Lessons From Roland Wolf Passing $1 Million in Trading Profits

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on April 18, 2022
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Roland Wolf is one of my all-time top students…

He came flying into the spotlight in 2017 when Bitcoin started to go parabolic. When most people focused on buying Bitcoin, Roland took a different approach. The result? He reported turning $4,000 into over $400,000 in trading profits in his first year of my Trading Challenge.

Since then, he hasn’t let off the gas. Roland recently reported passing $1 million in trading profits. Check out his Profit.ly chart here.

Roland studied almost obsessively during his first six months in the Trading Challenge. He continues to be one of the hardest working students I’ve seen.

(Please note Roland’s results are not typical. He has exceptional knowledge and skills developed with time and dedication. Individual results will vary. Most traders lose money. Trading is inherently risky. Do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford.)

Celebrating Milestones With Top Students

When my students pass big milestones, I like to help them celebrate. So when Roland Wolf passed $1 million, we got together.

Celebrating milestones with students is awesome. But here’s what I admire more than the number: I love to see students gain freedom.

That’s why talking with Roland on the jet was so inspiring…

Roland Wolf Is in Control of His Life

During his first six months as a Trading Challenge student, Roland studied 17 hours a day. He continued studying at nearly the same pace for another six months. He still puts in five or six hours per day — studying, preparing, and creating his trading plan.

That dedication changed his life dramatically. He said he’d been living paycheck to paycheck before he started trading. Now he can live the life of his dreams

His hard-earned trading profits allowed him to build a new home for his family. His wife no longer needs to work. And because of his dedication, he can squeeze in a little soccer…

… or a little golf to unwind…

So how did Roland beat the odds?

Roland’s “Overnight” Success Story

By now it should be obvious: Roland’s story isn’t one of overnight success. It’s a story of dedication, effort, and time. I first featured Roland when he reported passing $100,000 in profits during the summer of 2017.

In that post, Roland discussed 10 lessons he learned along the way. He repeatedly studied the extensive DVDs in my Trading Challenge.

I’ll be the first to tell you that trading isn’t easy. Roland paved his path and made himself successful through pure determination. To make it in the trading world, you have to make sacrifices.

In the following video, Roland explains how focusing on education changed everything for him…

My Student Roland Wolf Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 In 7 Months

Roland’s Beginning

Before Roland discovered my Trading Challenge, he was unhappy with his job. He used to play professional soccer in Croatia. But a career-ending ankle injury stopped his soccer dreams cold. He moved back to the U.S. and started to work for his father’s business.

The work wasn’t terrible, but Roland felt a lack of direction. He felt like he was coasting through life … like there had to be something more. He even considered going to law school. A lot of people feel this way, but Roland decided to actually do something about it.

That’s when he stumbled across my Instagram page and decided to give trading a chance. Already interested in the stock market, he was looking for a way to make solid returns in a short time frame.

At first, he started with my Pennystocking Silver package. While he reports some success, he knew there was more to learn. Like all my top students, he wanted the full library of knowledge. So in May 2017, Roland joined the Trading Challenge.

He’d already been watching video lessons as a Pennystocking Silver member. When he joined the Challenge he got access to all the DVDs and webinars. He dove in headfirst.

Roland dedicated his full attention to trading for an entire year. He cut off social ties and rarely saw his friends. And he set limits on family time and barely slept. When I first heard about him studying 17 hours a day, I was worried. I didn’t want him to burn out.

Despite my warnings, he continued to study 17 hours a day. It’s all part of…

Roland Wolf and the Road to Success

Roland discussed his remarkable dedication in this two-part video series:

How My Student Roland Turned $4,000 into $230,000 Trading Penny Stocks Pt. 1

How My Student Roland Turned $4,000 into $230,000 Trading Penny Stocks Pt. 2

Pay particular attention around the 9:45 mark in part 2 of the interview. Roland talks about how he developed self-discipline…

Keep in mind that while we’re celebrating Roland’s milestone, it’s just that: a milestone. One step along the way. I can’t wait to see how Roland does over the next few years.

Also, $1 million seems like a lot … but it only goes so far when you consider taxes and living expenses. It won’t set you up for life. And again, Roland built his dream home. So it’s not like he has a million sitting in an account somewhere. Yet.

Too many people think it’s about making a lot of money fast. Pay attention. This is important. A lot of people look at Roland’s success and say, “Oh, I have $4,000 … how do I get to $1 million?”

If you only focus on money, you have the wrong mindset. Instead, you need to focus on the process. Like Roland said in part 2 of the interview, his focus is on becoming a better trader. And when he does that, he makes more money.

Roland is in his mid-30s and has something many people never have: a way to make solid profits consistently. He has skills that will last him the rest of his life. Which brings me to the reason I’m most proud of Roland…

Roland Is a Self-Sufficient Trader

He doesn’t need me to teach him anything new. I was like his training wheels. And he continues to study and learn. One of Roland’s most impressive traits is his dedication to the process.

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Roland worked incredibly hard for the first year. He still works incredibly hard. And he reached $1 million in profits one trade at a time. Actually, it was more like…

Many Hot Sectors and One Trade at a Time

Roland’s been around long enough to see several hot sectors. He benefited from pot stocks, the crypto craze, and shipping stocks. Recently he’s done well with coronavirus plays, EV stocks, and drone plays.

His journey is another example of what’s possible when preparation meets opportunity. He continues to take it one trade at a time. And if there’s no opportunity, he likes to play golf or go to the gym. Sometimes he opens his scans in the morning and sees nothing. So he closes his laptop and walks away.

That’s trading discipline.

Trading Strategies

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In penny stocks, sector momentum is huge. Roland learned to take advantage of sector momentum early in his trading career. (Brand new to penny stocks? Check out this FREE penny stock guide.)

For example, in 2017, Roland’s studying allowed him to capitalize on the bitcoin sector. At the time, it was one of the hottest sectors since the dot-com bubble of the 1990s.

During the fall of 2017, cryptocurrency was all the rage. Adding ‘blockchain’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ to a press release almost guaranteed a spike. Sketchy penny stock companies did it on a daily basis. When the press releases dropped, stocks sometimes spiked 100% or more. They often ran for multiple days.

Here’s a perfect example: Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK). KODK had been on a slow decline since smartphones hit the scene. On January 9, 2018, Kodak dropped the blockchain buzzword in a press release. It announced a photo-centric crypto called KODAKCoin.

The news created a massive surge in trading volume. There were a lot of eyes on the stock after the announcement, including Roland’s.

Roland anticipated KODK’s ability to run for multiple days … He bought shares after the initial press-release spike. The stock gapped up nearly 70% the next morning. At the time it was one of Roland’s biggest gains.

Roland applied what he learned from the Trading Challenge perfectly. His KODK trade is a great example of why I think penny stocks are the best way to grow a small account.

But Roland isn’t a one-hit wonder. He continues to expand his trading arsenal to remain consistent.

How Roland Adapted to Changing Markets

Over the years, I’ve had students burst onto the scene during a hot market only to blow up their accounts when the market turns. If you wanna trade, you need to be highly adaptable. You need to look for new opportunities in the market.

When the bitcoin mania started to die down, Roland didn’t stop studying. He kept pushing for a smarter edge in the market. That’s when he discovered a unique edge on reverse split stocks.

Roland broke down his strategy when he presented at the 2019 Trader & Investor Summit. (Order your copy of the DVD here.)

Some of the worst companies on the planet have reverse splits. It’s a dangerous niche — one I avoid. But Roland learned something all my top students learn: you can adapt. Once you understand the basics of trading, you can evolve. That’s how Roland became a self-sufficient trader. He’s honed in on the strategies that work for him.

Roland Wolf: 2020 Trading Strategies

By now it should be obvious: Roland has a killer work ethic.

A few years ago, Roland watched a presentation at my annual conference. It was about being professional as a trader. That resonated with him because of his experience as an athlete. It made him think about what he’d done to become a better soccer player than his peers. It was simple: he’d put in more time.

So he applied that to his trading and kept studying. His goal was to be able to thrive in any market.

Roland began his career as a long-biased trader. He agrees with me that it’s easier for newbies with small accounts. Most of his first million in trading profits comes from long trades. But he started testing and tweaking short selling around the time he’d made his first six figures.

Now Roland does it all. His recent trades show that he’s equally adept at short and long setups. He’s even had some nice swing trades. He works to be a better trader every day. He still focuses on one trade at a time. And he still puts in the time to do research and create trading plans.

Lessons From Roland’s Journey

There’s more than one ‘right’ way to trade penny stocks. Some of my students are long-biased. Others are short sellers. It depends on your personality and what you understand most. Roland went from primarily long-biased trader to being about 50/50 short and long.

Trading isn’t an easy profession. Roland’s journey is exceptional, and he took the process into his own hands. He studied longer and harder than any of my students, which is why he’s achieved success. Again, I can’t wait to see how he progresses over the next few years.

Do you have that kind of drive? Are you willing to limit all social activities for a year to pursue your dreams? I’m always looking for my next millionaire trading student. But they’re hard to find because so few are willing to put in the work.

Trading Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

If you’re looking to make it in this game, you need to be in it for the right reasons. Roland wasn’t looking to get rich overnight. He started my Trading Challenge with a mission to change his life. He wanted to live the life of his dreams and be able to support his family while also being a family man.

These benefits are a tough combination to find in the working world. Because Roland was in the game for the right reasons, he was able to study for 17 hours a day. That dedication led him to become consistently profitable in under one year.*

Now Roland Wolf has earned over $1 million in trading profits. Congratulations, Roland! I’m proud of you. Keep up the great work.

(*Please note Roland’s results are not typical. He has exceptional knowledge and skills developed with time and dedication. Most traders lose money. Trading is risky. Do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford.)

Give Roland Wolf some love in the comments below. Tell him how much he inspires you and that you’ll make a commitment to study!


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