Here’s How You Can Save 70%+ Off My Upcoming Conference

I am SO proud to announce early-bird pricing has begun here for my 10th annual conference coming up September 29-October 1st not just with me, but also my team of millionaire traders**, including several of my top trading challenge students.

Here’s a quick video I made today explaining more about the event and why you MUST attend, along with detailing how I made roughly $1,000 on Friday**, trading from the other side of the world as my charity has opened 4 schools in the past month in Bali, but because I know some of the best penny stock patterns inside and out, I called PED and GBR’s Friday spikes ahead of time in my watchlist sent hours before the stock market even opened:


This is what I love about trading, and now teaching, is that these penny stock patterns CAN BE PREDICTABLE more times than not and you would only study the past more, you would be better prepared than most traders who lose due to a lack of studying and preparation.

And this is why I love teaching so much — the $1,000 that I made on Friday** is just a small example of the kinds of trades I’ve been doing now for the past 2 decades and teaching for the past decade and my annual conference with early-bird tickets here, is the absolute best time of the year to learn everything in person and to meet so many awesome traders and teachers from this little community we’ve built together face-to-face instead of just screen name-to screen name…and to learn a ton of new rules and lesson on Saturday and Sunday that you can put into action on Monday…

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…and because this is my 10th annual conference, we’ve learned a TON about what students want the most and what can help you achieve the most in the shortest period of time, and contrary to newbie belief, it has nothing to do with following other people’s alerts or “picks”, it’s all about learning the process and how my team of self-made millionaires** and I think heading into a trade, while we’re in the trade, and when we exit the trade too!

And because so many traders lose, you must do everything possible to avoid becoming just another statistic, and that involves studying ahead of time and preparation galore as you cannot over-prepare enough in this battlefield as it’s an outright war of wits where only the strongest not just survive, but thrive too.

Please go here ASAP and reserve your early-bird ticket to my 10th annual upcoming conference as it’s going to be our best one yet with several guest speakers and surprises to be announced too as this is a rather big milestone that we’re celebrating so I’d love for you to join my team and I in person.

To be clear, on Saturday and Sunday we’ll be reviewing lessons, rules and patterns that are working well in the current market environment then you can have a chance to put them into practice on Monday as you can trade live with my top self-made millionaire** trading challenge students and I so it can get VERY fun if and when there’s a plan that fits our criteria.

A lot of people ask me how can they get ahead of others and the answer is being there for in-person live trading, as several of my top trading challenge students like this new upcoming student have really excelled only after trading live with me and my team of my top students, as it’s SO cool that so many successful traders in our community take the time to give back to upcoming traders as we all remember what it was like in the beginning when everything was very confusing and these crazy penny stocks moved so damn fast!

A lot of people also ask me why bother coming all the way to Orlando, after all you can learn everything online too right? Well, yes you can learn online, heck you can even learn entirely on your own, but in both scenarios you spend SO much more time and waste so many great opportunities due to your lack of preparation, I hate seeing it every single time as education, and specifically live in-person teaching, can REALLY help speed up your learning curve.

And get excited because this is a HUGE milestone conference for my team and I so there will be surprise galore — trust me you’re going to love it and when you reserve your early-bird spot here, you also save 70% off the regular ticket price and remember we sell out every year lately, with the speed at which we sell out these days has increased too so this is your warning not to procrastinate, not to just go about your business and forget about this one-time opportunity to attend and save big and then later on message me saying how you forgot to lock in the current price and want me to re-open the early-bird tickets again.

Let me be very clear: here is your one chance to attend my 10th annual upcoming conference, so take advantage of it and lock in the 70%+ off savings as if you wait and ignore my directions, there will be NO second chances whatsoever as I’m looking for dedicated students who follow instructions as my instructions have created several self-sufficient millionaire traders** already…who’s next?