Guess How I Spent $676,300 Yesterday & Why I'll Be On TV Tonight? - Timothy Sykes

Guess How I Spent $676,300 Yesterday & Why I’ll Be On TV Tonight?

I’ll give you some clues as to how I could spend so much money in one day yesterday. Consider all the elements and please leave your guesses in my comments section below this blog post:

1. As I posted HERE on Facebook, yesterday was my 33rd birthday and like THIS birthday gift from years past, I gave you readers some VERY special gifts, namely a blowout newsletter/DVD sale that only lasts a few days in honor of my birthday:

See to save 60% of newsletters for just a few days to celebrate my birthday yesterday!


See to save 40% off DVDs for just a few days to celebrate my birthday yesterday!


To go along with yesterday’s FREE lesson on buying dips of hard hit stocks:

I wrote:

Today is my birthday, see my gifts to you & All I want for my birthday is for each of my students to live my kind of life, having enough $ to buy whatever u want, go where ever u want whenever u want, no boss, no debt, no mortgage, in short to live the dream. I already have 2 students who passed $1 million in profits in just a few years but I’m just getting started — use my birthday gifts to upgrade your life!

2. I’m having a blowout year trading, up roughly $500,000 in just a few months, pushing my trading profits closer to $4 million, EVERY trade detailed HERE but that still pales in comparison to this trader/student who is now up over $5 million in the first 3.5 months of 2014 alone!

3. I already have a pretty badass Miami mansion & Lamborghini :

4. But I did post this picture of 2 cars I’m considering buying, writing:

I already gave my students & gifts for my birthday, but which car should I buy myself to match my orange Lamborghini, uhhhh decisions, decisions, advice please!

orange cars

5. Today I posted my New York hotel view, writing:

Gooooood morning New York! I’m sitting courtside w/ Spike Lee at the Knicks game tonight, let the celebration continue!


6. Definitely tune into the Knicks game tonight, the person who gets me the best picture of my friend Spike Lee & I sitting courtside wins a little prize!

7. As I’ve been warning trading challenge students and longterm subscribers since mid-March, I’ve been expecting a bearish market and I went to all cash, protecting myself nicely from the recent dropping which is why I’m not just up 90% in 2014, today I made $10,000+ by 10am and am now up 100% in 2014, see this video lesson

more cash

So let’s see your guess below!

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  1. DavTrader

    I want it to be a P1 for you, but I don’t live in the land of lollie-pops. Taxes – sure as death.

  2. psych0steve

    I know you didn’t get the McClaren P1 cuz that costs double that! I’m assuming you bought a boat or a house for your parents?

  3. Nick Barnett

    Taxes most likely. Ive got great video capturing software so Ill DVR that game to see if you guys are on it and capture an image.

  4. Tony

    Or… is it a deposit of $112,716.66 for each one of those lovely ladies on your screen saver in the background? Note… I said deposit.

  5. Nick Barnett

    Got a few HD shots of you at the game. Sent one to you via Twitter. Hope you received it. Let me know if you wish to see more.

  6. Rachel

    Tim – you already have a convertible, so you need the car in the top picture – it’s nicer than the 2nd one

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