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Besides creating 2 millionaire students in the past few months and finally posting thousands of testimonials from non-millionaire-but-still-learning-and-earning students HERE, I’m having my best trading year in over a decade, already having made $610,000+ the first 5 months of 2014, see all trades HERE.

I’ve had some big wins like this $150,000+ profit week, just as my top student Tim G. has had a six figure profit day like he did HERE.

But making money day in day out from an office is boring and not my style so I decided to get away for a week and take my girlfriend to Bora Bora…check out some pics of our trip and a video from our 13,000 square foot $15,000/night presidential suite with its own private island and private beach at the St. Regis Bora Bora in which Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban honeymooned:

…and while we’re out here, we also had to try out the Four Seasons Resort:

…wait til I get home and upload some videos of these ridiculous places, they will surely top these videos I made in the Maldives & Mykonos, Greece:

But what you may not know is that while I travel to these places and enjoy them thoroughly, I’m also making money — this week in Bora Bora, I’m up roughly $10,000 in trading profits, every trade alerted in realtime to my newsletter subscribers, most predicted ahead of time in my daily watchlists and from patterns I hope you have learned from blog posts HERE and HERE.

Yes, yes with the time zone here I have to wakeup at 2:30am, but it’s not that bad because everything shuts down early around 9pm so I still get a few hours of winks and then take my daily nap with beautiful views like this:

My problem has nothing to do with getting enough sleep, it’s getting people to realize that they can trade from ANYWHERE in the world…but only if they’re prepared and knowledgeable.

Too many of my students say they’ll make some $ trading and THEN pay for my educational study guides with their profits so as to enhance their existing abilities.

And yet people who don’t study and go into trade unprepared time and again lose more than they make and they never get started learning…and never have the odds in their favor in trading, thus condemned to a life lacking in great wealth, wisdom and self-sufficiency, forced to work their 9 to 5 jobs in order to pay off their mortgages, student loans and every day expenses.

Time and again I see this and I get sob story emails from people who regret their decision to trading without planning first and then they’re too desperate, too broke and too damaged to be in the right mindset to learn my proven strategy and patterns.

So as I write this blog post from my dream office on a beach in Bora Bora, I implore you to follow this 5 step plan, apply for my trading challenge, watch this free webinar about the trading opportunities that exist over the next few years and get on the right path.

Yes, yes I only have 2 official millionaire students, 2 unofficial millionaires who don’t want me using their names publicly and dozens of students earning six figures/year from trading…but the problem isn’t with the strategy or my teachings, it’s finding dedicated students who have the right mindset.

If you don’t value education and just want hot stock picks, stop reading and please do ignore everything I say for you are lost.

If you too want to be able to make $10,000 in a few days from exotic places like Bora Bora I implore you to get started learning NOW, not later…even if you’re not ready to trade as knowing how to trade comes BEFORE actual trading.

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. Iā€™m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. A

    Tim – I would love to be your next challenge student and I even went through the 7
    day “homework” assignments and eagerly waited for my interview…only to find out I
    have to fork over $5500 in tuition plus a $2000 trading account. I don’t know if you
    are aware of this but 99.9% of people getting your alerts or listening to what you
    have to say (such as myself) just don’t have that kind of cash. And it would be
    great if you’re upfront with the requirements to becoming a student rather then
    people wating their time and getting their hopes up only to find out that they are not merely “picked” for their motivation, but picked based on the size of their wallet. As motivated and driven as I am, unfortunately, I just don’t have that kind of money…

  2. bob

    brilliantly said. as long as were on the topic, the penny stock picks cost more than the regular picks… yet there is much more risk of losing your money there, as theyre harder to predict. talk about making no senseee

  3. Thihomaz

    These days…this is all i brag about to my friends. “Look at this picture. This shit looks crazy!”

  4. GoWithTheFlow

    In a tastytrade interview he claims to have 2200 students. To make it easy some math 2000*5000=13000000$. The 2000 trading account is realistic dont go anything less. Comissions are easy $10+ so thats already a 0.5% to break even.10-15% moves even 1000% can happen,but truth is 2-3% is more realistic.Just look at the trades on profitly entry 18.70 exit 18.80 with 18000 shares. Easy money indeed if you got the capital…

  5. 2richard1

    The entry prices as described below are a bit high but one can OJT it and just listen to the videos that one has taped from a digital (1) small amounts initially until get a sense of trading (2) eliminate the unrealized profit/loss column to keep from being distracted (3) find niches that work for you like break outs and pumps (4) learn to minimize your losses.

  6. Joe

    Spend the money to learn from a master or spend your money in “Market Tution”. Either way its gonna cost you money.The stock market is survives on taking other peoples money.People are niave to think that the market is just gonna open up a rain dollars for them. Personally, I would rather have a mentor to teach me so I can profit. Either way, nothing is free peeps!

  7. timothysykes

    Actually many people do have the $ and if u wanna learn you need to value my teachings…those who don’t value the teachings are in the right mindset so feel free to not read what I teach

  8. timothysykes

    zzz the small gains arent what push my account up 122% in 6 months, those are the trades when I’m wrong…I love my critics, you’re all soooooo inept, why don’t you just study

  9. GoWithTheFlow

    No i believe they dont. You where in the right place at the right time. The sec is halting a lot of pumps these days even Tim Gritanny speaks about it on his bloq .
    GHIL whas a nice pump recently which i shorted at 1.36.
    I do study your strategy and that of others.Bought UNXL yesterday right at the bottom in the morning ,sold for a nice gain.But with a $3000 account comissions are stil hurting me.
    I am not a critic, i think your an exellent promotor and marketeer.

    A fact is that al lot of traders on profitly who allready made a lot of money are scalping the market,it isn’t profitabel with a small account and so not the best example.

  10. timothysykes

    u do realize tim grittani knew NOTHING about trading or penny stocks before he started learning from me and that if u read the first 1,000+ blog posts here, you’ll see i RESTARTED with just $12k and turned it into $230k in 3 years before my teaching business exploded…poor people ALWAYS whine and make excuses, unfortunately the facts arent on their side

  11. GoWithTheFlow

    Yes is do realize that, i was pointing out that at the moment pumps are les commen. The therm ”poor” people disgust’s me,
    you do know you got nothing without poor people i hope.
    no food no house no chloths
    I have read somewhere that you whas struggling when you started again with 12k (comissions) so why can you dont admit that.
    Have to say 12 k is not a smal amount for me so sorry for being ”poor”.
    Which you the best and do like the discussion.

  12. timothysykes

    pumps are not less common u just dont know the new influencers because u dont study my video lessons…commissions always have been and always will be negigible if u choose the right setups and whether u have $500, $12k or even $100k i find that poor people like you are lazy and inept…as evidenced by your entire mindset, thanks for exemplifying EXACTLY why i teach, muchas gracias šŸ™‚

  13. bob next

    2000 students @ $99.95/month on pennystocking silver. $199,900/month, $2,398,800/year. that’s how he makes money. what a scam!

  14. GoWithTheFlow

    I have some qoutes for you print them out and hang them on your wall.Maybe it wil make you a better person.I believe not.

    ”Work hard stay humble”
    ”No matter how big you house is.How recent your car is.How big your bank is. Our grave is stil the same size. Stay humble!!” Not really tru your grave would be bigger than a poor person doesnt matter tho you won’t notice it.

    ”Do not put others down. In order to build up your own image”
    Even found two that applies to you..
    ” I’m humble, i am far greater than i believe i am”

    ” When you are as great as i am it is hard to be humble”

    Two that should apply to you…
    ”Sitting with poor & less fortunate people removes the ego and pride from your heart.”
    ”Humble enough to know im not better than anybody & wise enough to know i’m different from the rest”

    What is your $ amount for being poor.
    The right mindset in your opinion UNLIMITED!

    Love the dvd tho,and hope you have a nice trade day.

    ,Greetings from the lazy poor person.

  15. harry H

    $2k trading account? For buys, maybe. But it’ll be more like $10k to get the right brokers – you can’t find a broker that has shares to short if you only have $2k, sorry you just can’t. Even Tim knows this.

  16. harry H

    The pump&dump market isn’t totally dead but it ain’t what it used to be. Seeking Alpha is about the only thing that pushes them up now, but it’s nothing like it was. The SEC shuts them down within the first day or two. A newbie can’t compete there when Grittani, Goode and all the others with $30k Centerpoint accounts and years of experience are chasing the same money and killing them with faster executions. Newbies be warned.

  17. Jasmin

    I love what you are write i have desire to trading but i think that its better to take that money 7000 dollars and put it to trading and learn the things on the internet you have a bunch trading explanation on youtube. If i was TIM i will never charge 5500 if i am braging and talking how much money people can earn and if was 100% positive that my students will earn money and I am a millionare and making a lot of money BY TRADING. I dont think that I will charge 5500 dollars. Because I can earn that every single fucking day.

  18. Jasmin

    why dont charge 1000 dollars and when students will earn a lot of money I am 100% sure that they will give TIM even more money. But why he dont do that. I can tell you why – because he is not 100% sure that students will make money.

  19. jasmin

    Why dont you talk about losers, why dont you talk how many people did you teach and they lose money. And why dont you work with that kind of people. I think that kind of people must be an priority for you. I think if you collect all of your students that you are teaching and those that you are taught I think that you will have more losers than winners. And dont think that I hate you, on the contrary I admire you i love your videos and i read almost every thing what you write. You teach me a lot of thing

  20. timothysykes

    i am 100% sure my students will earn money IF THEY STUDY HARD…my trading challenge is priced the way it is and designed to get students studying everything hard and respecting the lessons…those who think its too pricey usually have the wrong mindset and don’t value my time enough so it weeds out non-dedicated students, simple as that

  21. Trevor Russell

    I have been look up Timothy Sykes for the last three weeks and other so called stock trader’s who are also teachers and i am glad to say after doing my research and looking over alot of the things he talks about 7,500 is not that much compaired to what some others charge you to learn from just videos or webnerars I myself cant aford 7,500 right off the bat but working two jobs. one to pay my bills and the other to save for something i really want to learn so i can quit these two jobs is something to work for and tim is right if your just going to think it comes for free your not just wasting his time but your as well you dont seem to want to educate your self so just stay away from the market and just toss you money on the ground and walk away

  22. N'Awlins Lady

    I see someone complaining about the cost involved. I went through the same thing, only to find out I didn’t have enough $ to take the challenge. However, in no way do I feel I wasted my time. I learned a lot from the homework and the 7 free videos that Tim offers. Not only did I come away knowing more, it motivated me to work harder to get to the point where I can take advantage of the learning tools offered. Once in, I know it will be $ well spent. You can’t put a price on learning from the “master.” That’s the best investment you can make! šŸ™‚

  23. Ryan Daley

    You guys are all stupid. Without Tim, I would have never got started. If you do not have any money then follow his student blogs. And if you still do not have any money start reading books. And if that does not work out, go use your brain and download some content. SYKES I AM NOT A WEED IN THE LAWN. I DO WANT TO BE PICKED.

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