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Free 10-Minute Video Lessons: Earn 10% On Your Money In 10 Minutes Or 25% In 3 Days

Sorry LiveStock didn’t archive this week, welcome to new technologies and I was in the middle of a move…we’ll get better, but realize my team and I work harder than anyone else, so when you produce this many trading alerts, video lessons, webinars, DVDs, seminar and websites like Profitly and Investimonials…every now and then something will go wrong…all we can do is try our best, which we definitely do ūüôā

trading challenge students, PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I LOVE these kinds of patterns and that’s why besides the 2 free video lessons below, PennyStocking Silver subscribers got 3 additional video lessons HERE and HERE on this play that was FULL of opportunity.:

For 2 straight days ahead of time, I alerted subscribers of my 4 newsletters to the importance of $12/share on Renren Inc (RENN) in watchlists saying:

My top 2 potential trades for tomorrow are to short JAMN and to short RENN. RENN must crack $12/share to trigger stop losses and even then it could still bounce since it’s not a true pump and dump, but the odds are good.

Renren Inc (RENN) had a lot of hype as the Chinese Facebook, but its price action smacks of an overvalued company which could drop into the single digits given how many failed bounce attempts its had in the $12s…potential short if it can crack its low of $12 as all these dip buyers likely have stop losses there so it could drop 50 cents to $1/share rather quickly if and when that level is breached

Renren Inc (RENN)

Renren Inc (RENN)

…and despite my moving a couch into my new NYC apartment (and it not fitting into the elevator and my subsequently having to pay the Couch Doctor $500 to disassemble and reassemble that bad boy) when the crack of $12/share actually came, I am proud to say several students were prepared and they banked:

$1,450profitRENNShort Stock
Broke previous support at 12.30 then to 12.20 SS 1k and bought dive at 10.71

Posted by cleverpete /

$1,734profitRENNShort Stock
started position at 12.17, entry and exit are avg. of scaling in and out

Posted by elkwood66 /

$1,030profitRENNLong Stock

Posted by Juanmr /

The good news is that even if I had alerted the cracking a.) I would’ve been blamed for the drop even though it dropped entirely on its own as you can see from the chart with no alert from me or anyone else — not that it woud’ve mattered as this is a high volume stock — and b.) the 10% drop occured inside of 10 minutes so any alert would’ve been too late aka the key to success is to be prepared as PennyStocking Silver subscribers were.

Before getting to the video lessons on this fully predictable setup, check out how one of my PRO subscribers (with this membership you get access to IM me via AOL or Skype all day, contact me if you’re interested, it’s $1,500/month so it’s not for everyone) did on RENN…this guy is now up $55,000, see all his trades, on my strategy in a few months, more than paying for his $1,500/month PRO cost

I am a Pro subscriber and go by the screen name “elkwood66”. I post on Profitly under the same name. Heres a little bit on my RENN trade with a roughly $1750 profit.

I asked Tim on Monday if he was going to do a video or give reasons on why RENN was such a good set-up. He said “No, dont make things so complicated. Keep it simple. If it breaks $12 it should take ot all the stop losses and could have significant downside.” I had not even figured that out until he said that to me. Anyhow, watching the price action on Tuesday, I was unimpressed with RENN until I saw it close so weak. Right at the close I decided to short 1k shares at $12.17. I just wanted to start a position hoping Wednesday would be the crack and I didnt see much upside risk. When it opened Wednesday and the small bounce failed, I added 1k more shares at $12.03. So far all good descisions. When it broke $12 it collapsed fast. Here is where I screwed up. I added 3k more shres at $11.64ish and it bounced to $11.70. I panicked a little and took 2k shares off immediately for .06 loss leaving me 3k shares. It started down again to roughly $11.08 where it bounced again. I was up well over 2k at this point, however it did climb to between $11.30 to $11.40 where I scaled out.

I made a good descision by starting a position on Tuesday and adding early today, but I made 3 critical mistakes in my opinion.

1. I had no plan on how big of a position I was willing to take on RENN

2. I panicked to quickly after adding to the trade because I had not set any goals of what price I was aiming for

3. I didnt close the trade in the low 11s for significantly better gains because I became complacent due to no plan

Anyhow, another great set-up called by Tim. I will put more work into each trade with a better plan. I am usually more prepared, having made descisions on share amounts and money I am willing to risk. I have a significant amount in my accounts and this was a very small trade compared to what it should have been.

You gotta love that even though this guy is up $55k in a few months using my strategy and made over $1,000 on this play, he’s still hard on himself…good…no matter how much $ you make, you need to be hard on yourself when you don’t follow time-tested trading rules meant to help you.

Anyway, after three trading days, RENN did drop to the single digits so in hindsight, there was no need to cover quickly and as PennyStocking Silver subscribers know I ended up profiting roughly $1,400 actually buying into intraday panics as did several other subscribers…as detailed in my video lessons for PennyStocking Silver subscribers only….none of us timing out trades very well (as expected on non-pump & dumps but profits nonetheless) like true scavengers.

RenRen Longer Term

RenRen Longer Term

$856profitRENNLong Stock
Another buy-the-panic play, see video bounced 30 cents more

Posted by timothysykes /

$771profitRENNLong Stock
In and out all day, thanks Tim.

Posted by kpb15213 /

$598profitRENNLong Stock
Reliable buy into panic during my move, roughly paid for Couch Doctor & dinner

Posted by timothysykes /

So watch these videos and realize this technical breakdown is a perfect example of a catalyst that creates opportunities galore…all of which will be detailed in my three-day, October 22-24th, 2011 Las Vegas PennyStocking Conference (contact me if you’d like to stay updated with details)

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  1. Ibanezx123

    ohhh woops didn’t see this video before i posted on your other post ;). These are the kind of videos that are really awesome, This is a great example of the technical analysis. Even though you missed the big hit,¬† you still made money and i think that’s where your experience comes in the most….this is just my opinion of course but I’ve seen many examples online of when people realize an opportunity but for some reason miss it, and attempt to make up for it right after but end up screwing themselves because they have gone from “This is the right way to do it based on what i have learned” to “let’s make it back right away!” and that second one is gambling, they have nothing to back themselves on the second one. This might be a little off topic but is totally relevant and like Tim says you gotta understand the Psychology of trading.¬†

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  3. Anonymous

    It’s great.. But what I was looking forward to hear this whole page is that how did you anticipate that the support is at $12 and many people set their stop loss at just under $12?

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