Introducing PennyStocking Part Deux, ShortStocking & TIMraw Instructional DVDs

Following the success of the original PennyStocking DVD–testimonials galore, 7 DVD students in the top 20 on Covestor, only 3 DVD returns total, the strategy up over 130% in 2008 just as everyone else is dying, etc., I decided to get more detailed in my explanations/teachings so behold these 3 new DVDs.

All DVDs will be shipped by late November 2008, but are available for pre-order purchase now… and to get you inspired to buy them now and help finance a crazy PennyStocking party in Vegas November 19-22 (detailed post later today on that seminar, for now you can see some general info on the new TIM seminars page), I’m giving 10% off on all pre-orders!

And what is perhaps the greatest deal of all, you can pre-order all three new DVDs now for only $897 + shipping, receiving a combined 24 hours worth of footage together with nearly 500 pages of heavy ass instructional workbook pages. If you don’t understand how I trade and profit rather consistently by the end of watching these DVDs, you’re either not meant to trade, a total moron (AAPL going to $300!) or I will have failed as a trading teacher. The good news is I won’t fail because I’ve put everything I know and hold true in this life into these 3 DVDs so they are for ages 3 and up.

See all the DVD descriptions below and check out each of their websites that will shortly be blogs too and fully commentable:

PennyStocking Part Deux: The follow-up to the original PennyStocking DVD–this 6 hour guide and 220-page instructional manual doesn’t just focus on my past nor this gutter of a niche’s basics, it details intraday chart patterns (what to look for, avoid) new industry regulations (on short selling & penny stock rules) and nearly 100 good and bad penny stock trade setups over the past 2 years. Anybody who bought the first DVD should have this second one as it’s not only more technical and updated, these patterns are now happening so fast, intraday pattern understanding crucial to higher trading profits.

Table of Contents


ShortStocking: Not just about short selling penny stocks, this 6-hour guide and 220-page instructional manual teaches you everything you need to know about short selling stocks, whether the stock price is $1, $10, or $100. Obviously, I believe lower priced stocks to be more predictable, but that won’t let me stop you from learning about all the risks and rewards of this greatly misunderstood strategy. This DVD package covers the basics, the rewards, the risks, changing industry regulations, chart patterns–literally, there isn’t another guide out there that covers this strategy so in depth. Remember, this is coming from a guy who made his second million entirely through short selling and was the #1 ranked short bias hedge fund manager 2003-2006. I’m even gonna send a copy to the SEC–charging them double and enclosing a stinky surprise–so they can learn exactly what short selling is and is not.


TIMraw: This is a 12-hour instructional DVD set that represents the next generation of trading teachings as it takes you behind the scenes into the life of a successful trader so you can see what sacrifices must be made, my exact trading routine, how I find stocks to trade, the websites I use, books I read, key rules I trade and by, the chart patterns, me answering good questions, me answering dumb questions, how to spend trading profits, etc. Forget just powerpoint presentations, this special DVD includes all the stuff you wanted to know about how to profit from penny stocks, but were too afraid to ever ask.


All DVDs are returnable for 30 days from when you receive the packages, minus a 20% restocking fee. And guess what, since I know you guys love saving $ as much as I do, we have combo deals galore, enjoy!