The Coolest Thing I've Ever Done (Sorry It Took Me So Long To Get) - Timothy Sykes

The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Done (Sorry It Took Me So Long To Get)

If you’ve read my best-selling book (download it here for free), read my biography or seen this great article on me that just went viral on social media last week with nearly 2,000 shares you know I’ve had a very fortunate and blessed life in my 33 years.

As my 34th birthday approaches in just a few days on April 15th (I have a surprise HERE and HERE coming for you!), I can’t help but think how grateful I am for every dollar I’ve made, every experience during my journey and every student…see my crazy cars HERE and HERE, some of the crazy places I’ve visited HERE and HERE, some of the amazing places I’ve lived HERE and HERE and some amazing students HERE and HERE.

Like I said I’ve been truly blessed, I haven’t forgotten my roots and I don’t take anything for granted. I want ALL my trading challenge students to have lives like this and meet as many incredible people along the way as I have…and with enough study/hard work I think they can achieve it.

But my latest venture in creating my own charitable foundation, The Timothy Sykes Foundation, and vowing to give away $2 million as I detailed here tops everything I’ve done in the past. The experiences I’ve had so far giving away the first $50,000 are the coolest things I’ve ever done, see these 2 videos from last week and try not to cry (seriously, my family and I couldn’t hold back our tears of joy…you’ll see why after watching these videos)

Make-A-Wish of Southern Florida told me about Ewan’s story, showing me a video describing his condition and I immediately wanted to help. (Make-A-Wish is a fantastic organization I’ve been supporting for over a decade…you can’t imagine how beautiful a moment it is when a child with a medical condition smiles and sees the world in a new light when their wish comes true.)

All within a few weeks we setup my roughly $20,000 donation and thanks to the great work of yet another awesome organization ARC Broward, Ewan now is in possession of this revolutionary new medical device that tracks his eye movement and allows him to communicate that way whereas before he could not!

You’ll notice the views and likes on these videos are far less than on my video featuring my Miami mansion, exotic trips, private jet and Lamborghini videos like these:

The good news is my life doesn’t revolve around likes and social media comments and my charity giving is so much more important than all the other stuff, it’s scary. I wish I had the vocabulary and writing skills to adequately describe the incredible feeling I got from helping this brave family in Florida — Ewan’s incredibly positive mother, father and brother have become some of my personal heroes despite us just meeting for a few hours — but I’m just a stock trader and teacher, not a writer and definitely not someone who is used to being overwhelmed by my emotions in a situation such as this.

I will tell you that every single one of you can learn a lot from Ewan’s family as they have endured greater obstacles than anyone deserves and through it all, they’ve remained upbeat, hopeful and that’s the EXACT right attitude that’s needed. I am so proud to be in a position to help this family and meeting them all and seeing how my donation is truly life-changing for them and Ewan…well, it is the single coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Forget about mansions, trips, private jets and Lamborghinis, money can and should be used to change people’s lives for the better and although I am late in truly understanding this, I pledge to devote my life and the $ I make to doing more of this in any way I can.

Sure, sure, free stock trading video lessons like these and 400+ free videos HERE are helpful but new technologies and medical devices that help a family communicate for the first time is an entirely different level.

Please share the videos above and the news articles HERE (which has now been shared 10,000+ times in just a few days!) and HERE — Ewan and his family understand their story gives hope to so many families who are lacking in that department and I hope my donation can help inspire other wealthy traders and anyone with extra money to giveaway to get in the charity game, it’s more rewarding than you could ever imagine!

It’s true I’ve only made a few million dollars and have a few millionaire trading challenge students but I’ll continue to do my best making a difference as best I can.

My apologies for taking soooooooo long to understand what really matters in life, but I’m still just 33 (for a few more days at least), so I look forward to the next few decades of seeing just how far I can take The Timothy Sykes Foundation and how many people/families I can help along the way!

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Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

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  1. Bill S.

    God bless you for doing that. The gifts of God and His calling on your life are irrevocable and came before repentance (Romans 11:29). Keep on using your gifts to make a difference.

  2. Tola

    Tim Sykes PLEASE reduce the price of your Millionaire trading challenge. I would like to join but JUST cannot afford it. I know one day I WILL be one of the millionaire by becoming one of your trading challenge students

  3. Carl Oswald

    I dont see why he should reduce he price of the Millionaire trading challenge cause he has also work hard to get where he is right now. We should instead be thankful that he is willing to teach the way.

  4. Clarence

    Thank’s Tim…I too have a special needs child and what you did and comtinue to do is a blessing few understands…I will one day be able to afford your program too…be well and be safe!!!

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