Interview With Matt Monaco’s Little Brother {VIDEO}

Key Takeaways

  • Mark Monaco, Matt Monaco’s little brother, is trying his hand at trading. See if trading runs in the Monaco blood!
  • Is Matt the humble guy we all think he is? Tune in to find out…
  • Starting with a small account? You don’t want to miss these small gain lessons.

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Can Mark Monaco follow in the footsteps of his big brother? Matt Monaco’s one of my top students with nearly $2 million in profits. Now that Mark is trying his hand at the markets, I want to know if trading runs in the family. So I sat down for a chat with him. Check it out…

  • Has money and success changed Matt? Mark dishes all the dirt…
  • Mark started trading with less than $1,000 — tune in to hear how his journey’s going.
  • I always tell students to stay humble in their trading journey. Discover what it means and how it can help you.
  • Can sibling rivalry create the next Monaco millionaire? Learn how healthy competition can drive you to success…
  • Mark studied the 30-Day Bootcamp Matt and I created last year — get the lessons and homework here!

Don’t miss all the lessons and fun I have with Mark in the video below:

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Let’s remind Matt that money shouldn’t change him. Comment below and say, “You’re a bad boy, Matt Monaco!”