How To Make $1 Million From Scratch [VIDEO INTERVIEW] - Timothy Sykes

How To Make $1 Million From Scratch [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Last year Andrew Warner cast doubt on whether or not I would be able to create a trading challenge student millionaire from scratch and I went crazy on him…this year was a little more tame now that I have created not one but two millionaires HERE and HERE.

Andrew Warner of Mixergy was kind enough to have me on his fine site once again to catch up and see how much $ I’ve made and what I’ve been up to.

See/read some past interviews HERE and HERE and especially enjoy last year’s interview where I coined the phrase “if you’re not a millionaire you’re poor

HERE is the link to my 2014 interview on Mixergy, watch it ASAP before it goes premium in a few days! And below is some of the transcript for my deaf students:

Tim: Thank you for having me.

Andrew: You said before we started I’m going tone it down a little bit this year. Why? Is it Mort? Did Mort turn you around?

Tim: Yes, Mort, I think about him day and night and no, before it was about getting exposure like, look at me, I’m making all this money, you can learn from me. There’s a lot of guys saying that, so I had to kind of distinguish myself. Now, in just the past few weeks, I have not one, but two millionaire students.

We’ve have gotten features on CNNMoney which got shared five thousand times, a feature on Fox with Cavuto and Fox & Friends, and we have a few more features lined up. The fact that my students are actually becoming millionaires, that’s enough. I don’t need to brag all the time. Now the press and my students are doing it for me.

Andrew: I see that you actually are getting some press for your students by bringing them on with you when you do interviews and from the one story that I saw, it seems like the Wolf of Wall Street is a good hook for you now.

Tim: Yeah, I mean, the Wolf of Wall Street is all about this guy who scammed and made a lot of money with penny stocks, but he ripped off his customers and I basically just say look, I’m actually showing you that I’m not ripping off my customers. Here’s my millionaire student who started with just $1500, less than three years ago. Tim Gretawny [SP], just a regular kid from the Midwest. My second millionaire student just had a baby so, or actually my first millionaire student was just kind of like my Jared with Subway.

Andrew: Yep.

Tim: The fact that I can create millionaires, it’s just the beginning.

Andrew: Do you make more money investing or more money selling courses and videos teaching other people how to invest?

Tim: Roughly 12 times the amount from teaching than I do from trading. Some people will look at that as a negative, I look at it as a positive because I am showing you how I make money from my craft and then I’m making money from showing people. I think that it goes hand in hand , but there’s a lot of purists out there that are like if you’re a trader, you shouldn’t tell anybody about your strategy.

You should focus on your own percent games. I was up 66 percent last year in 2013. The whole markets were up 20, 25 percent. Already, in the first three weeks of 2014, I’m up 30 percent on my trading, but I’ll always trade. It’s a question of how many people can I teach. I’m already rich. Me making another 66 percent or 30 percent or 100 percent, it doesn’t matter. It’s like you selling a few more greeting cards, once you’ve sold, how many greeting cards have you sold?

Andrew: Hey, it was all free greeting cards. You’re talking about the past business. We were giving it away and making money off of Lee Genton [SP] Speaking of making money, how much money did you make 2013? Every year around this time, you come back to Mixergy and we review your sales for last year. Where are you now?

Tim: So last year’s sales were $6.2 million. Up from I want to say from $3.5 or 4 the year before? You pull up.

Andrew: Yeah, let me see, I have it right here. It was 4 and where is that? I don’t have it. Oh, 20, here we go. 2011 it was $3.5, 2012 it was $4.4 is what you told me at the time. That sounds right?

Tim: Yeah, I mean I also include trading now because I made nearly $400 thousand last year in trading.

Andrew: So, we’re talking roughly $6 million from teaching people online how they can trade.

Tim: Correct, but more importantly, already in the first 3 weeks, so I had never had a million dollar month before this month. Halfway through the month, on January 15th, we hit a million. We’re already at $1.5 million in sales for January, so we’re on track to do $2 million so if you extrapolate that out, maybe 15, 10, 10, 15, 20, I don’t know how far it can go because now we have reached kind of like this important point where people realize it’s not just me in my Lamborghini and my mansion and my, you know, girls, and my lifestyle, and my trips, and my watches, my gold $36,000 Rolex. It’s not just about this stuff anymore, it’s about you guys.

Andrew: I want to understand how you’re selling to people. But, before we do, speaking of Lamborghini, last year around this time, I was checking out your Facebook profile, and it was nothing but you in a Lamborghini, and then women in the Lamborghini with you. I don’t see that anymore. Did it not work for you? Did it not convert?

Tim: No, I. . .

Andrew: Did you lose the Lamborghini?

Tim: No, I still have the Lamborghini.

Andrew: Okay.

Tim: No, it’s been. . . I’m probably the worst Lamborghini owner ever. I get nauseous when I take it out. I lent it to a friend, he knocked off the mirror. You know, there’s all sorts of issues with it, but hey, I still post every now and then. But again, it’s not just about my lifestyle anymore. Now, if you look at my pictures, you’ll see me bringing my top student on Fox the other day.

Andrew: I see that.

Tim: You’ll see me treating him to a suite at the Pierre. I got him a big [balthazar] of Veuve. It’s like 16 bottles. I tried to bring it into Jean- Georges in New York. They rejected us. I was going to pay them, like, you know, 16 bottles in corkage fee, which is like $1400. They wouldn’t do it. So again, it’s shifted.

Then, I also have a girlfriend, Bianca, who you just met briefly. She’s made me a better person, a nicer, more balanced person. So I have a lot of good things going on right now.

Andrew: So, what did you do in 2013 that allowed you to grow your sales by about 50 percent?

Tim: You know, again, I focused. I had the attention of people, you know, by being bold, by being aggressive, by being a prick. That gave me the spotlight, and then it was up to me to come through, and, you know, again, as I made 66 percent on my money, you know, I was right. I had dozens of huge winner stocks that doubled, tripled, quadrupled over the course of the year. You know, in the beginning of last year, I picked [OMVO] as my top pick. It was in the twos, it finished the year at ten plus.

So, you know, when you have these big winners, when you come through, I don’t need to just brag about my lifestyle anymore. I don’t want to offend people who now I have converted into customers and students. Before I didn’t have as many students, you know. Now I have over 3000 students. Last year, we only had, like, I want to say, like, 1500, or maybe 2000. But, the student base has grown, and now it’s about, OK, “What can you do? PUt up or shut up.” That’s what I’m doing. I’m focusing on webinars, seminars. My video lesson library is over 1400 videos now.

Andrew: Let’s break all that down. First, you said two things. It was the stock performance, and it was also your mouth that was bringing people to the site. Your mouth is the part that I’m most interested in. Where would you go to get people to come to the site?

Tim: That’s a weird phrase.

Andrew: What?

Tim: [??] yourselves. That’s just a weird phrase, the way you said it.

Andrew: Let it be. I’m Okay with that.

Tim: Okay.

Andrew: I’m comfortable with myself.

Tim: All right. All right, fair enough.

Andrew: Tell me. So, you couldn’t possibly do enough interviews like Mixergy, do enough blog posts to get traffic to your site. Was it also that you were buying ads and that was what was helping you?

Tim: No. I mean, we never really spent much on ads. It was more, I want people to find me, you know, organically. I don’t like the whole idea of advertising. I really like press. I’m a big convert of press now. All last year I didn’t go for any press, but now that I have a millionaire student, I think that I’ve earned that right.

Andrew: So then, what? Where did. . . Walk me through your funnel. People, you’re saying, it’s largely you opening your mouth and really drawing attention to yourself and getting people to your site. Where were you opening your mouth last year that got more students into the site?

Tim: Well, I mean, I showed a lot of my trips. You know, I still travel. My girlfriend and I went to Capri and Positano and Mykonos and Santorini for two weeks. I spent 50 grand, brought a camera crew, so we had to put those videos up. So first, it’s getting people inspired to want to learn.

As I said last year, the people who want the Lamborghinis, the people who want these material possessions are better students. So, it was about showing the material possessions, showing off the amazing life that I’m fortunate enough to live, getting. . .

Andrew: And where did you show it off? Was it. . . I saw it on Facebook. Was it anywhere else where you were showing it off and bringing. . .

Tim: Facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter. instagram was the big new thing, where, you know, I don’t think I had instagram last year, and now I love it, even though you can’t put notes, which is stupid, you know, you can share your photos and share these moments. That really inspires people, because most people, they have crappy lives. That really gets people going. And then, also, because I’ve been teaching now for a few years, some testimonials start seeping out, where people make 20,000, 50,000, 100,000. My affiliates are making, you know, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000.

Andrew: By promoting your stuff?

Tim: Yeah, by promoting my newsletters.

Andrew: Okay. Who do you use to get affiliates?

Tim: My students, you know, my students become my best affiliates. I haven’t, like, gone out to, like, affiliate conferences, or anything. That’s probably this year. It’s really all organic, from finding good students. Good students become good testimonials. Good testimonials are good affiliates. So we have our own affiliate program on

Andrew: All right. Now, people come to the site, and one of the first things that they see is a request. Let me see, actually. Let me go to Timothy’s site. Let me really break this down. The first thing that I see whenever I go to your site is a request for my email address and name. That we have on Mixergy, it works real well, right?

Tim: Yes, having free video lessons.

Andrew: Okay.

Tim: So, you give us your contact information, we give you some basic videos. Some free videos that are sent to you just to give you some basics on what I’m about. Which I have to update, actually, now that so much has happened in the past year.

Andrew: All right. Where else are you getting people to start giving you their email address?

Tim: You know, we have a Facebook fan page, instagram. Everything leads back to That’s why when you said, “What website do you want me to talk about?” it’s all, that’s where people come because I have 8,000 plus blog posts. I have so many free videos. That’s where we want people to start. Then we can start saying, “Okay. What broker do you use? Apply for my Millionaire Challenge.” So there are different things you can do on, but it’s all me.

Andrew: I see, and then on the right side, I can give you my email address again for seven free lessons or I can apply to become a millionaire.

Tim: Yeah. You should apply. You should apply to become a millionaire right now.

Andrew: I’m going to apply to become a millionaire right now. If I become a millionaire with you, you will take me to Fox News next year?

Tim: Yes. We’ll go even to bigger…

Andrew: I can’t even pause it.

Tim: There’s no pause, once you start your journey, Andrew! You’re either in or you’re out. I want dedicated students.

Andrew: I hit the page and it started playing. I hit the pause button and it flashed pause, but it wasn’t pausing.

Tim: We want you to want in. We want the most dedicated people. Some people, they just don’t want it bad enough. You obviously built your company, you’ve interviewed a lot of people. You know how much work it takes to become a millionaire. Most people don’t know what it’s like and they’re not willing to do that. You know, they think, “Oh, I’ll study for 10 hours.” They’re lazy. And I don’t want lazy students.

Andrew: You know what, I did want it really badly at first. And I did anything, including pop-ups, pop-unders, pop in your face. I would’ve popped you in the mouth if I could just get your email address to join my greeting card mailing address and then sign up for a lead. Then with Mixergy, I said, I want to do it right. I want to have a better reputation. I want to take care of people.

Tim: That’s just because you were pitching crap before and now with Mixergy, you want…

Andrew: I think I was pitching good stuff before.

Tim: You were pitching free gift cards. Free little holiday…

Andrew: It was free greeting cards. You’re talking about the previous company and in the process of it, you can sign up for Time Magazine or something.

Tim: Okay. But I’m just saying that Mixergy, KhanAcademy, these are things where you’re selling wisdom. I’m selling wisdom. We’re all doing the world very good. So if I get you in the door, and I make this analogy where if you have a bum and you have a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of green juice, the bum is going to take the Jack Daniels every time.

So it’s your duty to put the green juice inside the Jack Daniels and trick the stupid bum into actually drinking healthy. So I need to trick bums into my education. So I do that. And I’m not ashamed of it. I think that it’s needed, because if I don’t show off the Lamborghini, which I still show off, and I still show off the $30,000 plus Rolex. If I don’t show this stuff off, people lose interest very quickly. It’s very difficult to be a teacher. In our last interview, you said that I would fail at creating a millionaire.

Andrew: I don’t think I said that.

Tim: Oh, yes you did. I remember that. You were like, “What if you fail?” and I said, “I will not fail!”

Andrew: Yeah, I might have said, what if you fail. And I do remember you yelling at me that you will not fail.

Tim: Even having a shadow of doubt is too much, because I work my butt off every single day. I still do. I’ve gained like 45 pounds in the past year. I’m like Jonah Hill. But it’s a small price to pay not just for creating a millionaire, even though the pitch is to say, “Look, I want to create a millionaire.” a million dollars doesn’t buy you that much in real life any more. It’s about the fact that you can make a million dollars, like my top students starting off with 1,500. Or as some of my affiliates who are earning six figures a year.

There are many different ways to making a million. But by getting there and proving your self-sufficiency and being independent, Tim [??] who is my millionaire who was on Fox with me, over the course of 2013, I was in Japan filming for this upcoming TV show. I was asleep, I woke up because of the time zone difference.

I got an IM from one of my other challenge students who said, “Tim G. made 215 today.” I said, “$215? I don’t care. Why are you even wasting my time on that?” And he was like, “No. $215,000!” I was like, “Whoa, he made $215,000 while I slept!” He was totally self-sufficient but it was off patterns detailed in my DVDs. So if you Google how to make $200,000 in one day, you will see the pattern listed on my DVD and on a blog post two years before he used those exact patterns while I was sleeping, to make his own money. That’s beautiful.

Andrew: What about all those people who are signing up and don’t make money? If you’ve got two people out of 3,000 and, by your…

Tim: So far.

Andrew: So far, you’re saying?

Tim: Yeah. A lot of people are getting close to becoming millionaires. It’s not like just two millionaires and the rest are all losing. All I can do is focusing on providing all the tools. It’s working for some, it can work for all that my whole rational all here we have. We know, I think, three or four dozen peoples made over hundred thousand dollars last year.

I don’t teach this thing that like you could be billionaire. You know, I trade penny stocks. I trade these small stocks that every one in the world hates but they are very easy because everyone hates them. It is the gift in the curse. All the smartest people on Wall Street say no to penny stocks so we are trading against, you know, people who have been intelligence of like Forrest Gump.

You know, half the people in my chat-room are like boy, can you even talk. That’s basically what they are talking about so when you have this low competition level, it’s kind of like playing midgets in basketball. Sure. Not everyone is going to make money. Okay. Some people just won’t get it. The fact is 90 to 95% of traders lose money, but if I teach them rules, rules that have made me millions. And rules that have made now several of my students millions, I am doing good. That’s it.

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  1. ned

    ‘your mouth is what im most attracted to’…. ‘where were you opening your month last year’….lol the guy is totally into you Tim…

  2. Claude Bussieres

    Hey Tim, Great Interview. I was pleased to learn in this video that you have an affiliate site called I joined and even bought the product but am unable to access the products. Are you still supporting it? I bought on the 13th and sent in a support ticket same day but still await an answer.

  3. Claude Bussieres

    Great interview tim. I caught a tidbit of info… You have a site called I signed up but have yet to be able to log on. Ids the program still supported? Youcan reach me by writing to Thanks! Claude B. from Montreal.

  4. Marc

    Looking at stock charts after they have spiked and dropped back down it is easy to say buy here and sell there. The live trading webinars show us what it is Tim uses to trigger his buys right there live and when he get out. The lessens are just more proof that Tim’s is the REAL DEAL. Tim’s parents did an awesome job cause people that know him see that he genuinely cares and really is a nice guy and although he jokes a lot, he is a very hard working teacher and the only HONEST one out there, showing all his trades and backing it up with proof. Anyone can grab a chart and say I bought here and sold there and made 200% so buy my picks but Tim is the only one out there who shows proof that he did it. The honesty is what endears Tim to people showing all trades loses and wins. He’s fun to watch. IMO

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