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Charles Payne & Other Soulless Penny Stock Promoters Wish They Could Get This:

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As you might’ve read the other day, FOX News commentator-turned-penny-stock-promoter Charles Payne sold his soul to the devil (for just a few thousand dollars) when he began putting up slick and shady websites like which talks a lot about the future potential of NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. (NXTH) without bothering to mention, besides in the disclaimer which they purposely try to hide (like any good stock promoter) the inherent risks involved with stocks that are manipulated higher every day and then go bust for no apparent reason.

Charles Payne doesn’t care about his subscribers, he willingly rips them off while reaping the monetary rewards.

If he did care, he wouldn’t have posted such BS or gotten involved with such a manipulated stock…again….nope, this ain’t his first trip down manipulation alley (read the damn post and write to FOX askng them why they’re helping to give national exposure to a penny stock promoter…one who could be in serious legal trouble now that his latest pump & dump has gone bust?!?!)

If Charles Payne has any conscience or soul whatsoever, he would have sent his subscribers, like I sent to TIMalert subscribers, this chart of a 2008 pump & dump namedManchester Inc. (MNCS) (now MNCSQ, big surprise) that is EXACTLY the same as Charles Payne’s NXTH pump & dump (Charles, are the same people behind them both, you probly know, right? I’m sure the judge will ask you that, better get started working on your FOX News professional sounding answer!):

Probable legal problems aside, Charles Payne will NEVER warn his subscribers about anything truthful because that’s not what he’s been paid to do. Unlike him, I get paid SOLELY by TIMalert subscribers and by those who purchase my instructional DVD packages which teach people to profit (legally) from the actions of scumbags like Charles Payne. Charles Payne accepts payments from the worst public companies and people in the world with no regard for anyone who he hurts along the way. Very sad.

Well, Charles Payne, and all other stock promoters, enjoy your corrupt riches and definitely enjoy yourselves now…because in the afterlife, all of you re going straight to hell for what you’ve done here on earth….better accept that now, there’s no turning back, don’t forget to wear a lot of sunscreen because I hear eternal hellfire can leave a mark!

Charles Payne, I might make less than you, but you don’t get the privlege and honor or receiving emails and pictures like the one below from a very happy TIMalert subscribers who was warned before this pump & dump collapsed:

thank you for caring enough to warn me about NXTH
my $950 profit went for a motorcycle licensing class
and a $800 motorcycle

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  1. some1

    Went to his website, OMG is it made in html on a note pad with windows 95 core !?! It the lamest template in all the cyberworld. I'm even surprise he get followers… You would think with the money he made he could at least put some $$ into a 50$ template….


  2. younggunz

    “thank you for caring enough to warn me about NXTH
    my $950 profit went for a motorcycle licensing class
    and a $800 scooter”

    There fixed that for you brandon

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