and u'll see

    shorted NLSt at 5.59, look where it is now 🙂

  10. jparent

    Gary-If you don't have another job or can spend all day trading I would recommend Tim's site. I was a subscriber, but I was always at work so I could not use the service effectively. You get good ideas in the chat rooms. I think it's worth it if you have the time.

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