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Yesterday was a CRAZY busy day for me as I was trading, traveling and had a 2-hour Q&A webinar with my trading challenge students, but as I explained to them, when a great trade pops up, it’s your duty to try to capitalize on it, whether you take a small or big position or even if you just paper-trade it using this key software or even just witness it, use every single solid setup to try to further your education or build your account.

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And little did I know I had picked the single biggest % winner from the market open today…and so there are TONS of lessons from it.

First of all, even though I didn’t capture the biggest profit possible, I did have a sense this was a great educational moment and that’s why I sent out this video lesson at 11pm EST so that my newsletter subscribers could be FULLY prepared for today:

…and between yesterday and premarket today I had not 1, not 2, but 3 buy alerts in the high 1s so my students and I BANKED six figures today before NADL shot all the way up to the 3s today, a nice 50%+ winner in less than 24 hours…I sold wayyyyyyyyyy too early (as usual), but this is a great example of the POTENTIAL of these setups as even my selling too early still netted me roughly $2,000 in profits and as you saw in this video lesson $2k/day keeps the real job away πŸ™‚ I also was basically breakeven on my other play today, MVIS, so you should know this isn’t an exact science and I won’t be right every time…just more times than not and that’s the key to growing an account exponentially like thisΒ over time.


…so study those videos above and see why I bought this stock in the first place and why I sold WAY too quickly…here’s my $2,000ish profit on the trade:

…and as I’ve documented, $2,000/day is good enough for me to keep the real job away so it’s kind of funny that even when I nail a stock such as this, I’m condemned to profit “just” $2,000ish…perhaps it’s something subconscious, right?

After all I’ve made videos like this:

…and this:

…discussing how $500-$1,000-$2,000/day is more than enough for me, and as several people pointed out to me today, that seems to be all I’m aiming for.

Of course, the problem with that thesis is I didn’t even look at my profit-loss tab when I was selling in the low 2s last night and this morning, I only cared about executing a solid trade where I made roughly 10% that followed my rules to a T and hit my conservative goal first and foremost.

I don’t regret selling early as I’ve made a habit of exiting too soon on thousands of similar plays and yet I’ve still made millions of dollars over the years because these stocks are so volatile it doesn’t matter if you trade overly-safe and now teaching overly-safe trading I think is the ONLY way to teach as once you learn to hit singles, you can be more aggressive and learn to hit doubles, triples and even home runs like this great trading challenge student has, in record time:

You see I don’t get paid based on my personal trading performance, my pay, which I’m very open about and sincerely proud of, is based on the success of my students. So, I will GLADLY teach you how to trade like a coward — go ahead and look through ALL my trades and see what I mean — and while every now and then I’ll get a 30-50% winner, aka doubles, triples and home runs, I’m more than happy to “exit too soon” and take my “measly” 10-15% winners the vast majority of time and I think we need more of this Ichiro-style of trading in penny stocks as these stocks are damn volatile and scary and I know too many gunslingers who either blow up, risk blowing up or have ridiculous stress levels/health issues related to gun-slinging and I don’t want that for ANY of you.

As a reminder, my first Millionaire trading challenge student and I were BOTH short KBIO the afternoon it went from $2 to $10+ in just a few hours, an example used by many as to why you should never short sell penny stocks and yet both of us simply followed rule #1 from this list and cut our losses quickly, each losing a few thousand dollars.

Long story short: find good setups, both long and short, try to capture the meat of the move, but if ANYTHING makes you concerned or if your conservative goals get hit, reduce position or exit entirely and BE SAFE…there’s more than enough profits to be had that way and you reduce the risk of blowing up or having stress/health issues dramatically…

…and this line of thinking is why I have more Millionaire trading challenge students than anyone and why we can be fully transparent showing ALL our trades publicly because we don’t take the ridiculous risks too many gunslingers do even when, yes, in trades like this, I did exit WAY too quickly.

You tell me in the comments below, would you rather be a gunslinger or coward trader? Understand there’s no one right answer, I’m curious to see what you think!

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  1. Richard McBane

    I want to be a cowardly castrated choir boy trader! Even my mom tells me to be more aggressive and I say no I’m a good little choir boy LOL but I will take action on a setup when I see it

  2. Eric

    Witnessed the awesomeness … Broker issues prevented me from trading it .. It happens even with the right brokers , as you found out too. You aren’t immune to brokers issues and you don’t get any special treatment .. Showing this reinforces your “I’m real” attitude and you aren’t afraid to call a broker out when they suck

  3. Eric

    Definitely trade safe, scared, and cowardly .. Nothing wrong with that … And pass plays over if you miss them .. NEVER chase no matter how tempting it may seem .. If you chase you get lucky with the risk .. Most times you lose money

  4. Paul

    Coward trader. It’s something I’m really working on right now. I would get discouraged seeing run ups after I exit and have been holding longer which has only ended up going against me lately. Need to get back to hitting singles and locking in profits.

  5. Wilson

    coward trader works, went from 2300$ to 1065$ being stubborn / holding and hoping then thanks to you I have learned that coward trading works again and again. THANKS VERY VERY VERY MUCH….

  6. Patrick Jepsen

    Hey Tim, Great Post!
    I have really been getting into my notetaking recently, I’m drawing up numerous pages a day. I was wondering if you had any note taking tips? (Not like general note taking tips, tips on how I should be taking notes for the stock market + your content specifically.)

    Thanks, Tim, Keep being safe πŸ™‚

  7. Greg

    Yes I understand. Play good set-ups, trade like a coward, take gains even though you leave some on the table and cut losses quickly.

  8. Whitney Smith

    Yes, I understand. Sort of. I’m kinda slow with this stuff, but I’m getting there! Definitely gonna start cowardly, but I do prefer gunslinger! I love big numbers from perfect plays! I want to study hard then profit largely knowing I did the preparation well enough!

  9. Ismael gonzalez

    Thank you Tim your teaching is so great, inspiring, and transparent, I’m studying hard for a year and two months, and now been a couple of months at challenge thanks God I think is clicking for me. Thanks God bless

  10. bankatronic

    At work out of town but taking time to review these and your other great vids this weekend, again. I understand, Tim! Being cautious yet diligent in looking for the best set ups is key. Adding up risk/reward with the incoming volume and all other positive points is the plan! Can’t trade until I get back April Wed 26th but will be ready to add to the top of my profit chart! :))

  11. Mark Kile

    Sorry for the slow reaction Tim, busy at the shop today. I understand and have been very scared lately. Studying and reviewing more to change the direction of my account. Fortunately the business has been growing steadily since we expanded last year. My goal is still to make enough trading so I can hire someone to run the shop to free up more of my time.
    Thanks Tim!!

  12. AnneMarita

    Yes, I understand!
    I have to stop letting anyone’s comments effecting my trading plans when I’m about to enter! Still happened with $NADL yesterday, but I AM getting better.

  13. SexyTiger69

    i understand!
    but instead of waste time on posting “i understand” i need to go and watch all the DVD!
    study hard! no time for posting!

  14. Anonymous

    I understand! I need to force myself to be a coward trader. Easy to be aggressive and lose profits. Small gains add up!

  15. AnneMarita

    I have seen each of these videos couple of times now and left comments under each one before. I’m adding to my earlier comment above:
    “I see the potential” and “I have two goals”, as they were also asked to add in comments… Great videos all of them.

  16. Gavin

    Yep I understand, haha brain is cooked, living like an owl but it’s worth it #nighttrader #othersideoftheworld.
    Keep doing what your doing and I’ll keep learning to be a smart and safe trader.

  17. Mike

    I am currently a gunslinger. Its a mental issue I have to get through. I struggle cutting losses early waiting all the time for the big bounce. Everything I am learning makes sense and I understand, the problem is in my head. I will practice discipline, not chase, and learn to be a coward. These ar my demons to overcome. I love trading and love the idea of it being my carreer so this is my mission to beat myself and follow the rules. Slow down and remember what I’ve been taught.

  18. Conner

    Yes I Understand! Awesome work Billy! Another prime example from Tim on how hard work can finally pay off for us

  19. Chase Crittenden

    I understand to a T. I will be a direct reflection of your wisdom, and will take it to extreme measures (Not Desperate or Unhealthy) to prove what I am worthy of! I will be the best version of myself until I start and continue smashing my goals! For I am my own competition and will overcome fear with outstanding results. I will aim small and miss even smaller on the crystal clear setups listen to my gut and cut quick! I will ride the momentum and be conservative yet aggressive when the timing is on lock! Thank you and if you don’t hear from me I will be working my freaking ass off! -Chase Crittenden

  20. Brent Lipke

    I want to live by the Mantra :
    You can be RIGHT
    You can be WEALTHY

    There are too many traders that stay in bad entries, holding and hoping that they will eventually be RIGHT instead of cutting losses quickly when the price action doesn’t match their thesis, and moving on to the next great setup, which is how they can actually get WEALTHY.

    I want to cautiously enter every trade like a sniper (Enemy at the Gate) with an established thesis and then only take out the BIG GUNS “by averaging in” as the price action fits more and more with my thesis. Then quickly packing up and moving out once my sniper position has been “exposed.”

    Never trade like a gunslinger shooting from the hip. You’ll just get killed. The Stock Market has much bigger guns than you’ll ever have. You’ll always be outgunned.

    Stealth, not fire-power is your advantage.

    Trade like a sniper and save your bullets for head-shots!!

  21. Sue Parkovic

    I will be a cowardly trader. Trading like a gunslinger can be dangerous to your health, worrying, possibly losing big and becoming depressed. There are many patterns, many opportunities, making small profits and growing your account.

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