Manipulation Monday: Just 18 Stocks To Watch Today!

AAPL oh my god 3G is coming..developers conference…blehhhh..STFU you friggin geeks, I covered this stock last week, nothing’s changed

ROYL with this morning’s capital raise at a discount prices, they’re just the latest example of the smallcrap pump and dump capital raising game…and u though I was being overly cynical? Welcome to the gutter bitches!

SLAT c’mon have we seen this chart before?

CHP is a real company multi-year breakout, still a ton of overhead resistance and…it’s…uhhh….real…blehhhhhhhh

INO is up on drug news, too bad every other spie has been good to short into

LBAS alert, alert, alert we have a fraud breaking out, I repeat, a fraud is breaking out!

CNEH after forming a perfect double top, it’s trying to get back to its highs…if it breaks, that’s awesome, but it won’t be easy

HYHY latest spam stock, put it on your watchlist, still not up enough though

ISPH was a great short Friday….ahhh the sacrifices that must be made for stuff like LiveStock…don’t be too aggressive today

END even though it’s gone vertical, it’s a nice yearly cup & handle try…not a short yet

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of this post.

NCEY is a wonderful supernova, just wish the price was 5-10x as high cuz now the risk-reward still sux

TMR has been a good short each and every time its spiked like this….who thins it’ll be any different this time around? Nice Friday fading actionn

PTEK is the turd I shorted on Friday, all up on hype, great Friday fading action, as I wrote, c’mon Monday morning panic!

PARD spiker with nice Friday fading action

CYPW is a nice breakout play that’s gone vertical…whatcha gonna do?

PCYC is a drug stock with even more good news this morn

PARL is an earnings mover, you early shorts have fun, I’m gonna stick to the rules outlined in my PennyStocking DVD and avoid shorting it cuz I know my opinion is meaningless when real #s are concerned. It’s about odds people!

UTSI is a perfect gradual riser, don’t short!

VSCI may soon breakout, but you know it’s gonna be hardfought