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How To Make $100,000 In 3 Months

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As you can see from my Profitly profile and brand new account performance charting feature (see 6 other top traders’ charts!), I just accomplished this feat on Friday with my decent-if-not-outstanding $3,000ish profit on EntreMed, Inc. (ENMD) (also helped by recent $3,000ish wins on Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (LQMT) and ICOP Digital, Inc. (ICOP)



It took me exactly 64 trades and my winning percentage was over 85%…and for those of you wondering what I started with, the answer is approximately $550,000.

So not a huge percentage gain like my Thinkorswim trading account over 3 years (1,000+%), but respectable nonetheless and a great example of what my strategy, as fully outlined in my 10 instructional DVD packages, is all about/capable of.

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Mike Hawk

    Please… it’s a lot easier to earn that kind of money in 3 months with a $500,000 account… how many of us out there are walking around with millions, pointless post.

  2. Anonymous

    remember mike, i was trading with just 12k three years ago, that account is now up to 157k and just because you’re poor doesnt mean everyone else is…several millionaires would love an extra $100k with minimal work and risk

  3. Ethandoan

    hahaha “just because you’re poor…”

    Mike Hawk got owned. No need to waste your time with broke ass people Timothy!

  4. Guest

    whats the bet my cock is bigger than yours and that not finishing 4th grade didnt stop me from becoming rich?

  5. Eric

    Shorting penny stocks or even going long them is extremely high risk. Not worth it for 99% of the trading population. Better off trading real companies on the NYSE which is what i have been doing successfully for 20 years! If your gonna trade you’re better off doing it slowly and methodically with large caps and midcaps. Penny stocks just aint worth the risk. Especially shorting them in a margin account. I bet that Mr. sykes does not put his money where his mouth is. He probably got burned too many times and came to the conclusion that charging an arm and a leg for risky advice to desperate people is far more profitable than risking a dime of his own money in worthless stocks. Stick with real companies, a $100 stock can rise 8% just as easily as a 10 cent stock but with far less risk. It may take just a little bit longer but your much better off. And your odds of winning are better with a large cap over a penny stock on the otcbb thats very thinly traded. Its also healthier as you can sleep much better enabling you to trade with a clear mind.

  6. Eric

    “several millionaires would love an extra $100k with minimal work and risk” Hahaha! Millionaires have no interrest in penny stocks. They remain millionaires by not gambling their hard earned money in the otc market. They invest in large companies and in other instruments that you do not understand. Most have Professional Financial Advisors manage their money. Oh and you said, “with minimal risk”. That’s a good one! Thinly taded stocks on the otcbb are considered extremely risky. Bottom line: One would be better off saving the money he or she would otherwise spend on your services and use it to trade large company stocks.

  7. Anonymous

    eric, u speak for all millionaires? you dumb punk, OTCBBs ar enot risky once u learn the rules–how is the performance of all those big financial instruments u speak so highly of. ignorance makes me sick and you’re a perfect case. go run along back to financial advisors while we do real trading here

  8. Eric

    hahaha! with that attitude why would anyone want to do business with you! Just so you know, i have similar performance to yours but with far less risk. I’m not one to brag. Calling people a dumb punk isn’t very professional or condusive to any business relationships you hope to procure from readers of this blog. I did call the exact bottom in the financials when they hit bottom and caught the huge bounce. I had 16 trades off the bottom, just one looser and all other 15 went up anywhere from 30% to 150% in one week. The one that went up 150% at the time was FAS. I also caught the exact bottom of BP and got almost a 30% gain in couple weeks. So you see, I’m not a dumb punk. I do not use financial advisors as you claim i do in your post. I only suggested that most millionaires do so. Please learn how to read. You said, “OTCBBs are not risky once you learn the rules”. Yes, i do believe in your trading style and system, don’t get me wrong, however it is risky indeed. For example, once in a blue moon i will do a short sale on a penny stock that i saw in a promotional flier that i got in the mail. One time i closed out a SHORT position i had in a penny stock and the very next day it shot up 900% in one day. I think you can make a lot of money very fast using your system BUT you can also lose a lot very fast. I’m doing about as well as you are performance wise but taking far less risk. The rules you speak so highly of are all fine and dandy but in the end you never know what can happen as in the example i just gave you. One must ask, are the risks i’m taking worth the gain, and how long can i keep up my batting average over the long haul. If one is comfortable with your trading strategy and can sleep good at night, then god bless him. I respect your methods behind your trading, i do, I just hope you respect others’ points of view. The way you respond to people’s posts makes you come acroos very cocky and unprofessional. good luck to you!

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