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Chanukah Gifts #4 And #5, The Best Pattern And Stock Scanning Software

URGENT: Save 35-70% off holiday specials HERE and for just a few more days and this 11-hour guide is free for just a few more days too (it’ll be $500 on January 1, 2017 so watch it all NOW ASAP!)

For Chanukah gifts #1 and #2 here, I gave you a free webinar from one of my trading challenge students whose made $630,000+ in stock trading profits within a few years and a 50% off deal HERE if you want to learn how to make money on social media even if you have a small following or don’t own your own business.

For Chanukah gift #3 I gave you 3 stocks I was watching and the next day all of them spiked between 5-30%…I hope you took advantage of them and I’m proud that I know several of you did!

But tonight’s blog post with your Chanukah gifts #4 and #5 is the best of all because in these videos below I review a stock market pattern that’s been the most reliable for me throughout 2016, making me tens of thousands of dollars and I’ve used now each of the past 2 days to make some solid trades:

The first video is tonight’s gift #5, an overview of StocksToTrade which is the ONLY stock scanning software I recommend as you’ll see it has more features for finding the hottest stocks of any software ever created, and we’re just getting started too…it’s crucial in helping you become totally self-sufficient like all my top millionaire trading challenge students are, reliant only on their knowledge and the stock market’s volatility which has been especially great as of late.

Download a PDF version of this post.

Go HERE for a holiday special on StocksToTrade, it’ll n ever get any cheaper than that and with papertrading functionality coming in 2 weeks time, trust me, you’re going to want to be on this platform ASAP

The second video lesson below is the single best pattern right now as evidenced by my PERFECT dip buys on NDEV yesterday and NAK today, and I even missed out on VBIO today which had the same exact pattern…all 10-20-100% gains possible once you learn to dip buy the morning panic

(See this video from the past too if you want a further history lesson on this very-reliable-as-of-late stock trading pattern)

I’ll get both of these videos transcribed when I have time, my apologies to my deaf students, it’s just been overwhelming lately with too many plays.

Seriously, please grab this holiday deal ASAP on StocksToTrade as you really will be better off using that software and all of its functionality to help you choose the best trades and get excited for January 2017 when we introduce realtime paper-trading so you’re not forced to practice on some of these pathetic websites for paper-trading that have all kinds of issues ranging from 15-20 minute delayed data to bad data for penny stocks because they don’t give a shit about you actually succeeding in trading, they think you’re just going to fall into the 90% of traders who lose so your only value to them is commissions, commissions, commissions and more commissions, commissions, and more commissions and my team and I will NEVER be like that because, if anything, I want you trading less instead of more as this great student who will soon be a millionaire knows, 80% of his profits come from 6% of his trades so it pays to be picky and choosy with your trading…STOP OVERTRADING!

And while the vast majority of people on Wall Street think the only money to be made n penny stocks is if you’re a broker and that’s simply not true as we’re gradually proving, little by little, thanks to so many of my dedicated trading challenge students who are next in line to be like this guy and this guy too, but only if you study hard and continue to dream big…and we’ll cut through all this industry bullshit together!

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