Lionmaster Admits To Being A Pumper While Lying To His Message Board

As PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I made a puny $500ish shorting, Inc. (BIDZ) yesterday as you can see it spiked on NO news:

…but because Lionmaster was up to his old tricks, posting over 30 messages about BIDZ’s potential…very BiomedReports like, who takes our PRs about their “research reports”, like on Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC) (see my post where I predicted a 50%+ drop within a few days) and don’t forget Ian Cassel-like, who did 100+ blog posts on Quepasa Corporation (QPSA) (see article that predicted a 30%+ drop within a few days) and Tobin Smith, who postyed 27 tweets about China Tel Group, Inc (CHTL) that spiked the stock from 15 to 40 cents/share…before it dropped 50% as I exposed his junk (see the article)

You see why I bring up these quasi-promoters aka those traders, newsletter writers and laughable “researchers” who use paid stock promoter tactics in order to spike stock prices (my critics will say I do the same however I have yet to write 100 blog posts or send out two dozen or more tweets/messages about one stock in a couple of days, nor do I put targets of 30x the current price nor do I have or seek wide distribution of my blog posts like these maggots do…not to mention there aren’t many shares to short aka buying aka pumping is easier) because you can profit pretty regularly by betting against them.

I’ve previously written about Lionmaster’s deceit HERE and HERE regaridng his deleted messages, but as I tweeted last night, you ain’t seen nothing yet: $BIDZ Ohhhh Lionmaster’s emails are damningggg evidence!less than a minute ago via

The guy outright LIES on his message board…to his own readers…see the evidence:

At 10:41am EST he emailed me in regards to BIDZ: “good short here if you like”…as with all stock tips I replied “haah thanks”

At 10:51am EST he emailed me, chasing the groupon,, chasing the biggest online brand name auction site (new design). but the pump is good to short now

Did you read that last line? Here, let me separate it from his other gibberish:

but the pump is good to short now

Who did the pumping Lion?

At 10:54am EST, he posted on his own site HERE (you may want to screen capture given that he’s been known to delete messages in the past to cover his tracks)

“shorting a low float is nuts, those who shorted $1.50s Friday, you may win some $$$, but generally speaking risks not worth the return.”

Taking in all his lying to his readers and possible attempts to catch me in a short squeeze– as he did once on the laughable CDII which he turned out to be deadwrong about (but successfully squeezed me using his yet unknown but likely sizable trading account) — I shorted 5k BIDZ at $1.83 around 11:30am…testing the waters given that the pumper admitted it was just a pump, but afraid of further pumping.

Sure enough

At 11:56am EST Lionmaster posted “back in a few here just getting warm up”

Why do I tell you all this? Becuase as cowardly of a trader as I am and as much as I open and close positions, I WILL NEVER POST ON MY BLOG AND EMAIL AND ACT DIFFERENTLY….I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know if it’s illegal…it’s probly gray area…but no matter what it’s certainly unethical and if I were a Lionmaster reader, I’d be VERY concerned about this behavior.

Subscribers of my 4 newsletters: we will continue taking advantage of this prick’s lies and manipulation as long as he keeps it up.