How To Make Money On The Weekends

How To Make Money On The Weekends

The stock market is closed every weekend, and this Monday too in honor of Christmas Day, but there are still ways to make money on the weekends…you can get into Bitcoin and crypto-currency trading as I wrote about here in the blog post entitled “My Take On Bitcoin Now” because those asset classes do trade on the weekends, and every other day too, 24/7 (so get ready not to sleep much!)

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Or, you can take advantage of another opportunity I think is even a better idea as outlined here in a video that my friend Anthony made because he’s been able to make a steady six-figures/year for several years now using a popular app that too many people just waste time on and don’t make any money on whatsoever.

And when you do watch this video on a vastly under-utilized niche strategy that I personally have used to make solid money, understand that Anthony is having a 50% off sale here right now to celebrate the holidays and pass down savings to you, an idea I love because you SHOULD have every reason in the world to invest in your education.

As during this time of year, too many people buy useless, material goods for themselves and their loved ones, and while it’s obviously the thought that counts, why not make that thought count AND be useless for yourself or your loved ones as the gift of education is the single greatest gift I know of…so watch this video ASAP and you’ll learn how you can make money off Instagram like I do, and several of my friends do too.

Oh no, I ruined the surprise!

I was trying not to mention the word Instagram in this blog post because sadly when people see it or hear it, they can’t seem to comprehend that it can be used to make money, or a more common response is that “don’t you need millions of followers to make a lot of money?”

The answer to both is that YES, you can make money on Instagram, IF you have strategy and training, as outlined here, it’s not going to be a lot of money right away, but it adds up over time and you also don’t need millions of followers to really bank like too many people think you do.

And, even if you’re not interested in making money, you should still learn how best to use Instagram and grow a following as it can help your business, your social life, expand your circle of friends and help you meet more people interested in the same things as you, or even if you’re a loner and don’t want to meet anyone, you can use Instagram to explore our big, beautiful world and discover places and things you never knew existed…

…as you might be able to tell, I’m a BIG fan of Instagram.  It’s definitely my favorite social network as I have over 1 million followers on my profile vs. other social networks where I “only” have 180,000 (Twitter), 205,000 (Youtube) and 305,000 (Facebook) and the reason why my Instagram is 3-5x bigger than any of my other social profiles is because I’ve watched this guide and utilized the strategies taught in it to really grow my following and let me just say its worked like a charm!

So, do me a favor and do yourself a favor and watch this guide ASAP and get excited that you can save 50% off the regular price for a limited time…have a VERY happy holiday with your friends and loved ones, but also remember to treat yourself and treat them too if you want to education as the future is bright for those who have knowledge and invest time and money into their education in whatever subjects interest them the most…and having an experienced mentor and guide is a HUGE time saver that can really cut down your learning curve, just like I try to do for my Trading Challenge students too!

And while I already have a few Millionaire Trading Challenge students, I’m excited to see who will be the first Instagram millionaire…and my guess is it’ll be someone who studies this guide and follows its instructions to a T!

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  • I am Tim Sykes' Millionaire Alliance subscriber, formerly from Weekend Profits.
    What is happening with my position AOBC.
    I entered on the weekend.

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