Mark Croock, The Penny Stock Trader Now Up $341,000

UPDATE: Just a few months after this post was initially published, Mark is now up nearly $400,000 with his trading as you can see HERE as he is one of the hardest working traders out there and captures profits even better than me lately! And he’s become a great mentor to other up and coming traders in my trading challenge

Mark is one of my most dedicated and talented trading challenge students…he is the only person I know of who has watched ALL of my video lessons at least 3 times.

All you trading challenge students and PennyStocking Silver subscribers owe a debt of gratitude to Mark for he is the one who watched over 600 of my video lessons (at the time…now there’s nearly 900) and categorized them all.

Check out some of his spreadsheet:

croock spreadsheet

He also designed the course syllabus for my trading challenge as my teaching have worked so well on him, he’s been able to quit his job and now trade full-time…and he just moved to Miami too! So it’s no surprise he wants others to be able to experience the same kind of freedom.

Here is some Q&A with this great up and coming trader who should follow here on Profitly, one of my trading challenge students who now has his own newsletter Mark Alerts as he’s adapted my strategy and made a few tweaks so that he does even better than me (which I highly encourage!)

1. What is the one thing you’ve done that you’re most proud of?

I am one of Tim Sykes’ best students (profiting over $100k) and very proud to have my own newsletter while helping and teaching many new students especially those in the Tim Trading Challenge!

2. What’s the best lesson/s you’ve learned through your business/stock market experiences?

Don’t trust anyone when it comes to stock market picks/research – always do your own due diligence and understand that odds are you will lose money when trying to “pick winning stocks”. Also, don’t become greedy when you start making more and more money (in the stock market or in business in general) because in the end you will give it all back and regret it.

3. What is the single greatest opportunity right now for people to profit from?

Trading the volatile penny stock markets is the greatest place to profit using proven strategies like I use!

Check out some of Mark’s awesome slides from his conference presentation last year and get excited for him to detail how he’s made another $80,000 in just a few months lately!

Mark Croock Presentation #1

Mark Croock Presentation #2