How We’ve Profited Nearly $100,000 On A Stock Whose Phone Number Has Been Disconnected

Last week I gave you these free video lessons on Renren Inc (RENN), on how to be prepared for the important breakdown at $12/share and take 10% short selling gains in 10 minutes or hold a few days and earn 25%, ladies choice.

Well, here we are just five trading days later and the stock is at $7ish, a 42% drop in just a week….we’ve made just under $10,000 on it

That’s cool, but this week there was a FAR better shorting opportunity, one that has now dropped 53% in the few days since I began shorting the stock at $6.90:

Orsus Xelent
Orsus Xelent

…and yet again PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers had the choice of taking small and predictable profits along the way — several times it dropped 10% within an hour — or simply hold onto their shares and reap massive rewards, now over 50%.

It’s been a mix of how long people decide to hold, but I know several students who are still holding shares short of this company, Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc. (ORS) and as you can see from our posts on Profitly, our profits are already nearly $100,000, my personal trading profits are $18,000 this week which you can see on the right hand side of this website…my Thinkorswim account is now up from $12,415 in November 2007 to $195,697 now, a gain of roughly 1,500%…every trade detailed HERE so don’t even think about calling me a fraud or not 100% transparent…and as PennyStocking Silver subscribers and Trading Challenge students are learning, I RARELY time any of these trades well so there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Even better news is that not just one or two of my recommended brokers (see all 6 of the best brokers I use), but 4 out of 6 had shares to short of ORS…most notably, Thinkorswim which has long been my preferred broker so when all is said and done, I’m expecting student trading profits of $250,000+

Here are some highlights so far, tons of small wins:

$632profitORSShort Stock
Nailed it. Right before Tim’s alert that he shorted. Thanks for the watchlist!

Posted by Am7985 /

$631profitORSShort Stock
At last I conquered this sucker!!!

Posted by thehonestcroock /

$2,745profitORSLong Stock
this is a combinaton of 6 scalps over 3 days, traded very weak

Posted by elkwood66 /

$800profitORSShort Stock
1st tc trade, the point is to make green and manage it well. thanks, tim!

Posted by greenptmgmt /

…and dozens and dozens more like those.

I’ll let you know the final profit tally next week, but do read this Reuters article on the company and try not to laugh outloud given that they called the company for a comment on the stock’s volatility and the phone numbers on the company’s website were disconnected!

I’m guessing you want a free video lesson on how I predicted and profited this 50%+ drop (not my first by any means, see other examples HERE, HERE and HERE), but I’m not going to do you that disservice.

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And because I do like giving you free videos, here are a few that should inspire you to get on this already! (don’t take my word for it, also check out these 40+ reviews)