How To Make 100x Your Money In 15 Months aka "The Best Investment I Ever Made" - Timothy Sykes

How To Make 100x Your Money In 15 Months aka “The Best Investment I Ever Made”

This is why you can see chicks dig me…because I’m a good teacher 🙂

As you know I LOVE getting feedback from subscribers of my 4 newsletters, especially my trading challenge students as they’re my elite group of students, my version of “300”, and they all help each other learn quicker.

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But this story below takes the cake, you can see this college student’s profits of $70,000+ in his first few months and the pace of profits is quickening 🙂

And consider for a second who this kid is to be making $70,000 in roughly a year:

Tim Grittani

Mature Tim Grittani

I’m up another $12,000 since I last wrote you! Thanks again for everything, hope you like the post!

My name is Tim Grittani (“kroyrunner” to those of you in the TIMalerts chat room), and I’d like to share how Tim Sykes and his chatroom moderator Michael Goode have changed my life over the last year. I first heard of Tim in January of 2011, as I was just beginning my journey into trading stocks. At the time, I was a 21 year old senior in college, with very little money to my name. I’d spent the last few years engaging in various gambling and risk adverse activities, looking for some way to earn a living besides the typical 40 hour work week. I had settled on a finance major (which I hated), and I knew my time was growing short to find a way out of the upcoming life I dreaded. I decided that stock trading seemed like the most tolerable way to use my major when I graduated, so I dove into the market by myself and familiarize myself with how it worked. Not having much money and knowing that I hated how boring investing was, pennystocks seemed the clear way to go. A quick $300 loss later, I knew I needed to learn what I was doing or I would go broke.

I began looking through various forums for any kind of stock tips I could use. Thank God I never saw anybody who looked “reputable”, or I probably would have gotten sucked into some pump and dump and taken to the cleaners. Perhaps a week or two into my forum search, I found Tim Sykes. I decided to check him out and was immediately redirected to one of his promotional videos. The pitch was good, his service was on sale, and his results were impressive.

After doing a little additional research to make sure I wasn’t about to get scammed (believe me, I wasn’t), I became a PennyStocking Silver subscriber in February 2011. It was the best investment I’ve ever made.

What followed in the coming months completely flipped my perception about what stock trading is. I learned that stock trading did not have to be risky, that charts were not just random squiggles, that there really was a reason for why stocks moved the way they did. I immersed myself into Tim’s video lessons, learning that a trader must be willing to cut losses quickly and wait for the proper setups to present themselves rather than trading randomly. But the most important lesson I learned of all was that Tim’s service is not meant to be used to blindly tail trade alerts.

When I first joined, I had visions of matching Tim trade for trade, with near identical entries and exits, and having thousands of dollars to my name within months. Well, like many subscribers before me, I quickly found that things weren’t quite that easy. Quick moving prices combined with very few shares to short made it near impossible to match Tim’s trades, and many of his shorts I could not even enter at all.

At this point, this is where many traders would become frustrated, call Tim a fraud, and move on to whatever seemed to be the next great opportunity. However, the point I hope to drive home is that you don’t have to follow Tim trade for trade to become a successful trader. Even if you don’t trade Tim’s alerts, the ability to view them in real time, as the setup is developing, is invaluable.

In my initial studies, I would look back at charts from the day before and say “Of course that move was obvious,” when in fact it was only obvious because of hindsight. To view Tim’s trades unfolding in real time, not knowing with certainty where the stock would wind up, was a learning experience every time. Of course, if this is not enough, 600+ video lessons make great studying material as well for your spare time.

With just a PennyStocking Silver subscription and Tim’s “PennyStocking Part Deux” DVD (email for specials), I have turned into a consistent and very profitable trader.

Did it take time?


In August 2011 I found myself down $1300, frustrated, yet still a believer in Tim’s strategy. Turns out these early losses were simply the price of a market education, which I’m convinced would have been much, much higher had I not studied Tim’s strategy.

So after $1300 in losses and about $700 of payments towards Tim’s various educational materials, everything finally started clicking. I ended 2011 up about $4100, even though my average position size was only $2500ish.

In mid February 2012, I surpassed the pattern daytrader rule, opening me up to a whole new level of trading possibilities. I started January 1, 2012 with a $20,000 account, and as of writing this post (May 4th) I have made $36,000 in 2012 (now over $65,000 as this blog post is published), a whopping 180% account gain (all verified on, while my average position size is still only about $6000. And we’re only 1/3 of the way through the year. I can only imagine where I’d be if I’d had enough money to start off as a trading challenge student.

Tim’s teachings and the excellent chatroom advice from Michael Goode have turned me into a confident, self sufficient trader. At the end of the day, I’m sure that is Tim’s ultimate goal. He doesn’t want you signing up to his service to blindly follow alerts. Rather than give you a fish, he wants to teach you how to fish.

Is it easy?


It takes patience and a lot of hard work. You have to be willing to study after the market closes and dedicate a LOT of time. But if you’re even moderately intelligent, I’m here to tell you that the only thing that can stop you from being successful is being too lazy to put in the work. While my trading strategy the past few months has shifted away from Tim’s a bit, I still use elements of it every day. Some of my biggest trades still come from buying breakouts or shorting an overextended pump just like he teaches. And of course I still follow his #1 rule, which is CUT LOSSES QUICKLY. In my opinion, it’s the most important rule to follow.

There isn’t a better strategy out there, and there isn’t a better teacher.

Let me conclude by once again thanking Tim and Michael for all the work they put in, I’m forever grateful for the life they have helped me create for myself.

He had a quick little followup email too:

Thanks Tim, and thanks again for the teaching! $24,600 profits in May, never dreamed I’d be making that much that quick! Couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. Seattlehiker

    love these stories, and i remember kroyrunner. so glad for him.  he’s up way more than me.

  2. Michael Goode (aka Reaper)

    Kroyrunner is the first and only person to have earned a duck from me, so his profits are unsurprising. So many people want to dabble in trading, but to be a successful trader takes a lot of time and effort. While not everyone who works and studies hard will become a successful trader, no one who doesn’t work hard at it becomes a successful trader.

  3. Silence!

    I usually ignore(dont read) the … that comes in these articles, since i find it to be mostly superficial, ego… BS. But this was surprisingly good. Give us more like this, and maybe consider less (non-educational/professional) BS.

    I found this REALLY good:
    At this point, this is where many traders would become
    frustrated, call Tim a fraud, and move on to whatever seemed to be the
    next great opportunity. However, the point I hope to drive home is that
    you don’t have to follow Tim trade for trade to become a successful
    trader. Even if you don’t trade Tim’s alerts, the ability to view them
    in real time, as the setup is developing, is invaluable.

  4. Anonymous

    on the contrary, evidence and stats suggest i’m the single most successful/honest trading teacher in the world so correct your attitude ASAP and maybe i’ll teach you too

  5. anoiwa

    kroyrunner is awesome!  I’ve been a TimAlerts member for two months now and kroyrunner actually took the time out to respond to some questions I had on a particular promoter.  Really down to earth kinda guy.  Great teacher with a great student.  Nice job, Tim’s.

  6. NateStandifer

    dumb question, but how much did you start with? and another extremely trivial question, how much do I need to have to be eligible for becoming a trading challenge student?

  7. hillary

    eeee i applied to his challenge too! i got his emails everyday and by the fifth day they asked to interview me; how ever it costs 5,500$ in tuition and i do not have that much, so im considering buying silver subscription and learning from dvd’s like op did : 3

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