How To Never Get A Real Job By Scott Gerber [BOOK REVIEW]

How To Never Get A Real Job By Scott Gerber [BOOK REVIEW]This 50% off deal is only good until December 15th so check it out now!

As I just posted my review on Investimonials and tweeted last night “this is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time…especially for cubicle monkeys”

Never Get A Real Job By Scott Gerber could be called motivation 101 and I know from teaching far too many people without motivation/the realization that building something great isn’t overwhelming once you break it down into parts and do a little planning that this book is SORELY needed.

never get a real job


Do check out Gerber’s Young Entrepreneur Council of which I’m a member and see my book review below:

As I am always saying: I love being my own boss. Whether I make a ton of $ (it seems to run in my blood as I work harder than anyone to achieve this), or not, the freedom of being an entrepreneur can only be described by scenes in Braveheart where Mel Gibson is not crazy but instead gives riveting speeches about freedom.

This book is not for those of us who have already been in the game for years and we know the risks, troubles, absolute headaches caused by doing something on your own…this book is for all your cubicle monkeys too afraid and confused to get out of your jackass daily routine and try to be something better.

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I am on the Young Entrepreneurship Council with Scott because this is a guy who hustles for press, deals, business and connections and it shows. He knows what’s he talking about and I gotta show you some of the key paragraphs that jumped out at me….stuff which proves he’s not only a doer but he’s a damn fine and entertaining writer too (the gun to a puppy’s head sounds like me 🙂

Oh before we get to the funny/accurate quotes, here’s a simple one that describes the entire book and why its required reading for all startups/entrepreneurs:

Building a business is like constructing a house. If you don’t take time to lay a solid, sturdy foundation, the whole structure is doomed to come crashing down around you. Putting the right protocols, systems, and thought processes in place in the early stages of your start-up will reduce the chances of your roof caving in.

Dead on.

Here’s some other good quotes I liked:

Unoriginal, on the other hand, works. Unoriginal is profitable.
You don’t have to disrupt an entire industry to be successful.
The vast majority of successful businesses produce products
and services that are cheaper, faster, or better than some other
guy. There is a reason that Hollywood continues to crank out
crappy teen romance movies off the unoriginal assembly line.
The proven formulas work (Any Bare-chested Male Model
Hillary Duff Look-alike + Vampires + Tweens = Cha Ching!).

Entrepreneurship is a beginner’s sport, not a banker’s
sport. Building a business is more about ingenuity and hus-
tle than obtaining a wad of cash—which is why young people
are the ideal candidates to build businesses. Compared generations, we have minimal living expenses and have the ability to scale down our lifestyles dramatically without major

Too many people think they’re winners these days. Even the
worst of the worst American Idol rejects—the ones who couldn’t
sing on key if a madman was pressing a gun to their puppies’
heads—have convinced themselves that they’re talented and
great. If everyone is a winner, then I ask you: Where are all of the losers?
Face it: Not everyone gets rewarded with a trophy or a pat
on the back. Life is a competition with real winners and losers.
Second place is simply one step closer to bankruptcy.

Get this book, its motivation in a few hundred pages and the framework and tools are all there to help you newbies…welcome to the quest, it’s more than worthwhile


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