My 1st Two Chanukah Gifts For You, Including A Free 1-Hour Webinar - Timothy Sykes

My 1st Two Chanukah Gifts For You, Including A Free 1-Hour Webinar

URGENT: Save 35-70% off holiday specials HERE for just a few more days

Merry Christmas today and happy Chanukah from yesterday and a very happy holidays to everyone, no matter what you celebrate! Yesterday, I outlined this 50% off deal at Wolf Millionaire, my first Chanukah present for you in 2016, since Chanukah is a Jewish holiday and Jews love good deals and savings (I can say that since I’m Jewish, non-Jews cannot)

The 50% off deal HERE will only last a few days and while some people think that I should only stick to stock trading and not social media teaching, I’m more focused on the fact that the average millionaire has many different income streams, that no success method of making money should EVER be ignored and I’d encourage all of the narrow-minded people out there to open their ignorant eyes up to all of the opportunity that exists in today’s world.

We live in fascinating times and IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT INDUSTRY YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY IN.  Try them all and be sure to utilize strategy in all and, most importantly, learn from those who have succeeded in that industry to speed up your learning curve.

This all seems absurdly obvious to me, but it’s mind-blowing the kind of resistance being put up by some students.  So, I must spell it out as I’m doing here…nobody is forcing you to study though, ignore whatever strategies you want, it’s your loss if you do, I’ll continue sharing EVERYTHING I’ve learned over the years in the hopes that some/all of it can help you gain new perspectives and new wealth too!

Download a PDF version of this post.

I also dressed up as Hanukkah Harry and gave out gifts to kids and, if we’re being totally honest here, to myself too 🙂

(Below my explanation of Chankuah gift #2, I’ll also post a transcription of this video about Wolf Millionaire for my valued deaf students!)

Chanukah gift #2 will please ALL of my students, especially you guys and girls who shun social media and prefer stock trading only, which is totally fine too.

A few days ago, I posted this video of my trading challenge student, turned teacher of the year 2016, who just passed $630,000 in trading profits and now also mentors other trading challenge students too!

And, in one tweet highlighting his success, I told you to retweet it for a free webinar:

And, since a Lannister always pays his debts and 200+ of you followed my directions (which more of you should get in the habit of doing if you want to be successful), for your Chanukah gift #2 I’ve reposted for free below one of Mark Croock’s best webinars, webinars that he usually gives for trading challenge students on top of the 1-2 weekly/webinar trading challenge students and they also get from me and my first 2 millionaire students Michael Goode and/or Tim Grittani too aka we work our butts off teaching you guys so please thank them for their dedication!)

See Mark’s hourlong webinar for free HERE

If you want some more freebies, I HIGHLY encourage you to follow me on Twitter HERE and follow me on Instagram HERE too…as you’ll see shortly, I will prove that it’s far better to give than to receive 🙂

Stay tuned for more gifts the next few days, as Chanukah has 8 crazy nights and I’ll be giving you 1 gift per day as is tradition…for now enjoy the 50% off Wolf Millionaire sale HERE and the free webinar that’s usually just for trading challenge students above.  Below is also a transcription of the video explaining what Wolf Millionaire is all about, for my valued deaf students, happy holidays to all!

Hey, Tim Sykes here. It is a wonderful day because it’s the first day of Chanukah 2016. And as usual, I have dressed up as a Hanukkah Harry, to amuse everybody, including myself.

A lot of people don’t understand what this costume is. This is Hanukkah Harry and it’s a real thing and I’m meeting the kids, I’m meeting my team. Here’s Tim Bohen of StocksToTrade. He sat on my lap. I gave him a little present. I was kind of weird. Here’s Robbie, look at this. I’m giving presents to everybody. Here’s Jared, we expect big things out of Jared in 2017, so he gets a big present. And, more people I gave presents to, and I like that.

And my present for you is actually really kinda cool, because you get to save 50% off Wolf Millionaire. If you go to, and I’ll link it at the bottom of this video. We have never done a 50% off sale on Wolf Millionaire. In case you didn’t realize, you can actually make money off instagram and other social media, if you know the rules, if you have strategy. And you don’t necessarily need, you know, 780,000 followers like me. You can make money even if you have less followers.

But the beautiful thing about Wolf Millionaire, the reason why it’s called Wolf Millionaire, first of all, in case you didn’t realize, a few months ago, the press called me the “Wolf of instagram” because I trade penny stocks and I’m big on instagram, but what they didn’t realize is that I’m just following strategy. Sure, sure, I’m posting stuff about my life and you know, I live a pretty good life, I’m kind of very blessed and I’m very grateful for it all. But aside from what I’m actually posting, every single word, every single thing that I type from the hashtags to the description, to the links that I have, it’s all based on strategy. And that strategy is explained in Wolf Millionaire.

If you go to and scroll down, you can see everything that it’s about. But basically, this is what it is, and it teaches you everything – captions, automation, hashtagging, analyzing, bios, all this beautiful stuff. And we have 100% money back guarantee. So there’s really no risk, and right now, you can save 50% off. This is just for a few days, this is to celebrate Chanukah and you get a whole bunch of stuff. I believe that there’s over 20 hours of education included in this guide, so it’s pretty intense. So don’t think like, “Oh, it’s just gonna be like a little 10-page bullshit PDF.” I see people doing that, and they’re like, “This is what instagram is. Here’s how you use a hashtag.” It’s not just the basic stuff, okay. It takes you into actually how to make money and grow your business, or grow other people’s businesses. You don’t necessarily need to have a business, but we do need to get you posting the right way.

And there’s also some tips about, you know, other social media that works too. It’s not just instagram. A lot of you guys have twitter accounts or Facebook, or Snapchat or an instagram or YouTuber, all of the above, and you’re not properly utilizing it. And that’s a shame, that’s a waste, because this doesn’t cost you anything. The beautiful thing about making money on social media or instagram, there’s no risk, okay? If something doesn’t work out, okay, so you just don’t make money on that. But there’s enough different strategies that you can try them, and make $20 here, make $50 sometimes. If it really works, and you follow directions to a T, you know, you make 1000, 2000, 5000 and it adds up. And that’s how you make six or seven figures over time. We don’t even say seven figures, because we don’t want to get your hopes up yet. But we have several people who are using these strategies, making six figures a year.

And it’s by this guy, Anthony. He’s the real wolf of instagram, and he has over 18 million followers between all of his various accounts. He has over 40 accounts. And he uses them to grow, and obviously provide, you know, good entertaining content for his followers, but also to personally make six figures. And he bought a new McLaren with his money that he made from instagram. So this stuff really does work, and to celebrate Chanukah, it’s 50% off.

The stock market is closed today, but what I want you to start thinking about is to have multiple streams of income. Okay? Even if you are a stock trader, that’s cool. I respect that. But most millionaires have multiple streams of income, and you just need to learn different strategies. So if you’re just trying to get on instagram from scratch and make money, you’re probably not gonna make that much. You’re probably not gonna have that many followers. No different than the way that I teach in stock trading. You know, you just go into stock trading, and you don’t have any guidance, you’re probably gonna lose all your money. You’re probably gonna blow up, you know?

Life is risky. Any network, social media, whether it’s stock trading or instagram, it’s risky if you don’t have the proper rules and guidance. Driving my Ferrari or Lamborghini is risky, if you don’t have the proper guidance. If I’m going 200 miles an hour in a 35-mile-an-hour zone, I’m probably going to crash and die, because I’m not paying attention to the road signs.

So, what we try to do here is give you those road signs. You know, there’s no books on this stuff. We’ve all learned through trial and error and I learned the hard way for a while. My instagram account wasn’t growing anywhere, okay? And now, I have nearly 800,000 followers, it’s growing steadily. I’m making money on it. I’m providing, you know, useful content for my followers and inspiration for my students. You know, frankly, I’m very…just happy to share my life.

You know, here’s Triforce Trader. It’s his birthday the other day. I hope you wished him a birthday, a good birthday. He’s the newest millionaire on Some stuff I post, I haven’t even been yet. I haven’t been to this hotel yet in Kenya, where the giraffes poke their heads in and you can actually feed them. So it’s not like you have to go do all these amazing places, okay. You can talk about how, “Here’s an amazing place, and I wanna go there.” And that’s useful for me. I look at this picture, I’m like, “Wow, I need to go back to Kenya.” I’ve been to Kenya twice, but I haven’t been to this hotel. I saw this on instagram, and now, I’m like, “I really need to go to this place.” So I post it as a reminder to myself and inspiration for you guys.

So don’t feel like you need a Lamborghini and you need to have like all this cash on your bed and spelling your own name. I mean, this isn’t even part of your strategy. This is just my own, twisted sense of humor. So I get that from some people. They’re like, “Tim, I just…I don’t do all this stuff that you do. My instagram can’t grow.” Don’t worry, okay? I live kind of this crazy life, but even if you just live a normal life, there’s nothing wrong with that. We all live different lives. We all share different things. But you still need rules, and you’ll still need a strategy. So please, go here, Google it or memorize it, I don’t know. Just take a screenshot and paste it. But this will only last a few days. We have never had a 50% off sale, so your risk is hardly anything, and again, as opposed to stock trading, you cannot lose money on instagram.

If a strategy that you try doesn’t work, you move on to the next strategy. There’s a whole bunch of different strategies taught in this 20-plus hours of guidance, and there’s no downside. So some people who have used it said, “Hey, Tim, I like this. I make more from stock trading, but at least with this, there’s no, like, downside risk.” And that’s kind of cool. So all we’re trying to do is present different strategies that can make you money. There’s nothing wrong with it. Some of people are like, “Tim, you’re a stock trader. You shouldn’t be teaching social media.” We can teach whatever’s working, okay? We teach through experience, and I wish more successful people did this too. And it’s not always necessarily easy, you know. Anthony and I didn’t just have everything come to us on instagram and social media right away. We built it step by step, and using a very specific strategy, no different than the way that I built my stock trading accounts. No different than the way that my millionaire trading challenge students have built their stock trading accounts.

So I want you to get educated, but I also want you to have the right mindset. I don’t care if this is Chanukah or Christmas or Kwanzaa. I celebrate everything, because I love life, and I hope that you and your family have a great holidays, but this is your first Chanukah present, and there are eight crazy nights, so stay tuned for seven more presents. This one, I’m just excited about, because we’ve never done a sale on this, and I know that it’s gonna be so useful and the upfront investment is so little and so many of you have social media accounts that you’re just not using properly and it’s just wasted money. I hate seeing wasted money. I hate seeing wasted opportunity. And especially in the coming years where it’s only gonna get bigger and bigger as social media grows. And you just should use this. You should just learn how to optimize your social media, because I know everyone thinks that it’s all about likes and followers. It’s not, if you have the right mindset and the right teacher.

So anyways, Happy Chanukah, Happy Christmas Eve. I’ll be back with another video tomorrow. Tomorrow actually, you know, because Christmas is a little bigger holiday than Chanukah, we Jews, we’re very proud of our religion, but we’re small, in the grand scheme of things, so my Christmas present for you guys tomorrow is gonna be even better. But this is a good 50% off deal. You know, I’m Jewish. Jews love 50% off. Here you go. Shalom! Happy Chanukah!

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  1. Kelsey Flores

    Great post! Happly chanukah! I’m about to watch the 1 hour webinar! Thanks for being so awesome and generous Tim. 🙂

  2. chris

    dang I didn’t know volume could be that useful as an indicator, never really looked at it like that, thanks Tim!!

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  4. Salamon

    @timothysykes thanks for sharing this with non challenge students . i love adding new info to my knowledge bank .even though we aware of volume influence . vids like these just validate it and bring new thought to what else volume can indicate for long term reminders.

  5. Tone Renne

    Just realized the blog! Thank you Tim Sykes for being the teacher, and thank you Tim bohen for being the coach, I’m a challenge student and STT pro subscriber, simply stated It doesn’t get any better!

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  9. Daisy

    One minor factual error: The Nazis called their propaganda efforts not only ‘Aufklärung’ but ‘Vunskaufklärolg’ , roughly translatable as ‘Enlightment for the people’. This has a special grandiose and paternalistic tone in german. As you probably know there existed a governmental department for ‘Volksaufklärung und Propaganda’, led by the infamous Goebbels.

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