Justin Bieber's New Penny Stock Pump Confirms He's The Most Unethical Celebrity - Timothy Sykes

Justin Bieber’s New Penny Stock Pump Confirms He’s The Most Unethical Celebrity

I have made roughly $3 million and now my students have made over $5 million mainly betting against pumps in just a few short years, all detailed in my 7 free video lesson series which is VERY basic, but VERY useful for educating everyone.

But despite my hard work I’ve only reached a few thousand people, mainstream media and the general public have no idea how penny stocks work.

They don’t realize that one of the best methods to pumping a penny stock is to hire a celebrity endorser…the celebrities don’t know shit about finance, they will just test out the product or hear a pitch and sign their name to collect cash and stock.

Nice job if you can get it, right?

Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, Michael Vick, Rudy, that guy from Chips TV show, and of course Shaquille O’Neal, who sent me a nice cease and desist letter when I exposed his dealings to which I replied HERE refusing to take down my expose, have all pumped penny stocks and ALL of their stocks have dropped 99%.

Celebrity after celebrity, they just don’t learn…

When I published this post detailing Justin Bieber’s agreement with his first penny stock pump, I was rewarded not with thank yous but with hate emails from Bieber fan’s parents, death threats from Bieber fans and a cease & desist order from the company in question.

I did a ton of digging and followup posts like this exposing several red flags, but some other blogger actually discovered the management team’s criminal past and as I posted in my legal reply to Bieber’s company in which I refused to take down my post, I will ALWAYS expose celebrities when they get involved with highly questionable companies.

As I have always been and always will be on blatant pumps due to their nature, literally I’m roughly 200 for 200, I was dead on about Bieber’s pump OPMG and the stock crashed. Lots of people lost a lot of money believing in Bieber.

The stock dropped 99% which I mocked in this post comparing its return to that of one of my trading challenge students and some of the people who previously emailed me in disgust now thanked me for opening their eyes and became subscribers of my 4 newsletters.

Look how Bieber’s last pump did, let’s see if you can spot the point in the chart during which Bieber got involved and was furiously promoting the company via Facebook, twitter etc:

The mainstream press ignored the situation because Bieber is their golden boy…Forbes put him on their cover and labeled him a successful venture capitalist

I couldn’t help but laugh.

A few weeks ago, I spent two hours on the phone with The New Yorker and their research department explaining how Bieber used his his fans and the parents of his fans by promoting such a terrible company and yet there’s hardly a mention, and certainly no mention of me, in their 103 paragraph Bieber feature article.

That’s fine, I accept how the world works, the whistle blower doesn’t get the glory and I’m sure Bieber’s team has a solid story filled with excuses.

But I continue teaching and whistle blowing and I will NEVER stop calling these celebrities out, perhaps one day the media will actually help me in my cause to educate the world so maybe less people will lose tons of money for no good reason.

Flash forward to yesterday, roughly 1.5 years after Bieber’s first penny stock pump, which is now trading at 1/10th of a penny/share and whose domain name is up for sale for $100,000 (seriously, you can’t make this up), when another penny stock pump announced a deal with Bieber in this SEC filing.

I am most proud that within an hour of the SEC filing, over a dozen of my trading challenge students had sent it to me…I’ve trained them well.

But it’s incredibly sad that Bieber, and his team, hasn’t learned their lesson at all — they were most certainly aware of my previous blog post, it made the frontpage of several well-known websites like MSN Money and of course there was that legal letter sent to me (although I was never sued and have yet to be sued by any of these companies because I just post red flags straight out of their own SEC filings) — and once again thousands, if not tens of thousands of investors will get burned.

Because instead of partnering with a big company like Nike, Bieber wants more money so he had to go and endorse another highly questionable company, one infested with several penny stock promoters (the company SEC filings admit to paying them), huge losses (tens of millions of dollars have been lost and yet revenues are only a few hundred thousand?????) and most notably the same problem of having done dozens and dozens of financing deals at discount prices to stay alive the past few years, so there are tens of millions of shares that will simply sell into any stock strength whatsoever.

Such as stock strength created by Bieber’s contractual obligation to promote the company via twitter, Facebook, Intagram etc.

A “legal” pump if you will.

Which is why the stock is actually down 14% today, just one day after unveiling the Bieber deal.

And it’s down 50% off its fall 2012 highs when the compensated promoters were doing the work they had been compensated to do:

Think about it this way; Bieber’s just the newest promoter brought in to help pump the stock higher and he has been compensated just like all the others.

I have over 2,000 students now so I have no time to list over 75 red flags that I saw in BMPI’s latest quarterly report and when I do go over it all, for educational purposes, it will be for my trading challenge students who get my attention these days as I’m on a mission to create a millionaire form scratch.

If you’re not one of those people, I could care less about educating you, enjoy the abysmal reporting from bigtime financial media outlets who might not even mention there’s absolutely no barriers to entry to issuing credit cards and the major players are ALL well funded while this company’s auditor issued a going concern note saying “there exists substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern for twelve months”, like Bieber’s last pump they only have two quarters of cash left in the bank (methinks Bieber on board will help them raise capital…just like the last pump…which will last for a little while at least), the company’s CEO and VP of operations lives in Iowa while the rest of the team is in California (better than him being a criminal like last time though, right?) and my favorite part being how this credit card company’s credit card processor is demanding over $300,000 paid to them, but as this “company” puts it “We contend that the charges in question were explicitly waived by an executive officer of the Processor in a face to face meeting between members of our respective management teams.”

Just laughable…and sad that Bieber would once again get involved with such scumbags.

The first time I was the bad guy for ripping on a young kid whose career was just warming up and okay, okay, maybe he made a mistake.

Second time, it’s 100% on Bieber for being so unethical and I am going to make sure this whiny little kid watches my 6+ hour DVD study guide on how to read SEC filings and spot red flags...no thanks required from the parents of Bieber’s fans whose college funds I’ll be saving, it’s just my job and I will do the best that I can to get the word out.

You can help me by forwarding, emailing and sharing this post so that at least your friends and family can be saved.

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  1. Marc

    Why in the hell would someone who knows absolutely nothing about the stock market, be put on the cover of Forbes. For credibility on a scale of 1 to 10, I give Forbes a big fat “0”. Forbes and The New Yorker have no interest in presenting facts or exposing fraud to help others. They just proved that all they want is to increase sales and they don’t care what lies they have to print to do it. In a way they are just like stock promoters. Keep up Tim you’re like a small life boat in sea of the greedy liars and I hope more people figure out that you’re only pointing out huge lies by presenting facts. Just cause you’re having fun doing it doesn’t make you a bad person. ha ha I’d like to buy you a drink my friend.

  2. PrivatePhilco

    I don’t think I would call Bieber a pumper, I would rather call him a pawn. The ones that manipulated his promoters into getting Bieber to sign the deal would be the real promoters, and good at it too. LOL We all know where this stock is headed………..

  3. bertodeleco

    This is fricken classic I love it!! Thanks for saving people millions on these little punks pump and dump scam. This kid is a greedy little punk who knows exactly what he is doing and he just doesn’t care. I am looking forward to working with you, I need some help bad, I just got burnt for 3k on one of these scams. I signed up for your challenge and even if I dont get picked I want to thank you for telling it how it is. I have been reading your 7 part lesson and now have sold almost all of my stock to get to cash(at a loss of course) and will wait till I finish the lessons before buying anymore stock Thanks again Rob (You kick ass)

  4. SwingitDontloveit

    Who is the crook associated with BMPI again? I couldnt find much dirt on the BOD. Playing devils advocate here, but most of the board is stock compensated and seem fairly savvy so why would they risk name and rep for a small payday? I ask because I would think they will need this thing to make a nice run to make anything substantial. Wouldnt that meaning going long possibly short term? Then maybe shorting it once it starts its drop again. .40’s seem like historic bottom. Im tempted to but the chart reversal if there is one

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