8 Simple Steps To Turn $5,000 Into $25 Million In Less Than 4 Months - Timothy Sykes

8 Simple Steps To Turn $5,000 Into $25 Million In Less Than 4 Months

We’ll be discussing the BLATANT LEXG pump & dump on LiveStock tonight 6-7PM EST so tune in please

PennyStocking Silver subscribers know I’ve written a ton about the blatant pump & dump Lithium Exploration Group Inc (LEXG):

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Hot Lithium Penny Stock Pump

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That’s right I am now officially short LEXG a small position, using a simple online discount broker which subscribers of my 4 newsletters know about….taking a risk for sure, but I could always box my shares with my Thinkorswim account…and ya know what, I’d love to average up on my position too because given the current roughly $240 million marketcap due solely to a $3.3 email promotion, hardly any assets, no revenues…the CEO’s house was foreclosed on, on and on and on, this company has sooooo many similarities — and the same questionable Vancouver law firm, MacDonald Tuskey, which I’ve written about HERE — as past promoted penny stocks, some of which were halted by the SEC but all of which have collapsed 90%+…HHWW, AENY, BGBR, LTUM, SAEI…and LEXG is rumored to be controlled by master Vancouver penny stock promoter Scott William Marshall

Scott William Marshall

Scott William Marshall

…well, let’s just say we can be certain of the stock’s upcoming drop of 90%+ no different from this paid pump that put me in an SEC filing warning investors not to listen to me when I turned out to be dead right.

But I digress.

Many of you don’t care about the details of this multi-million dollar pump, you just wanna know how to turn a few thousand into millions fast, right?

Download a PDF version of this post.

Because thanks to a little-read SEC filing from 2 days ago, that’s what Manuel Mauricio Monge Acuña did with this transaction:

On January 12, 2011, Gekko Industries Inc. acquired a total of 5,000,000 shares of the Issuer’s common stock from Rossanna Vivo, the Issuer’s former officer and director, in a private transaction for approximately $0.001 or $5,000. The shares were purchased by Gekko Industries Inc.’s personal funds.

Manuel, despite having the longest name in SEC filing history and no record on the entire internet, is president of Gekko Industries which reported this roughly 10% stake in LEXG on May 4th, 2011, just under 4 months to the day from when this transaction allegedly took place.

Yo Rossanna Vivo, given Manuel’s current $25 million value on his shares, YOU GOT SCREWEDDDDDDD.

But don’t feel too bad for Rossanna, I’m sure she’s cooking up some empanadas right now and doing just fine while Manuel is likely pretty concerned about the authorities coming down on him…his nervous breakdown delayed only because he’s in Panama and remember there’s no internet record of him even existing so it might take a while to question him.

Anyway, given Manuel’s amazing feat, I thought I’d share a few simple steps that LEXG and all their co-conspirators took to make Manuel $25 million on his $5,000 investment.

1. Step one, as I posted and did this free 25-minute video lesson on, the stock is up due solely to this $3.3 million promotional mailer…Manuel, you crazy Panamaniac, did you put up $3.3 million to help your shares become worth more?

2. Step two, and this is verrrry important, just like on other pumps with the same address as LEXG, issue shares to insiders at $0.001/share…that way your upside is unlimited!

3. Step three, hire MacDonald Tuskey as your lawyer, they handle allll the biggest pumps

4. Step four, hire Scott William Marshall as pictured above, he’s known to be a great promoter as evidenced by him putting his feet on tabletops and not caring about manners at all!

(Fair warning, Marshall has been linked to some shootings so if you deal with him, wear a bullet-proof vest)

5. Step five, acquire some rinky dink assets that are near worthless and then lure in suckers with promotional mailer (see step 1)

6. Step six, it’s important that you mask your internet domains BEFORE the pump, not after or else you get messages posted like this where diligent researchers can connect people who are behind the pump (very important!)

7. Try to sell all your shares BEFORE the OTC puts a warning/Caveat Emptor rating on your pump and the scheme is exposed in articles like this

8. When short sellers/exposers like Sykes, Citron/StreetSweeper and eventually the SEc come knocking, deny, deny, deny…it helps to play dumb like THWI’s CEO, EMGE’s CEO and ALZM’s CEO did…consider putting out statements of denial mid-pump like LEXG’s CEO did, but only put it in an SEC filing so you can use it in court later…don’t make a big hubbub about it with any press release so the suckers being lured by the promotional mailers can see it (hint: they never read SEc filings, the type is too small and remember, most suckers are senior citizens so use their glaucoma to your advantage!)

And most importantly, NEVER allow your promoters to meet with Sykes and confess, monstrosities like this is what happens: (hint: feed your promoter’s coke habit so he doesn’t stray)

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  1. ShareStock

    Maybe his legg is broken…He does not look too happy..

    Or….He just bought a new 1..Costs a few million but hey…

  2. rick

    Manuel probably is working on his new identity. Changing names, ids, ect.. is easily done (Panama he’s gone baby). Tim do you really have to expose these guys to this extent? You’ll ruin the shorting market if you keep it up. Naw greed is hard to control.

  3. rick

    I give Tim credit because he’s a straight no bullshit guy, but nobody will ever fix this problem. You have to overcome greed.

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