It’s Finally Beginning To Sink In…

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After 2 years and 4 months of shouting at the top of my blog’s lungs, turning $12k into roughly $116k and detailing every step of the way (basically a blueprint of how to make $100k in 2 years off very little), reigning as the #1 ranked trader out of 40,000+ on Covestor, creating 10 instructional DVD packages and 4 subscription plans featuring everything from TIMalert real-time trade alerts and video watchlists to private coaching & chat via IM during the trading day, people are FINALLY starting to learn to trade like me and succeed!

Take some of these testimonials form TIMalert subscribers this past week:

Shorted a boatload of IDN at 2.90, held overnight, covered at 2.72 in the morning, made just under $3k, but more importantly I recognized the pattern–thank you Tim

Covered some IDN for $250 +
Still 500 short from 3.17 w00t 🙂 Out for another +225, that makes +475 total IDN short 🙂 Thanks Tim

+128 on IDN short. Thanks, Tim. I have a long way to go but think I’m finally beginning to understand your strategy. Thanks for your willingness to teach! +116 on ICXT short — Thanks Tim. Short 200 @ 7.51, Covered @ 6.93 BTW, I’ve had 4 wins and 2 losses this week. Only 4 of my 6 trades were Tim Trades, the other 2 were Kerry Trades. Guess which 4 were the winners. 🙂

JYHW $896 profit, CDII $280 profit.

+240 Long PVTB, +68 Long VMW (don’t ask why…) -$39 FBP failed breakout.
These were not on the watch lists but your blog lessons are sinking in. Thank you!

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The gains are puny compared to other stock market strategies, but people are finally beginning to realize it’s okay to trade like a coward! In fact, trading penny stocks like a coward is the only way I will ever teach because the stocks are risky enough without trading them aggressively.

Now I will say there is still much work to be done:

At last I nailed JayHawk Energy, Inc. (JYHW). I was $1400 down on this but I kept the short and eventually finish with +$840. The same happened with Netlist Inc. (NLST). I was down $3200 but eventually finshed with $240 Cheers Tim

Joe Ka made $ on both trades, but risking losing $3,000+ on NLST is never acceptable, especially when he’s congratulating himself on making $200. I have no problem risking losses on true pump & dups like JYHW, for those, it’s just a question of finding shares to short…but I need to do a better job teaching people about real companies and true pump & dumps.

I guess I just have to push my instructional DVD packages more…starting right now!

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