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An Important 2-Week Countdown You Don’t Want To Miss

Yesterday, despite my third day with a fever (although it’s going down every day, thank you to those who reached out concerned, I’ll be okay!) I made this video below explaining a VERY important 2-week countdown that has now begun:

Long story short, I made my 11-hour Trader Checklist guide 100% free, so you would have NO excuse not to watch it…as some people complain they don’t like investing in their education, they just want to learn for free and I get that.


But, sadly, despite the fact that this guide is free, I see VERY few people watching it all the way through and valuing its lessons the way that you should…so this is your 2-week countdown until I add another 9-hours to it and make this a soon-to-be 20-hour comprehensive guide, priced at $500, on January 1st, 2017 (which is still an incredible deal given the usefulness of the lessons)

So, if you want to watch all 11-hours right now FOR FREE, go to, that’s less than an hour/day of studying from now until the end of the year and you can even have a few days off to celebrate the holidays!

If you think this is some kind of gimmick, you’re wrong.  The lessons/indicators in Trader Checklist are HUGELY important and useful…read some reviews HERE.

Download a PDF version of this post.

We’ve also transcribed my video from yesterday for my valued deaf students so you have NO excuse not to learn!

Hey, Tim Sykes here. It is the weekend. I’m feeling a little bit better. Still a little sick, but I gotta do this video, because I’m so inspired by so many of you guys. I’m inspired by my cars, yes. You know, this is my brand new Lamborghini Huracan, and I gotta post the whole delivery video. I will when I get a chance.

But I have to tell you right now, as of today, you have 14 days to go to, watch this entire guide for free, okay? This is no BS. This is 100% free. You go to, you enter your name, you enter your email. You’ll get the information on how to watch this 11-hour guide. And on January 1, 2017, it will no longer be free.

In the past, I teased that it would be going premium. Now, this is no tease, mark my words, two weeks from today, this will be a $500 DVD. Understand that even at $500, it’s still a good deal. No one else is making 10, 15, 20-hour DVDs like I am, okay? This will actually be a 20-hour DVD. I’m working on adding nine more hours. I have to get a little better first. But on January 1, I’ll be adding those hours, so it’ll be a 20-hour DVD. And it will be priced at $500, starting at January 1, 2017. So if you have any motivation to study, you know, maybe it’s my cars, if you want your own Lamborghini and your own Ferrari, then use that to study.

If you wanna be like my student Arick, who is my latest six-figure student (he just passed the $100,000 mark roughly a week ago), maybe that’ll inspire you. My other student, Brooks, who has just turned $5,000 into $25,000 overnight, buying IDXG, which everyone else was scared of. Brooks nailed it and then, I think the next day, he also made like $5,000. So, he’s turned $5,000 into like $30,000 in two trading days. A little ballsy, but it’s possible. Or, if you get inspired by my student Alex, he’s now made $140,000. But, it all starts with studying. So, I like to follow my students who tweet at me.  So, if you wanna tweet at me and show me that you’re actually studying, I love it. Here’s Kev Nance, showing his charts and his notes. Here’s Adam…well, I gotta reload this. And, he made a little video of him showing all of the little charts that he’s been looking at. He gets a follow from Trader Checklist.

And, this is the secret to my success. It’s not that I’m the smartest guy or that I’m that great at math. It is my work ethic. So, that’s why I’m also doing these video lessons, when I’m clearly sick and I should not be doing it. Everyone tells me I’m crazy. But, there are no days off if you want success. It doesn’t matter if you’re sick. The stock market isn’t gonna say, “Oh, oh. This person is sick. We’re gonna close today.” Or the weekend, it’s gonna say, “Oh, you know what? It’s the weekend, this person’s sick. We’ll push the weekend later on so when this person’s not sick, he or she can fully take advantage of it.” That’s not how life works, okay? So it’s my own fault for working too hard and traveling too much and not taking care of myself, but I’m not gonna punish you and, you know, punish myself by not working. I love working, I love teaching and I love getting this information to you guys.

Here’s my student Rhea, and I gotta give her props, because, guess what, she says that she is planning her trades. She’s preparing on every trade, thanks to my trader checklist guide. The trader checklist is all about using these indicators to plan better trades. And, it’s not the funnest topic in the world, it’s pretty boring. But, it’s exciting once you start putting it together and that’s what I want for all of you guys. I want you guys having your bedspread look like this. This was me with a pile of cash on my bed a few weeks ago and I took a picture because it’s fun and it’s inspirational.

Here’s Dirk. Dirk gets a follow because he’s looking at the rules every day, and he says the most important is to know the story behind every idea. He’s starting to understand. Most people will look at this and they’ll be like, “What is this? This seems like a scene from, like, ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ where, you know, Russell Crowe’s character starts losing his mind.” But seriously, when I first began trading, before I was a millionaire, long before I was a millionaire, I would have post-its, like this, all up on my walls. And I would, like, dream of these charts, and I also had a picture of a Lamborghini. So Dirk, congratulations. I mean, you’re following my footsteps to a T. You seem like a young guy.

Those of you who are young, I know if you’re under 18, you can’t trade stocks. You can’t open an account without parental permission. Well, guess what? There’s no limit on studying, okay? And, is 100% free. So, I don’t care if you’re 10 years old orif you’re 12 years old, if you’re 15 years old, you gotta start studying. And yes, you do need parental permission if you’re under 18. I’m not telling you, you know, these teenagers should be trading on their own, okay? You need parental permission. And it’s not even about trading at first. It’s about studying. A lot of you guys think, “Oh, I’m not gonna study if I can’t trade. It’s not worth it.” Why? You need education before you can trade, okay?

I make the analogy it’s like going to medical school, and if your in first day in medical school, and let’s say you wanna be a surgeon, they’re not gonna just throw a body at you and say, “Hey, go to work. Go operate.” You know, if you’re a first-day medical student and you’re gonna start operating? No, of course not. Or if you have no idea, you’ve never driven a car before, and your first day, they put you in a car, and you’re on the freaking Autobahn in Germany, where there’s no speed limit, and people say, “Just go as fast as you want.” What do you think is gonna happen? You’re gonna die. If you’re operating on a patient and you have no experience, no training whatsoever, the patient’s gonna die. So, in trading, it’s the same thing. If you have no studying, if you have no experience, if you have no rules and no discipline, your account is gonna die. So, I don’t want that to happen. I want you studying.

So, if you wanna be like these students who are posting stuff on their walls, that’s fantastic. If you wanna be like my student Eric, who just passed $100,000…he’s watched so many video lessons, I can’t even begin to tell you. I see the stats on all my students, and Eric is one of my hardest-working students watching all my video lessons, watching all my DVDs, using that knowledge, planning the trades, and then, you know, making a few hundred dollars, making a few thousand dollars sometimes, sometimes losing. But overall now, in a year, he’s turned roughly $5,000 into $100,000. And that’s after studying, okay? So it’s not like he’s just studying and trading. He studied for several months before he started making gains. And that is why you need to watch this guide, okay? This will help you understand the seven key indicators that I use on every trade.

Some of you guys are confused. I see you in the chat room, and you’re like, “But why is this stock down? They had good news.” Because news is only one of the seven catalysts, you know? Sometimes, news can be priced in. People already anticipate it, companies already tease news happening. So it’s priced in already, so when the news is finally announced, the stock does nothing, and then those people who anticipated it spiking based on that news, and it doesn’t spike, guess what? Those people start selling. So oftentimes, you see a stock go down with good news. And some people will say, “Oh, penny stocks are so complicated and so unpredictable.” That’s bullshit. It’s totally predictable. Buy the rumor, sell the news. This is a very common pattern with penny stocks. And if you don’t know it, it’s because you haven’t studied.

So, this guide is 11 hours now. It’s 100% free. Excuse me, I’m talking too much. But there’s not a day to waste. I could not wait to get better to make this video. You have 14 days from the time when I post this video to watch 11 hours, so less than an hour a day. And, if you do two hours in a day, “Oh, god forbid,” you know? Some of you guys ask me, like, “How long will it take me to become a millionaire? How long will it take me to make $100,000?” I want you to ask yourself a different question. How many hours per day can you study? How many 10-hour days of studying can you commit to me, you know? You have to put in the time before you can get the money. I wish there were an easier way, but this is not like the lotto, this is not you just following my hot picks. This is me teaching you rules. This is me inserting my knowledge into your brain. And maybe in the future, when it’s like “The Matrix” and you can just download information into your brain, it’ll be easier. But right now, all I can do is make these guides full of charts, full of indicators, full of rules that, you know, frankly, take me several months to put together.

You know, I’m working on 9 more hours, so this is an even 20-hour DVD. But, nine more hours on this DVD is gonna take me two weeks. So, you have two weeks from right now to watch all 11 hours of for free. You go to, you enter your name, you enter your email, you sign up. You’ll get the instructions on how to watch this guide for free. This is all I can do today. I’m gonna go try and get better, but I gotta post this video so you can get started studying ASAP. Thank you.

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  2. Geoff Steiner

    I just expressed an interest in becoming one of your students. I have watched one video. This is the 2nd. I will look at tonight or tomorrow.

    I’m excited. I look forward to learning how to trade successfully and make real money.

    I ope that you approve me to be one of your students.

    Geoff Steiner

  3. Darian Kelly

    First Penny Stocks 101 Free And Now This 11 Hour Video?! Its Like Your Giving Away Money Im Gonna Definitely Take Advantage Of This Opportunities Thanks Again Mr. Sykes I Have Been Following Your Journey For Some Time Now With Example After Example On How This Really Works If You Put In Time And Save Up A Decent Amount To Start Stocks Thanks Again !

  4. Erick Traschikoff

    No excuses! Waking up every morning before work to watch an hour of the video and takes notes. A second hour before bed time. Thank you!

    Also, can you make the transcript available? I am at work sometimes and would like to read it on my down time.

  5. Salena Huynh

    Hi Tim, you are amazing man who inspired a lot of people like me in this small world. Many thanks to you for many free Video and lessons from your website & YouTube. I have watching them all and also I bought your book “American Hedge Fund”, that I learned a lot how to trade penny stock from you. I should call you with the new name” You are the KING of penny stock” Merry Christmas to you.

  6. Kestutis Burba

    Those 3 k or more now already who watched first 11 hours coulD see those 9 hours for free too. That would be great start of 2017! 🙂

  7. Mr.Real

    Yes for free I will help you just give 3 thousands and more thousand dollars more and more.
    Let me help you if you have thousands of dollars to give me.
    No wonder he is a millionaire.

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