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I Have To Apologize, I Screwed Up

BuyinAlerts is a new newsletter and we’re still working out the kinks, namely a lack of actual alerts (we know we’re working on it)

And to make matters worse when there have been great BuyinAlerts, I’ve personally messed them up.

I owe all BuyinAlerts subscribers an apology for messing up the last 2 PERFECT opportunities

1. As I previously posted, BuyinAlerts issued a PERFECT alert to buy BVSN at $18ish, but I let my bias get in way with my commentary

Perfect Buyin Alert

See the actual BuyinAlert right HERE where we said:

Entry comments: We’re hearing reports of buyins on BVSN today on short sellers who have held for too many days hoping for a reversal, the stock is VERY over-extended, but this could make it more painful for shorts; this is EXACTLY what the promoters wanted

2. Last week was yet another perfect BuyinAlert opportunity on Blue Dolphin Energy Company (BDCO) and I was too busy with another trade so I forgot to send out the alert…check out the chart:

Shoula Woulda Coulda Been A BuyinAlert


In summary, BuyinAlerts is a great idea for actionable long-based alerts (and shorting opportunities later on after the buyins are over or if the buyins fail to spike the stock) and I’m sorry for the problems we’ve had so far….we can and will do better.

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  1. Shelly

    No one expects perfection all the time! I’d say from what I’ve seen so far…..you’re about as close as they get! And in YOUR own words- that you always use when you kick someone’s rear….lol…..apology accepted!! And people looonnnggg forgave you way before your birthday!! And you know what I really like?! You are one of the very few out there who has enough integrity to say- I screwed up! And that right there takes moxy! This is why you stand out from the rest!

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