Investimonials Weekly Review: The 5 Best Reviews - Timothy Sykes

Investimonials Weekly Review: The 5 Best Reviews

Another amazing week for us with over 250 new reviews as rolled out our massive 4,000+ product searchable A-Z directory and product tagging. 
Check out this week’s top 5 reviews, as chosen by our editors:

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

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  1. Dragan

    Timmy you are a scam. Not much better than those crooks who do P&D job. Why? There are a few reasons.

    There is nothing wrong to sell short penny stocks, but you are not only selling short. You are manipulating market with you sell short alerts, organizing “bear raids” with your “followers”, and that is illegal stock manipulation….But, if you find out that you are going against someone more powerful, or with more money than you, you cave in, and cry uncle…..Also, you are complaining, if you bite on hard nuts, like TSHO, no shares available to short, and MM is in tight control…

    For you every penny stock is a scam. You have shown exemplary lack of fundamental analysis, and understanding of products. For example, you are attacking XCHO, and NPHC, calling Cobroxin “snake oil”. If you have done some research you would find out that cobra venom was used many yrs ago as pain med, and that Cobroxin works on pain receptors other than NSAIDS, or narcotics. Cobroxin has done great job with my hip, and back pain, and I know quite a few others with remarkable results treating moderate chronic pain with this product. For those reasons, Cobroxin is flying of the shelves, and XCHO, and NPHC will do very well.

    Bottom line, you a scam, not better than P&D manipulators, and I would love to see the day when SEC will prosecute you for market manipulations…

  2. Anonymous

    zzzz, silly troll argument, how exactly do i organize bear raids when there are only a few thousand shares to short of each stock? did i start bear raid on past pumps like MEDC, IMGG, SPNG, GFGU, GAEC, HYHY, KYUS, UOMO, CVRG, EMGE, GVBP, JYHW, NXTH?Learn the patterns ands top wasting my time with your baseless accusations…peole like you don’t deserve free speech, I could care less about NPHC until its stock is pumped higher, you need to work harder…PS not debating cobroxin, its the snakes who run the company whose many skeletons i exposed

  3. Anonymous

    fundamental analysis on penny stocks, u make me laugh…you just dont get it…penny stocks are like rotting animal carcasses u find on of the road, the stats are overwhelming but suckers never learn

  4. Anonymous

    Why does the stock price still drop, if there aren’t any shares to short?

    “The public ought to grasp firmly this one point: That the
    real reason for a protracted decline is never bear raiding. When
    a stock keeps on going down you can bet there is something wrong
    with it, either with the market for it or with the company. If
    the decline were unjustified the stock would soon sell below its
    real value and that would bring in buying that would check the
    decline. As a matter of fact, the only time a bear can make big
    money selling a stock is when that stock is too high. And you
    can gamble your last cent on the certainty that insiders will
    not proclaim that fact to the world.” […]
    “The stocks which have had the worst breaks in the past 20
    years did not decline on bear raiding. But the easy acceptance
    of that form of explanation has been responsible for losses by
    the public amounting to millions upon millions of dollars. It
    has kept people from selling who did not like the way his stock
    was acting and would have liquidated if they had not expected
    the price to go right back after the bears stopped their
    raiding. I used to hear Keene blamed in the old days. Before him
    they used to accuse Charley Woerishoffer or Addison Cammack.
    Later on I became the stock excuse.”

    – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

  5. Dragan

    You guys are blowing smoke, and mirrors. On the long run all stocks go up, or go down, and on the end ( long run, or sooner, or later ) ) all stocks market price will meet true market value, and true fundamental value. But, that is a general statement, like, on the long run we all are going to be dead…

    Point here is not that some stocks “deserve” to go down, and should go down, and they do go down. The point is MANIPULATION, “bear raid”, “sharks attack”, which are done by organized shorts crooks, spreading rumors on message boards, or blogs, or TV, investment newsletters, or “analysts”, selling short ( many times “naked” ), and artificially creating panic selling, triggering stops ( if any exist ), and profiting from this illegal action.
    In essence this is equal to what P&D crooks do, except that shorts like Timmy, try to convince public that their motives for manipulations are “noble, valiant” attempting to bring pumpers down, or “save” less-informed investors, or to expose bogus companies, when the real reason for short manipulation is money, greed, profit…Not only that. Shorts cover on the end of attack, and then they buy in, and go long. They want, and they create “oversold” conditions, and profit on both sides.

    Well, that’s great! What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except that is market manipulation, and that should be prosecuted as any other illegal, criminal action.

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