Lessons From My Top Upcoming Students Right Now {VIDEO}

  • I love celebrating my students’ accomplishments, and I think I found a fun new way to do it. Tell me what you think below!
  • The HOT opportunities I see in the market right now…
  • Learn these top lessons.

So many students are killing it right now — I can’t keep up! And it’s not just my millionaire students. Plenty of five- and six-figure students are crushing it, too. There are SO many opportunities in the market — short squeezes, supernovas, crypto. Trade what’s hot, but don’t forget the rules

Here are the top lessons from my students right now:

  • The crucial mistake that guarantees failure — and how to avoid it.
  • Want self-sufficiency? See what you have to be willing to embrace.
  • ‘Get rich quick’ is a FALLACY. Discover this millionaire trader pillar.
  • How to avoid scams and becoming a victim.
  • The only way to make millions … No, it’s not by following alerts or hot picks.
  • The tools and software you can use to maximize your education.
  • What you must do EVERY day, even if you’re not trading yet.

Watch the video to learn more! Plus, see how I ‘knighted’ Roland with $10,000 — should I do this with all my top students?

Ready to be my next top student? Apply for my Trading Challenge today! See you in the chat room.

What do you think? Should I knight more of my top students with $10,000? Let me know in the comments below!