How To Read SEC Filings (A Primer) - Timothy Sykes

How To Read SEC Filings (A Primer)

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Veteran PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I have gotten this question a lot…so much so that one of my top students, Michael Goode, aka Reapertrades, who has now made $190,000 with my trading strategy, decided to each put together 5+ hour presentations of how we research SEC filings.

Not very exciting stuff, but accurate and hardcore penny stock research is where the real $ is, not intraday scalping BS.

Here’s the description and some reviews…given Michael’s contributions, I’d say it’s my most useful DVD by far:

A 10-hour multi-disc DVD package with a 150+ page instructional manual that teaches you how to read and analyze all sorts of SEC filings. One of Timothy’s best students, Michael Goode (up $130,000 in 2 years) chimes in for several hours with his own investigating so viewers can compare our two differing research methods. These filings have always been long, technical and boring, but we will simplify the process and make it understandable to even the biggest beginners out there. Not only great for discovering penny stock scams, learning to read SEC filings will help you better understand how to analyze companies of all sizes and their market valuations. This DVD package is a must for anyone involved in the finance industry, not just traders but investors too.


I finally bought the DVD, I think this is the best DVD for investors who want to understand the worth of the company, not only penny stocks, but also expensive stocks like Netflix, Inc. (NFLX), Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Google Inc. (GOOG) etc. Big thanks to your mother that you were born!!

A Fantastic Conflict in Styles

To date this is probably my favorite Tim Sykes DVD. Not because the others aren’t very good on their own, but because this DVD gets into an area that day traders generally don’t talk about. Reading SEC filings was always a mystery to me, and this helped clear a lot of that fog, and allowed me to learn more on my own. Michael Goode’s section is great in it’s own right. He goes through how he reads and SEC filing, and evaluates the company based on it’s fundamentals. Tim’s Section is equally as educational as he does a similar presentation that is different enough from Michael Goode’s section that you get a good feel for how 2 different successful traders can interpret the same type of information slightly differently, yet still be successful.

Very thorough

Extremely thorough DVD. I always wondered what was behind SEC fillings. Sure, we all know about different forms, 10Q’s 10K’s…but never really care to dig in, besides, who cares! Well, if you want that “edge” everybody talks about in trading to be successful, then this is one of the many guns you can add to your arsenal. Both Michael Goode (aka Reaper) and Timothy do a great job at explaining the different reports, show which websites to go to and the what matters most. Everybody should watch, definitely worth it!

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