How To Fly On A Private Jet For Free - Timothy Sykes

How To Fly On A Private Jet For Free

Last week I posted this video from one of the most beautiful spots in Napa Valley, and I wanted to inspire you with my weekend trip celebrating my fiancee’s birthday and my milestone of passing 200,000 instagram followers, but I only briefly mentioned the private jet my fiancée, her family and I took because it wasn’t the main reason for my posting that video.

Laughably, some of my critics claimed I lied about taking a private jet to Napa — they still refuse to believe my nearly $1 million in trading profits last year and my now $4.2 million in trading profits ALL detailed HERE…or the fact that these trading challenge students HERE and HERE have made seven figures too…I love my critics, they’re so lazy and inept at research, it’s very entertaining and I thank them, wishing them to NEVER change for its morons like them that fall for penny stock pump marketing, thus allowing for and creating the penny stock pump and dumps that my newsletter subscribers and I like to short sell with this VERY predictable penny stock pattern.

And perhaps it was a good thing I had already filmed another video right outside my private jet for the weekend which I’ve now posted below along with a contest to see which dedicated student wants to fly on a private jet with me for free on one of my upcoming trips.

Click like, tweet this and leave a comment below if you want to be that student who gets a free seat on one of my upcoming private jet trips…as you might know I took this student on a free trip to the Maldives and 6 trading challenge students to the British Virgin Islands here

(we’ve transcribed the video below too for my valued deaf students)

How To Fly On A Private Jet FOR FREE

Leave a comment after watching this video if you want me to take you on a #PrivateJet on one of my upcoming trips FOR FREE…seriously (Not April Fools, I have no time for jokes, I'm too busy creating millionaires like & and a few others who prefer their privacy)

Posted by Timothy Sykes on Thursday, April 2, 2015

What’s up? Hi, I’m Tim Sykes. And I am here with my private jet for the weekend. Beautiful, beautiful Napa Valley. And I just want to inspire you, because not enough people with private jets talk about them openly. They’re too nervous to talk about big money things like this, [inaudible 00:00:21] my $30,000 watch. It’s not just about the money. It’s about living better. And that is what I want to help you understand, you know? This wing? Same wing as many other planes. But this jet and this convenience. Look at that! Literally. Red carpet, you know? This is how to really live. And you go to places like this, and you get this luxury by working hard and studying your ass off. You know?

No lines. No security. We didn’t have to wait. We didn’t have to come two hours ahead of time. Our plane is taking off in five minutes. We just got here. This is a beautiful way to beat the traffic. And I’m so blessed and so fortunate to be able to have this. And I want to share it with you. I take students on trips all around the world. I’ve taken students to the Maldives. I’ve taken students to the British Virgin Islands to be on a $12 million yacht for a few days. I’m going to take a student on a jet. Maybe not my next trip, because I have to plan it, but two trips from now. I’m going to Japan in a few weeks for my birthday.

But if you leave a comment below and show me that you’re a dedicated student, how many video lessons of mine have you watched? How many webinars? Have you applied for my trading challenge? Do you take your education seriously? Do you want hot stock picks? I’m not going to give you hot stock picks. But I’m going to teach you a framework so that you can become financially independent on your own. And you can have your own stock picks. And it doesn’t matter what I play or what I alert. It matters what you know. And whether you want to buy stocks or short stocks, it doesn’t matter. It’s about taking advantage of the opportunities that exist because there will always, always be small companies that lie, cheat, and steal, aka scams, like The Wolf of Wall Street. And you can bet against them. You can make money when these stocks crash. I’ve made several million that way.

I’ve also made several million buying penny stocks. I know penny stocks is a terrible word. And there are people out there who are saying “Never buy a penny stock!” Well, look at me on my fucking jet. This is all because of penny stocks. Okay, and some penny stocks are not scams. Some of them actually go on to do great things. And they start by reporting good earnings and announcing contracts with big companies.

For example, I bought a company called Liquidmetal. It eventually floundered. They screwed up, like pretty much every other penny stock. But a few years ago, when they first had an SEC filing deal announced with Apple, the stock spiked from a quarter a share to nearly two dollars a share in less than a week. That is ten times your money. It doesn’t matter that it didn’t work out eventually. I understand. And you should understand that most penny stocks will fail and most of them will screw up. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy the stock. I did not capture ten times my money. I never capture ten times my money. I take profits too soon. I made 55% on that investment in a few hours. And I sold way too soon. I sold at $0.85. This thing went to nearly $2 a share over the next two days. So I don’t time everything perfectly. And that’s okay. I want to teach you that perfection is not required. The way to make big money is over time, a few thousand here, a few thousand there.

I’ve now made over $4 million in trading profits, making nearly a million last year alone, with my average profits being just $2,000 per trade, on average. So if I can teach you to make 1,000 or $2,000 per trade on average, guess what? You can become a millionaire within a few years. That is a secret to my success. It’s not about trying to make half a million on one stock trade. It’s about lots of little gains adding up over time and being wrong every now and then, because that’s okay. As my top student Tim Grittani has learned, he only has a 65% winning percentage. And yet, he’s turned a few thousand into now 2.5 million in four years since becoming my student. I took him to the Maldives. That was when he passed 100,000.

So again, if you want to come on a jet, not my next trip, but the trip after that, I will be taking a student on a jet just like this to some undisclosed yet exotic and ultimately luxurious place for free, if you leave a comment and you tell me how much of a dedicated student you are or you will be if you want this life.

I don’t have problems making money anymore. I have problems finding dedicated students. And I have students from all over the world, man, woman, child. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Europe or America, Asia. I’m willing to teach everybody. The Internet changes everything. You can learn from anywhere in the world. You can change your life. All you need is dedication. So leave a comment. Tell me if you’re dedicated. If you want to go on jets like this.

I’m going to go right now. But I hope this kind of stuff inspires you, because just take a look at this jet. Let me just back up here just so you can see how freaking beautiful this is. I want all of you flying on your own private jets within a few years. Thank you.

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

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  1. MD

    You are such a Tool . Nothing you do is mindblowing on stock picks,buying / shorting pump and dumps is hardly a revelation….

  2. Timothy Davidson

    Tim I am so ready to learn how to trade Penny Stocks the right way. I’ve traded Penny Stocks before and lost over $1000.00. It still excites me to get in the market and do it the right way. With a little guidance I know I can be successful.

  3. Alexandru Doru Nanu

    Hi Tim,this is Alexandru and i’m a trading challenge student,very dedicated i both all your dvd’s,almost done watching them all and learning a lot so far and it deserves every penny that i invested in.Looking forward to learn more from you and from your millionaire challenge students since you have few of them. Thanks again for your valuable lessons!

  4. Along1000m

    I’ve been looking for some really tangible “baller” with stocks that really can teach me to make cash flow… Sick of the fear-based – invest & hold (let us make all the money on your money) message.

  5. Michael Kalmykov

    Tim, they “hate us cuz they anus”. I know you have a thick skin when it comes to the haters but (and I’m sure you already know) you do alot of good for alot of people. Keep on going!

  6. GP

    ^Clearly hasn’t watched the numerous video lessons and DVDs where you laugh at such haters for saying you only trade “gimmees”. No shit! That’s why anyone willing to put in the work can profit. Not learning to develop algorithmic trading systems to take advantage of statistical arbitrage here!

  7. Ryan McGinnis

    Tim, I’m a trading challenge student. I’m dedicated to make it to this type of lifestyle. I’m ready to put in the time and effort. I’m already reading and studying investing while waiting to hear your call, telling me you’ve selected me to be your next millionaire student. I’ve always had higher dreams, visions, and ambitions than my peers who seem to be limited in what they think is possible. Living that type of life has always been my dream, and I’m ready to make that dream a reality. Let’s do this Tim!

  8. Gerry Squires

    I have been a challenge student for the pass year. I have seen all your videos. Some more then once. I have seen many of your webinars. I just signed up for the market mastery in Miami on may 13th and 14th. I bought your DVD on how to make millions a couple months ago and I’ve seen it three times already and today I signed up for stocks to trade. I’ve opened up three accounts 30K, 36K and 85K. I think I’m a dedicated student and would love to go on that trip with you

  9. James Daley

    Tim, were both nearly the same age and have almost the same amount of hair (hah) but you have much much deeper pockets than I do and that inspires me to want to learn your craft. I want to see stocks the way you do, even if it means not being your top candidate I at least want to start learning the framework. You see I am just an average guy with no real tangible experience in the stock market other some painful losses and a retirement investment account that will take eons to grow before I hit a million. My reluctance to pay online to learn has somewhat prevented me from learning all there is to know (although I appreciate places like investopedia, motleyfool, investorshub and now your free video lessons and written advice.) Still it begs my attention where it is I should start learning? I mean is there some kind of path you can set me on? What broker (I have Scottrade) that trades pennies best? What material I should dive into that makes an average guy like myself that knows virtually nothing to stepping up my game in making best decisions possible?

  10. Fat Bee Trader

    I’m already an ok trader,

    So I’d just love to watch you in action and see how you smash it in penny stocks

  11. Ronnie M Marinari

    I cant wait to get started. Tim, make me a BILLIONAIRE! haha. I see your students success and i find that on your end, your proud and excited to be apart of their growth and i find that AWESOME. May God keep blessing you.

  12. Shae Lyn Davis

    Hi Tim!! I’m really excited to learn as much as I can from your videos about stock trading. Of course a trip on a private jet sounds like the most amazing experience I could possibly have, but I know I’ll have many more because of the luxury of making money
    (and losing) from profiting from the stock market. I look forward to learning more from you!

  13. wlum2015

    Hi Tim, I have been subscribed to you for quite some time. I studied your ‘How To Make Millions DVD’ , watched many of your video lessons and read all of your email and links. I am a highly dedicated student. I will work my tails off to be one of your millionaire students and future co-mentor to your students. It will be my greatest honor to be able to ride a jet with you, and learn from you.

  14. Daniel Ventura Vaindiner

    It’s funny to me how people are posting the same comments about them buying your tapes and “becoming the best traders”;
    I’d really like to have a conversation with the man who gets rich from trading small stocks and selling vids about him selling stocks that’s truly amazing I need to know please.

  15. timothysykes

    You don’t get it because you have a shitty attitude…the DVDs contain lessons I learned over 15 years, my latest DVD is 35-hours long and every dollar goes to charity, go watch my DVD and you’ll understand keep up with the shitty attitude and stay bitter/confused all your life your choice entirely, good luck!

  16. Katherine

    Hi Tim
    I stumbled across your name while reading something on twitter. I’m intrigued by your system. I have been reading books and trying to teach myself for the past twenty years. Years ago I used to do the yahoo $100,000 stock picking comp. where every month the competitor with the biggest gains won. One month for a brief time I was on the top twenty list. I thought was pretty good considering there literally thousands of people taking part in the competition. I could use a new system with greater opportunity to success. Divorced single mom with two kids in college and another one starting a year in sept.
    What’s interesting about your system is it is similar to a strategy one of my sons told me to try. He equated it to winning points on a video game he played. Telling me..’mom, don’t hold the stock long term… take the ten percent and sell’ and just keep doing that … it adds up so much quicker’ Seems he was right. My mother in law taught me what she knew and was successful but today’s markets need a different strategy.

  17. Robert Kennedy

    Aloha Tim,

    I’m not one of your students yet, because I’m waiting for my application to go through. The web page that has todays homework also had links to the rest of the homework. Out of shear excitement and ambition I decided to start watching and doing the other homework assignments. I have been trading long for a few years now, and one year I was able to turn almost a 100% gain. eTrade once asked me who’s managing your accounts, and it felt excilerating to say me. I’m ready to take my game to the next level, and would be ecstatic to be a guest on your jet.

  18. Phil

    I already travel around the world and have a pretty good social life in NYC. I just need to do it all without care for money. I’m down to learn.

  19. chansa chishimba

    Hey Tim
    I am thankful for teaching me the right thing. I am from Zambia in Southern Africa. I had being looking for the right mentor and I now believe you are the right deal. I see a lot of truth in what you are teaching. The day I landed on your videos. I could not stop watching them. Thanks

  20. Melvyn McCall

    I am putting in the work now reading penny stocks 101 I received and watched the first lesson video Just let me show you how dedicated I can be I’m tied of struggling I want financial freedom for my family. I’ve been scammed before three times to be exact and to be honest I would do it again because I am looking for something life changing so yes I would take that risk. I feel like I have found that in you and your program Timothy Sykes. I need a mentor that is willing to show me how and I can take it from there I’m a fast learner and I listen hell I was in the armed forces for 5yrs

  21. Marques

    Hello Tim,
    I am new to the penny trading stocks game. My wife DVR’d the taping of Steve Harvey show from 1/28/16. The show inspired me to step out on faith and take chances in life. I’ve always been known to ‘play it safe’ but it’s time for a change. I recently received my MBA in 2014, and haven’t benefited from it working as an engineer for a steel company. I am an advocate for learning new concepts, and always have been willing to put in the necessary work to achieve RESULTS! I’m not expecting to become a millionaire overnight, and understand the process must be broken down into stages.. I signed up to receive your 7 free lessons, which I’ve already viewed/taken notes on the first one. Now it’s time to apply as a student of yours and work with you. I want to be more financially free, independent, and my children’s unborn children to be taken care of. I want to leave a legacy for my children that will make an imprint for generations to come!!

    Thank you,

  22. Michael Ray

    I would love to be that dedicated student Tim. I am a active challenge student and have turned $1500 initial deposit into close to $6000.

  23. nico scardino

    Timothy i am dedicated and would really like to be able to fly on private jets one day. With your help and knowledge i know i can accomplish that.

  24. Jacob Ochs

    Hey Tim, I’m a challenge student of yours and would love to see you in action and get to know you better to disprove everyone’s bullshit lies about you! Of course the trip would be nice aswell! -Jacob

  25. Oluwanifesimi Olawoyin

    I’m ready to become your next successful millionaire challenge student. You are a great inspiration to me. With this I also want to be able to show people the framework to becoming self sufficient.

  26. Pingback: How Risky Are You? Measure Your Risk Tolerance Before Day Trading - Timothy Sykes

  27. Brandon Barbera

    Tim I have most of,your dvds and I am a dedicated student because I do what you preach and always follow my rules to the letter, I cut losses quickly and manage my risk reward, I would love to see how the lifestyle is and can be with trading, peace.

  28. kevin flaherty

    M.D. If you were not such TOOL, you would realize it is not that Tim has all these new great plays with the stock trades he teaches….his wisdom is marketing his knowledge to people who want to better their financial life. He earns more teaching and selling what he knows then if he was trading, the people with enough foresight to buy and apply he gives the opportunity to advance their financial position. I am a past person who made a lot of money in real estate, and lost it all a few years ago. Still wanting to have a nice life and willing to study and work (as Tim is very honest about, he is up front that it is NOT a get rich event) I did my homework and find as a Challenge student that Tim, has supplied me with exactly what he said he would. So M.D., instead of being a hater, try being positive….Thank you Tim

  29. Joseph Williams

    Hey Tim,

    Super excited to see you beginning of march in Miami ( I have your 20 questions ready you asked for). So far it’s been officially about a year into the trading challenge as I became a student last March. I was fortunate to get a spot into your Market Mastery at the last Orlando conference. So far I’ve reviewed over a thousand of hours of study time, watching all included DVDs in the trading challenge multiple times, I’ve watched most of them 4 and 5 times lol I’m addicted. I’m going for all the video lessons now (started yesterday night, and now on video lesson 9). As I told you in Los Angeles at the last Mastery event I’m focusing on discipline and that is my main goal, and is why I chose not to trade the first 7 months basically of my trading career. Now it’s coming up on the year mark, and my profit chart on profitly is starting to show a nice trend upwards! (Profitly username:joeyrwilliams) I’m going to keep studying every single day. I’ve reached all my goals I initially wrote when I interviewed for the trading challenge and am going to work hard everyday until I reach my new goals, and I won’t stop until I earn a seat on that jet! Thank you sincerely for everything, it has been life changing.

  30. SpaceBoundT

    I am very dedicated to learning and studying everyday. I’ve been in a subscriber and in the challenge program for a little over 2 months and turned my negative gains of over -$1,000 to over $2,000, earning over $2,800 in the last 3 weeks alone. Previously my losses were the result of not having the education or background information of day trading. Since receiving the Dvd’s I have made significant gains financially but also mentally when it comes to day trading. I am now on Round 2 of watching ALL the Dvd’s once again and now I am more engaged (not that I wasn’t the first time) because I understand what is going on by living as a day trader for the past 2 months. I can identify with the concepts and patterns much more so it’s like watching it again, for the first time.

    Also, being a former school teacher I learned that if you’re trying to study something, you should review/read/etc at least 3 times. You should NOT try to memorize everything at once. It should be viewed more as a “casual” study or “walk-through” approach as opposed to drinking through a firehose. As I am now on the second round of the dvd’s I am picking up on a lot more things I missed the first time through because now I can apply this information to what I am studying.

    Thanks for all your hard work and study materials. This program has everything I need to succeed and I look forward to doing so. #nosleeptillamillion

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