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Justin Bieber’s Smoking New Penny Stock

When I wrote about Justin Bieber’s new penny stock back in November, BMPI was trading just under 60 cents/share.

People asked me why I would expose this pump when the stock hadn’t even spiked yet…

People got angry for my ripping on such a young kid, no matter that this is his second offense, as I correctly exposed his first penny stock pump in 2011…which is now down 99% since.

Well, two months later Justin Bieber was just caught smoking weed and after the video, you can see how his newest penny stock pump has fared int he two months since he signed on to promote the company:

Here’s BMPI’s chart over the past 2 months…try to spot the exact day Bieber signed on…you’ll see EXACTLY why I warn everyone about these schemes early rather than late:


Celebrity pumps uniformly fail because while the products sound enticing, these companies are so full of red flags, it’s scary.

Learn it.

Don’t hate the messenger.

Thank him.

And I will say you’re welcome.

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  1. Sir Smoke a Lot

    Tim, how can you let Bieber upstage you on your own site? In terms of hipness, you’re Jewish so you lose by default, but a friggin Canadian? There’s only one way to prove to the public that you’re with the times, Tim…MASSIVE. BONG. HIT.

  2. phantasIII

    I know it don’t have something to do with this post, but I do not really where to ask. How was your youth? What did you do the whole day? What did you like? Who you were? I think, it would be very interesting to know more about your lifestyle before you were trading and grown-up šŸ™‚

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