Maxed-Out Credit Cards to 6-Figure Profits: Student Story

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on April 18, 2022
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Would you give up trading if you lost $40K?

My student Nick lost that much because he couldn’t follow my #1 rule

He couldn’t cut losses quickly. His win rate was high … but bag-holding made for devastating losses.

Nick was a degenerate. He maxed out his credit cards. He took out personal loans … All so he could keep going. But why?

Because he loved trading — the only thing worse than losing for him would be giving up.

Finally, two simple things changed EVERYTHING…

Today, he’s up over $180K in trading profits.

Wanna know how he turned things around? Don’t miss this inspiring story…

Ready to jump-start your trading journey? You won’t see another opportunity like this…

Nick: The 411

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First, some important info about Nick…

  • Go-to pattern: OTC dip buys. Depending on the stock, he might trade a morning panic, OTSwizzle, or dip buy into the close. (Note: Not familiar with the OTSwizzle? Check out this video.)
  • Trading superpower: Finding beaten-down stocks and stalking them until the trend changes in his favor.
  • Favorite Trading Challenge resource: My videos — especially my OTC videos and my “How to Make Millions” DVD.
  • When he’s not trading … Nick’s other passion is fitness, so if he’s not trading, he’s working out.
  • You won’t believe this … Nick almost exclusively trades on his cell phone — he’s only traded “10–12 times” on a desktop computer.

Nick’s Trading Timeline

  • 2016: Starts trading and quickly loses. Discovers the Trading Challenge and my YouTube videos online.
  • 2016–2018: Funds and blows up his account over and over — his total losses are about $40K.
  • 2019: His account is down to less than $400 — he decides it’s time to learn how to cut losses quickly. Starts taking small positions.
  • 2020: Reports $21,177 in profits on
  • 2021: Reports $142,690 in profits on
  • 2022: Up $19,797 in trading profits as of late February 2022.

Nick’s Trading Story

In 2016, way back before Nick was up six figures in trading profits…

He worked at LA Fitness.

One day, he hired an employee who would change his life…

This kid had studied finance in college and introduced Nick to the world of stocks.

Nick got interested. So he opened a brokerage account, loaded it with $1,000, and started playing around.

He started researching trading resources. That’s how he found me. He was interested in my lessons, but he didn’t internalize the most important one — the one that all of my millionaire students focus on…

Winning Big, Losing Bigger

Nick loved trading, but he kept losing.

He says, “I thought I knew what I was doing, I wanted success, I assumed I’d be right.”

He was wrong … basically, he was like every other new trader.

Nick went all in and couldn’t cut losses. He lost his account over and over again. It actually got to the point where he was depositing money every few months then losing it all. It got ugly…

  • At one point, he was down $40K.
  • He maxed out his credit cards.
  • Nick took out personal loans.

He knew he had a problem and that something had to change…

Nick knew he was gambling his money away.

And he knew he’d keep losing if he didn’t change. 

Down to less than $400, Nick realized he’d need to quit if he didn’t change. How could he possibly continue if he couldn’t be disciplined and cut his losses?

So he did something simple that changed EVERYTHING…

The Most Important Mindset Shift

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In 2019, beaten down and on the verge of quitting, Nick made a powerful decision.

He realized that he wanted success so badly that he was finally willing to follow the rules.

So he changed two key things:

  • He traded with small positions.
  • He cut losses quickly.

That’s it.

He’d take small positions and make small profits — $20 here, $30 there.

When he was wrong, he cut losses quickly.

Piece by piece, he started to build back his account. Over time, something incredible started to happen … those small gains added up. He started to profit.

Now, he’s up over $180K and considers himself in a good spot…

How Nick Trades Now

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Nick’s mindset isn’t the only thing that changed. He’s also adapted his trading style too.

He used to focus on Nasdaq stocks, but in recent years he’s found that trading OTCs works better for him.

His primary focus is OTC dip buys — morning panics, the OTSwizzle pattern, or dip buys into the close.

Right now, many of his best trades are on stocks that are red for several days in a row with increased volume. He tries to get in before the stock goes green.

It’s definitely not my approach to stocks — I like confirmation before I trade. But it’s working for Nick. A key reason is that he knows the stocks he trades very well. Even though he has 500–600 stocks saved in his watchlist, he tends to trade from the same basket of stocks over and over.

He understands the ‘personality’ of these stocks. So when he sees his current go-to pattern, he pounces.

For instance, one of his best trades last month was on Netlist, Inc. (OTCPK: NLST), a stock he’d traded before.

The stock was oversold and had dropped a lot with increased volume for several days in a row. He took a position into the close for a potential gap up. He was prepared to cut losses if it didn’t work out. But in this case, it did. There was news, the stock jumped, and he made an $805 profit.

Nick’s next goal as a trader is to quit his day job and go full time. In the meantime, he’s focusing on waiting for his top setups and taking it one trade at a time.

Nick’s Top Trading Lessons

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Here are a few things Nick wants new traders to know…

  • Start with a small account.
  • Don’t know what you’re doing? Paper trade (StocksToTrade has a great tool for it, BTW). Nick didn’t, but he now wishes he had.
  • Build your ‘education account’ … Start watching as many videos and lessons as you can and absorb everything.
  • Watch the market. Start watching stocks to see what they do. Take notes.
  • Take your time. Don’t rush, don’t use all your money. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Just because Nick lost thousands of dollars doesn’t mean you should. Incredible resources like this can help traders understand the market and find high-potential stocks. Don’t miss them!

How does Nick’s ability to persevere through losses inspire you? Leave a comment … and congratulate him on his success!


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