More Than 75 Million Americans Have Already Voted

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on February 2, 2021
More Than 75 Million Americans Have Already Voted Thumbnail

Election day is five days away — and 75 million Americans have already voted.

With record votes recorded this early, this year’s vote has already exceeded half of the number of votes recorded in the entire 2016 presidential election.

The global pandemic, postal-delay fears, and inspiration fueled by the presidential candidates have all played a role in the contribution of a record early vote.

“The numbers are stunning,” University of Florida political professor Michael P. McDonald, who tracks and gathers election data, wrote in a U.S. Elections Project analysis. According to McDonald, some states may even surpass their total votes for the 2016 presidential election before the end of this week.

Texas has already received over 90% of the total votes it counted in the 2016 presidential election. North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia are also nearing their total votes counted in the 2016 election, now with over 70% each.

Campaign officials and elections experts are still determining whether the high early-vote count is due to voters simply casting votes early or if it reflects increased enthusiasm in this year’s election.

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