January Profit Review And A Mid-Day Watchlist Example - Timothy Sykes

January Profit Review And A Mid-Day Watchlist Example

Lots of non-subscribers to my 4 newsletters want to know what my daily penny stock watchlists look like….below are examples of mid-day watchlists and the premarket watchlist sent out every day to trading challenge students and PennyStocking Silver subscribers

Please click like and congratulate my trading challenge students Mark Croock & Tim Grittani for nearly matching my $30k in profits for January here: http://tim.ly/Vwbclh they have MUCH smaller accounts but look at their Profitly track records, they’re doing SO well, makes me VERY proud!

No  great plays for me right now as I coulda woulda shoulda held ECAU longer since it’s now down nearly 50% from my short yesterday…MITK is bouncing near its multi-day highs in the 3.50s…earnings are after the close today so let’s watch carefully, I might buy some before the close, we’ll see how price action is.

CIMT is cracking slightly, but I missed my ideal cover in the $6.90s…other than it moves SO slowly and can still spike so I’m scared to short big and just hold.

Please please please please watch this 30-minute video from yesterday on ECAU so you can be better prepared the next time it comes around….Croock made $5k, Reaper made $3k, IU made $5k…many, many, many more of you shoulda profited too had you been better prepared.

Watch this old video lesson about shorting premarket with IB, that’s how Goode, Croock and I all shorted ECAU

2012 Millionaire Challenge $12,415 account started in 11/2011: now $18,835 apply for my Challenge to get alerts & video lessons as I grow this new account

All Trading Accounts: $629,000ish, rebalanced at $600k each year, up 38% in 2012, up 54% in 2011, up 57% in 2010

Yesterday was a $3,000ish profit day for subscribers -$6,500ish for me):

Too many trades lately, go look on Profitly to see how everyone is doing

JAMN, ECAU were my top shorts and both collapsed, ECAU in the EXACT same manner as other pump and dumps…I caught the 30% drop live on video HERE…watch that video at least a dozen times and see why it’s so predictable…same EXACT pattern as this 30% drop on DOMK also caught live on video…ECAU is still a potential short, I covered too early as usual, but I trade in order to teach, I knew I had captured something beautiful on camera and wanted to devote my entire day to getting as many people as possible watching it. SO many of you messed up by not playing ECAU, the only good thing is your guilt of missing such a perfect play helps you respect these perfect plays more so you’re not focused on junk like TA and IMSC which just aren’t volatile/predictable.

CIMT, PRCP refuse to crack or spike which means today something could happen today…my guess is they will crack lower, but I’ve been wrong about this sector before so I’m not risking it until we get more definitive signs.

MITK couldn’t break above 3.60 resistance so I sold at 3.55ish just after it failed for a 2nd or 3rd time…gotta beware of these levels…nice if not great gain form my Inner Circle alert at 3.28ish, puny gain from my trade alert at 3.39…still a potential buy given earnings are after the close today and they could talk about their upcoming product launch.

MERU was yesterday’s big earnings, winner, but the price action never uptrended and it closed below 3.50ish longer term resistance…it’s up to 3.52 premarket so it’s a potential buy if it can break and hold above 3.50, but I have my doubts as this stock is not as volatile as ECAU.

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