How To Make 100x Your Money

100x Your Money

100x Your Money

It’s been a rather crazy few weeks in the financial markets with SO many low priced stocks surging by 2, 5, 10 or even 20-50x, not to mention cryptocurrencies going absolutely insane the past few months so to try to make sense of all this volatility, there’s going to be a live free Q&A webinar tomorrow if you register HERE.

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I know, I know, this blog post title sounds crazy and I can only guess what you’re thinking when you read its title, as making 100x your money sounds impossible, let alone doing itย  all within 1-2 years, but not when you focus on volatile sectors like this and/or penny stocks too…despite the widespread negativity and hatred associated with these niches due to people who just buy, hold and hope, and then usually hold too long and go down with the ship when the hype and momentum fades, there is tremendous opportunity if you focus on niche strategies and learn to take the meat of the move on the way up, and down, and use that volatility to your advantage!

I’ve been featuring this hot student a lot lately in great videos like this as he’s been on absolute fire, profiting roughly $80,000 last week and now closing in on $400,000 in total profits in 2017 after starting the year with just $4,000…that’s 100x his $ for those keeping track and it’s not due to any one big home-run, it’s hitting single after single after single after single and staying disciplined, which is the main thesis of this new blog post I just wrote.

So, check out this great new detailed interview he did on the must-watch SteadyTrade podcast a few days ago:


And this is why I will NEVER stop talking about under-appreciated niches like penny stocks and crypto-currencies, because it’s the tremendous volatility, literally every singe day (especially lately), that allows you to grow a small account like $4,000 and turn it into $40,000 or even $400,000 inside of a year or two and that kind of account growth is simply impossible to achieve if you partake in more popular mainstream strategies like buy and holding blue chip securities, or mutual fund investing or annuities.

Granted, making 100x or even 10x your money is not a given, nor is it easy or else everyone would do it and these strategies wouldn’t be so niche anymore, they’d be the most popular strategies in the world, as who doesn’t want to make eye-popping returns like this, right?

But as more and more of my trading challenge students make six-figures, and seven-figures, all within a few years, more and more people are beginning to see that is possible with enough hard work and study…and just to reinforce how much students like Roland has studied to be so successful so quickly, watch this video interview:

But again, it IS possible by focusing on the much maligned penny stock niche…and that’s why I want you tuning into this Q&A tomorrow about crypto-currencies like Bitcoin because, despite it being the single best-performing sector in all of finance in 2017, and also the last few years, the hate is real and strong with that sector too.

I’ll have my detailed take on crypto-currencies and Bitcoin later this week, along with announcing the winner of my 1 Bitcoin giveaway (sorry for the delay, of course I’ll keep my word and do the giveaway, but I literally got tens of thousands of applicants so I’m still going through them all so that the best person will win), but long story short, you MUST learn this niche because if you don’t understand it, or even if you absolutely hate it, like most people I talk to, you have to learn to go against the crowd, ignore widespread, and ignorant, negativity when there’s so much opportunity, and prioritize educating yourself to fully capitalize on top-performing markets like this.

And did I mention this Q&A webinar being held tomorrow is 100% free so there’s no $ to risk, just a little bit of your time and the opportunity cost of missing out is too great so you better tune in.

So, just to recap, I want you making 5x, 10x, 20x or even 100x your money too, but in order to have a chance to accomplish this, first you must study, study, study, then refine, refine, refine and then optimize, optimize, optimize your trading and investment process and that takes time so you must put in the time, effort and hard work NOW rather than later…just like I previously outlined in this must-read blog post “Are You Studying And Working The Wrong Way?

Leave a comment below this blog post if you get what I mean as I want you to be as successful as possible, but first we must be on the same page with what’s required of you and then we’ll see what’s possible for you to accomplish in the next few years!

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  1. Eric

    Get on the same page: The page of profitability.. It takes extreme dedication, drive and determination and overcoming struggles in order to succeed. It is a journey not a guided tour. You may follow rules, and still lose at first (in fact you probably will), but it is better to fail in the beginning then to give up and not try at all. Don’t give up, and keep adding knowledge to your arsenal. Knowledge is power. Work smarter.

  2. Wayne Purdy

    Good morning Timothy! I signed up Teeka Tiwari’s cryptocurrency program, based on your recommendation! I’ve set up my Coinbase account, and I’m learning about wallets, and how to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. I’m looking forward to tonight’s Q&A session!

  3. nestor borges

    hey tim stop talking about the wolf and start talking about the more than 80% of your students who never become profitable an d cancel,by the way you make very little money trading

  4. dash

    You make that sound like a bad thing, and by the way its 90%. Tim’s words. Whens the last time you’ve seen a football coach make a touchdown… Never, Know why?
    Leave Tim alone. He’s coaching us to make touchdowns or at least field goals. Now come over here and give me a hug.

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