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Should I Buy This Robotic Bartender?

Given that I’ve made too many millions and could care less about my toys like this, I’m open to spending more $ on fun things just to piss my haters off and inspire my students to study hard so they too can have too many toys and enjoy the financially free lifestyle to which everyone should aspire.

This silly invention caught my eye — it’s far cheaper than this awesome $116,000 splurge I’m thinking of purchasing.

Pretty soon you won’t need to tip the bartender at your favorite hangout spot. Monsieur has created the first personal robotic bartender. Not only that, but you can pretty much take it anywhere you want. This will give a whole new meaning to “its 5 o’clock somewhere.”

I can definitely relate to this next statement, but had you ever found yourself wanting your own personal robot that would fulfill any wish at a beck and call? My guess is that you said yes. If you thought that it would be especially when it comes to a drink? According to, today may be your lucky day. The company that is known for creating the world’s first artificially intelligent robotic bartender, Monsieur, has news for you. Apparently they had robotic robots before, but now they have a more portable one!


Here is the description offered by BornRich. It sounds pretty luxurious to me:

The company has launched a new in-home product, known as Monsieur for Home, which deftly crafts everyone’s favorite cocktails and spirits, made to their specific descriptions and recommendations. Monsieur added sleek hardware and a companion smart application for iOS and Android devices, as the robot mixes and produces drinks that are tailored to satisfy the most demanding tastes… and you can have all of this at the touch of a button. We shall drink to that.


“Enjoying cocktails and spirits is a fundamental component of social life for many Americans, but the overall social drinking experience has not been innovated in centuries,” said Barry Givens, Monsieur CEO and co-founder. “The goal of Monsieur is to redefine the social drinking experience by using smart technology to create a personal bartender, assistant and mixologist for everyone – providing an unmatched cocktail experience, anywhere you might be. We’ve also built in features to encourage responsible drinking by monitoring consumption, estimating blood alcohol levels and even helping users order a cab.” Sounds pretty organized.


The Monsieur mobile app allows you to have a personal bartender in the palm of your hand, whether you are in a park or in your dining room. With the benefits of integrating home automation systems such as SmartThings via WiFi, Zigbee, or Bluetooth, Monsieur allows intelligence and technology to become your very own personal butler. For example, if a person’s favorite politician wins an election, Monsieur can cheer along while offering a celebratory drink. Watching your favorite TV show? Monsieur can recommend the perfect cocktail for that specific best moment of your day when you want to kick your shoes off and unwind. The robot, never slow, can even notice when you have a date over and offer to make him or her a cocktail as well.


An added bonus: Monsieur knows his drinks…  big time. Whereas the average person can only name a few drinks or whip up a favorite cocktail, Monsieur is very knowledgeable when it comes to cocktails and can introduce you to thousands of new drinks from around the world… with no wait or clean-up needed. On top of it all, Monsieur can crowd-source new cocktail recipes from users and give the go-ahead to share these new discoveries with their friends. By using Monsieur’s theme packages including custom cocktail lists, people can transform their next home party into any milieu. Such as? Many people have enjoyed throwing parties such as a trendy London nightclub themed-party or a Tiki Bar based in Hawaii. Monsieur can aid people skip the lines and stop waiting around forever behind the bar… just so that they can bask in the enjoyment of social drinking experience to the fullest.

Monsieur highlights include two models starting at $1499 – at 4 or 8 liquid container capacity. Each container holds 30oz of any of your favorite spirits, mixers, juices, liqueurs or types of wines.


The models are pre-loaded with 12 theme packages, ranging from Tiki Bar to Irish Pub, followed with a cocktail list of over 25 drinks, providing immediate access to over 300 drinks. Raise your glass to that.

The mobile app responsibly checks your drink consumption, takes a guess at your blood alcohol level and can help you get a cab if you have had one too many.

The smart butler and home automation functions know when you come home and immediately offers you a cocktail.

When it comes to ingredient-level sensing, Monsieur indicates that ingredients are low and hands you a shopping list via SMS or email, with specific items you need to buy.

What does Monsieur look like? Monsieur is prepared in a matte black woodgrain finish and comes with carefully brushed stainless steel detailing and LED lighted accents.

Want to the whole way and reap all the benefits? You can take the Game Day package, priced at $10, 000 which includes a luxury suite for you as well as 15 friends attending a Golden State Warriors Game, where your very own Monsieur can whip up some cocktails à la James Bond.

In case you are serious about buying this item, check it out. Monsieur is available now at

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