How Did I Predict Today's 50% Drop In Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (KBLB)? - Timothy Sykes

How Did I Predict Today’s 50% Drop In Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (KBLB)?

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Early this morning I sent the following video to PennyStocking Silver subscribers (as you see here I made the original post free so everyone can see the timestamp):

…and I was short 60,000 shares of KBLB at 20 cents/share and despite my covering the stock early, you can see how subscribers of my 4 newsletters and I made nearly $6,000 shorting this stock (more gains to come, some people are still holding, so total gains should be $20,000+

…as this is what the chart looks like now as I write this post, down nearly 50% at 10.5 cents/share:


So how did I know? Well just like I predicted the 50% drop in SSOL, and the 50%+ drop in RMCP….this is the one pattern that has made me a millionaire…despite my constant mis-trading of it.

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  1. Shortershavenotalent

    you’re an idiot. The PC was webcast. There is a CC on Friday. Pieces of $hit like you cause many emerging companies to go out of business. I hope you enjoy grinding our economy to a halt. All you do is short stuff. It’s not hard. See what all the “hype” is about on Friday. By the way you are replaying a poorly made video from last week that predicts this is going to collapse which it only could do if it were a scam. Which it obviously isn’t. You are as bad as people who pump.

  2. Anonymous

    haha the pumpers probly read my post and issued last minute conf calls/webcasts…doesnt matter this thing woulda dropped 50%+ whether i shorted or not, just like HELI and this one actually had the same promoters on RMCP…scam or not, its a fine line but who cares, the key is the blatant stock promotion…same thing every time, u’re either a sucker or a promoter, either way, u’re barely human, sorry for u

  3. Guest

    I look at that chart and see you could have just as easily looked at the last day before the 2nd rally and though the same thing you thought when you shorted at 20 cents….and you would have gotten raped. This is why I avoid penny stocks like the plague. You can try your best to look at moving averages and guess rally/gag points, but even when you win it’s like Vegas…when you lose you lose big enough to give it all back.

  4. Anonymous

    there are certain indicators that give you 80-90% reliability…nowhere else int he stock market will u find such high odds…go look at longterm charts of paid pumps like NXTH AENY SPNG UMO CVRG BKPG HYHY KYUS GVBP EMGE and tell me if u cant see a pattern lol

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