I'm Sorry & How I'll Make It Up To You - Timothy Sykes

I’m Sorry & How I’ll Make It Up To You

The definition of sorry is:

sor·ry adjective \ˈsär-ē, ˈsȯr-\
: feeling sorrow or regret

—used to express polite regret

…and given that I stand to profit $25,000-$50,000 tomorrow on a perfect stock pick, I’m so sorry that many of my subscribers aren’t in the same trade or weren’t aggressive enough buying or holding and haven’t learnt these simple patterns and aren’t using StocksToTrade.com to find these big winners.

Truly it’s regretful that more of you aren’t learning these gimmie patterns, I know I sound like a broken record, but only after 5, 6, 7, 10, 20 right calls does it finally begin to sink in that the patterns that made me rich, and are now making my students rich, are predictable and our success is replicable.

Every now and then a stock displays PERFECT price action and that’s when I truly bank…as I’ve already made $70,000 in a day not once but twice in 2014 already…and it’s these perfect price action plays for which you should continually search.

It’s not a 100% foolproof system, but my roughly 75% winning percentage should help you understand I win far more than I lose and my trading profits are now nearly $4 million (see every trade detailed HERE) because of my first rule of cutting losses quickly when I’m wrong.

The even better news is I teach the key indicators needed to predict these trades and those who signup for my newsletters (especially before the price increase in June…relax existing subscribers it’s only for new subscribers, as long as you stay subscribed now you have the current prices for LIFE!) and watch my now 1700+ video lesson library are better prepared EVERY DAY AND ON EVERY TRADE.

Perhaps I should FORCE you Clockwork-Orange-style to watch these KEY free videos that show you EXACTLY how and what stocks to buy?


Perhaps I should re-emphasize how useful my trading challenge is as those VIP students study their butts off learning my strategy and participating in the multiple weekly webinars and watching ALL of these videos:

…that’s why they have the best odds of becoming millionaires like these guys already have:

But I know most people only want hot stock picks which is why I wrote this blog post a few weeks ago…all you have to do is keep an eye on what stocks are written about on Seeking Alpha and buy them and you’ll be rewarded with huge spikes within a few days.

Remember I was long YOD in the $2s and low $3s before it spiked to $7+ in 2 days after the Seeking Alpha article calling them the Netflix of China…I sold too early in the mid $3s and only made a few grand because I didn’t understand the power of Seeking Alpha yet.

But I NAILED EKSO for $70,000ish in profits when their Seeking Alpha article came out, selling too soon yet again…had I waited 2 hours I’d have made $200,000ish.

And now I am long QUIK over the weekend, already up $20,000ish and this new weekend Seeking Alpha article should help spike it this week too given the author makes a strong case for the stock to be worth $12-15/share…a nice triple to quadruple from current prices and while I think that’s too aggressive I highly expect a big spike this week which will likely last 1-3 days if past Seeking Alpha momentum holds true.

See this video lesson I made this morning with my gameplan for how to trade QUIK this week.

Already several of my newsletter subscribers have taken partial or all profits into that beautiful uptrend on Friday and read below to see my idea to get even more people profiting:

[12:24PM]jollar:yes. i just sold at 3.90, cause i have to pick up my kid right now.
[12:24PM]jollar:but yeah… +120. thanks tim! gap up on monday.

[12:33PM]bradc343:300$ profit

[12:33PM]davidsallusti:Im up to $850

[12:33PM]Monte_Lee:$150 profit

[12:33PM]jdonat:exactly $200 profit… sold way too early

[12:33PM]trader01: $480 profit

[12:49PM]bgarrett → timothysykes:out QUIK +1350.00 thank u tim

[12:51PM]jdonat → timothysykes:DANG TIM!!! Your freaking awesome! up $436 on QUIK!!!! I LOVE YOU MAN!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!

[5/16/14 1:07:46 PM] Timothy Sykes: [1:07PM]Monte_Lee → timothysykes:Tim QUIK had awesome price action morning gap and started gearing up around $3.68 so far $625 profit for me. YOU ROCK!

[1:08PM]mlagerwerf → timothysykes:I’m up $500 on my $5500 account.. aggresive position!

[1:08PM]allanrivadeneira:up $320 in last 20 minutes with QUIK

[1:08PM]vball_shawn:$330 up on QUIK

[1:09PM]mbsthai → timothysykes:$200.00 on QUIK.

[1:09PM]RUSirius:up $50 unrealized for first Silver member winner and to break losing streak. holding overnight. pumped

[1:09PM]Paramount:$33 realized and holding overnight position with 1500 shares. Secured small profits.

[1:09PM]Seb360 → timothysykes:Up $20 on a 140 share position!!!

[1:10PM]redbarchetta:I can’t afford to hold over the weekend as I’m in Europe and open and pre-market hours are during working hours and I don’t want to get burned, but this was a very satisfying profit.

[1:10PM]LunatC:QUIK ask at 4.28…wish i was bigger here now grrr

[1:10PM]tr2430 → timothysykes:Up $80 on QUIK w/ a less than $1000 investment. Thanks for the heads up Tim and for the video lessons explaining all of this!

[1:10PM]mlagerwerf → redbarchetta:Congrats! Being in Europe isn’t always a good thing 😉

[1:10PM]LunatC → timothysykes:solid call Tim…you killed it!

[1:11PM]mirage41b:QUIK was an absolute power move. The ticker describes the price action!

[1:11PM]OceanWest:Up $45 on 150 shares

[1:11PM]TraderKarl:Quikk ride to +$100

[1:12PM]wcconklin:small position 500 shares. in @3.78 and out @3.92. not bad as I was just going to sit down for an hour today and watch. Thanks Tim.

That’s nice but it’s not enough, I want MORE people making MUCH more $ on these high-odds setups so here’s what I am going to do — I will give away a free year of my PennyStocking Silver newsletter to the person who makes the closest guess of how much money I’ll make tomorrow…the winner will be closest to the dollar, higher or lower doesn’t matter.

Leave your guesses below in the comment section of this blog post, nowhere else!

All guesses must be received by the market open tomorrow morning, 9:30am EST

If the winner already has PennyStocking Silver or is a trading challenge student, we’ll add a free year of Silver onto to the end of your existing subscription…TIMalert subscribers, we’ll upgrade you!

Then if that person studies ALL my video lessons and learns how to spot trades like YOD, EKSO, QUIK, they too can live like me…like a king:

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Hey Everyone,

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Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. MrDax

    Since you will sell immediately into morning spike I predict around $28 000 gain, will ask you in chatroom tomorrow 🙂

  2. Paul Samir Bahi

    I say you make close to ($100,000) on QUIK!!! Ya, you have almost 50,000 shares, I think your being conservative with high$ 4’s low$ 5’s…im thinking high $5’s or low $6’s!!

  3. Rafael Michael Soto

    You could make so much more trading NASDAQ stocks like my favorite Abraxas Petroleum (AXAS)

  4. jollar

    Tim, you will make $31,280.00. After the gap up, selling into strength and securing easy profits.

  5. TNAFamily2011

    Sorry. Change mine to 42000. Calculated your whole position not just the 8500 shares you had sold. So 42000 including what you already locked in. I think you won’t be able to resist to sell when it meets that 4.72ish resistance and you will be up around 40k on that current position. Besides you can always get back in.

  6. L1MITL3SS

    If the Seeking Alpha article hypes and brings enough attention how it’s supposed to, and bring a possible spike into 12-15ish area. Ill go with a shallow end of $5 considering bitter shareholders and say you will make about 60K.

    If it breaks 5 I see it topping out at around $8 for a 200K profit however.

  7. DavTrader

    57001 for the whole day. You will sell most after the morning spike, rebuy on the dip and hold into another strong close. Nice find.

  8. TinyTim

    You already made 1700. You are holding 46k shares at roughly 3.84 basis. Fair amount of overhead resistance around 4.34. Since you say you tend to sell too QUIcKly I will guesstimate a profit of 24,700. 24/7 🙂

  9. Shayne Luangvisa

    I expect the chart to break past resistance at 4.34 and reach consolidation at 4.80, I say you’ll have a profit of $44,160 from holding 46k shares at 3.84 :]

  10. Matthew Owens

    Knowing tim. He will sell at the open if it doesn’t gap up. So my closet bet would be about 28,000 dollars without considering his long term position. Plus he sold some at 3.90 ish I believe. This is a loaded question with manu variables. Lol

  11. Chris Klapheke

    I’m surprised no one has pulled the “$1, Bob,” line from The Price is Right. That said, I’m going to guess $119,499.

  12. Cavasio Edwards

    $210,000 I have faith he’s not going to “bitch out” like he normally does when he leaves more on the table, he’s ready to receive!

  13. Jesort812

    $39,999 definitely around there, unless he cashes out right away like he usually does.

  14. Emmanuella98

    $22,240 profit for Monday alone – i.e excludes the gain already booked on Friday.

  15. Rhoadsie

    I think you will earn $32,190 Tim as you will get out at $4.50.
    ($13,720 profit from the 24.5k Buy, $16,770 from the remaining orig 21.5k buy, and adding $1700 from when you cashed out the 8.5K shares) Good luck!!!

  16. Lea

    Hi Tim, I predict a profit of $38 180 – after the recent news this stock looks set to fill the gap at roughly $4.73, but I think you will lock in profits at $4.65

  17. Lea

    After seeing the morning action, I think you will make an overall profit of $21 300ish. The stock is not spiking as expected

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