My 3,000th Blog Post: Jonathan Lebed Penny Stock Promoter Exposed [AWESOME VIDEO] - Timothy Sykes

My 3,000th Blog Post: Jonathan Lebed Penny Stock Promoter Exposed [AWESOME VIDEO]

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Given that this is such a semi-important milestone, I figured I’d throw you guys one of the best videos I’ve ever seen: a penny stock promoter being called out on national TV….remember, I have 4 newsletters now and I am 100% real–I will NEVER take $ from these piece of junk companies….because that would make my words meaningless….I only only get paid by TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking subscribers who leave positive reviews by the dozens

Here’s a great video interview with one of these rare specimens:

Stock promoters might be allowed to operate legally since they use disclaimers under their ridiculous mailers, but anyone smarter than a rock understand that when stock promoters are paid to advertise a stock and the insiders or whoever is paying them for that pick is dumping into the very buying the stock promotion creates, that’s not only unethical and disgusting…it’s also predictable! (check out what stock promoter charts look like post-promotion/dumping)

I truly respect the video interview below, but unlike Cody Willard (see his reviews) of Happy Hour, I’m not trying to shut down stock promotion anytime soon…people like Lebed are great at creating predictable price action and trading based on that predictability is not only legal, ethical and fun, it’s RIGHT…see my 10 instructional DVDs and my turning $12k into $2 million in 4 years as evidence of how predictable the price action is after stock promoters like Lebed get their dirty hands on these stocks.

For more on stock promotion, check out what could be the best article ever written on this subject over at Fraud Files.

See the video interview with Lebed below and my stock promoter spoof underneath where I try to see it from the stock promoter’s view…I don’t do nearly as good of a job since Lebed is the real thing and I’m just an actor…spoofing yet another actor, but I think I did surprisingly well…all I had to do was think evil/unethical thoughts (you can see my eyes narrow when I’m thinking those thoughts…exactly like Jonathan Lebed’s eyes narrow too):

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  1. Guest

    HAHA !!! all i have to say LEBED is IN YOUR FACE !!! well more like a “SHOE” IN YOUR FACE

    a Disclaimer does’nt make it legal in my view for non-ethical pratices like stock promoting with compensation for CRAP companies with the only desire is to steal money from the investors and filling the CEOs & promoters pocket when they dump their shares is such F***g BullShit,

    Hey i might as well go to a bank and put a Big Cardboard SIgn on me written “DISCLAIMER, please be aware i will be compensated $$$ after leaving this bank with my ClownMask & Shotgun” is it ethical or legal NO.

    but Stockpromoters finds it legal / ethical to take peoples money because they have a nice little disclaimer, well all you soulless stock promoters you can S*** my B***s and shove those disclaimers up your A**

    sorry Tim i love to rant sometimes šŸ˜›

  2. guest

    Thanks Tim. Atleast we know another place we can go to know more of shares that are likely to tank in near future for us to make money by shorting. Nice nice

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