Chanukah Gift #3 For You, The Top 3 Stocks For Tomorrow - Timothy Sykes

Chanukah Gift #3 For You, The Top 3 Stocks For Tomorrow

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Merry Christmas yesterday, Happy Kwanzaa today, and tonight is the 3rd night of Chanukah so let’s celebrate all holidays and just be thankful for everything we have and let’s make 2017 the best year yet!

As per tradition set by my Jewish ancestors, I’m giving you 1 Chanukah gift per night for 8 nights so please enjoy them all:

Chanukah gift #1 was this 50% off deal that we’ve never done on Wolf Millionaire, teaching you how to grow your social media following and make $ from it too:

Chanukah gift #2 was a free 1-hour webinar from my $630,000 profit trading challenge student of the year Mark Croock, see the webinar linked in this must read blog post and explained in detail here:

(we’ve transcribed yesterday’s video below for my valued deaf students too!)

Chanukah gift #3 is me reviewing the top 3 stocks I’m watching for tomorrow, I’m long one of them, but I could easily buy one or both of the other two stocks also depending on how they act around the market open tomorrow so please be sure to be in my student chatroom by 9:15am EST tomorrow morning, as it looks to be a busy day!

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And as promised, here’s the text from my video from yesterday for my valued deaf students!

Hey, Tim Sykes here. Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and also for my Jewish peeps, Happy Chanukah. Today is our second night and so, on, which is my blog, I’ve posted this new blog post explaining my first two Chanukah gifts for you. Because now we have two nights of Chanukah, you’re gonna get a gift every single day, every single night of Chanukah so there will be eight gifts over the next few nights. Tomorrow night, stay tuned because I’m gonna be posting a free video lesson of the top three stocks that I’m watching for Tuesday. Remember, tomorrow, Monday, the stock market is closed for the holiday and you can sleep in. I highly encourage you to study. We have our 50% off sale on these DVDs and newsletters going on right now. You only have what, five, six more days before my Trader Checklist Guide is no longer free so you should be watching that every day.

But, I want you to go to and read this blog post to see what these two gifts are. Yesterday, you know, I made the video explaining what the first night’s gift was and it was a 50% off deal on Wolf Millionaire, if you want to learn how to grow your following on social media and actually make money on social media, even if you just have a few hundred or a few thousand followers. You know, you can’t have zero followers but you don’t need, you know, hundreds of thousands or millions of followers to actually make a lot of money if you have strategy. So I explained that in yesterday’s video and then there’s also this 50% off deal that was at the bottom of yesterday’s video and it’s in this blog post.

But today’s little gift…and I posted some pictures of me dressed as Hanukkah Harry, giving out some gifts. Today’s video is all about my Jewish bretheren, Mark Croock, who has now made $630,000 in just a few years. More important than the money that he’s made, he’s living the dream life. That is what trading should be for. It’s not about necessarily making millions or tens of millions. It’s about using the stock market, using the opportunities that come to you, and, you know, growing your accounts, making enough money so that you can do what you want.

Mark Croock, before he met me, was not doing what he wanted. He was working in a cubicle in Texas, I think as an accountant and, you know, he didn’t like the job. He was doing it because he had bills to pay and I understand a lot of you guys do jobs because you have bills to pay. What you can do, even if you’re in a job, especially if you’re in a job that you hate, you have motivation to build yourself up, to get knowledge and get some skills so that you can get out of the job that you hate and get into a job that you love. And Mark, more than the $630,000 that he’s made, it allowed him to get out of the cubicle, allowed him to quit his job that he hated. Now he’s doing a job that he loves. He moved to Miami. He met the love of his life. I went to his wedding. It was an amazing affair. I’m actually going to a few more weddings. Now that I brought up that I went to Mark Croock’s wedding, a lot of you guys are inviting me. I’ve very honored. I’m gonna try to go to as many as I can.

That’s what I love to see trading do, okay. You don’t need all these millions. You don’t need freakin’ 10 monitors and become like a slave to the job. For me, at least, and this is my, you know, mindset and my experience between me and my top students, trading should allow you freedom. I don’t want you to just, you know, trade one slave job for another. You know, you’re in a cubicle now. Okay, you’re out of the cubicle but now you have freakin’ 10 monitors staring at you and you’re looking at the markets every day from 9 til 5 and then you’re preparing at night. You’re like, “Oh, God.” Maybe you like it more. Maybe you’re an addict. But be very careful about trading, you know, one slavery job for another. So Mark also gets to travel. You know, he was trading and making money even while he was traveling on his honeymoon. I think he was in South Africa. He posted a cool picture. But anyways, enough about Mark.

Today’s gift is actually a Mark Croock webinar. I tweeted this the other day, saying congrats to Mark…this is his name on twitter, thehonestcroock, you should follow him…and his $630,000 in profits and he mentors other challenge students too, which I’m very proud of. That’s why he’s student of the year. It’s not just about money. It’s also about giving back to the community and those of you who are fortunate enough to be challenge students and you get mentored by me, Mark Croock, Michael Goode, Tim Grittani, you know, it’s an amazing gift to be able to share one’s knowledge with somebody else and I know Mark loves that too.

But I said retweet, favorite this for a free webinar and 200 of you actually did. And I encourage you to follow me on twitter, timothysykes is my username and pay attention when I say stuff like this because if enough of you follow the directions, guess what? It’s gonna happen and I’m very proud. This is tonight’s gift, Chanukah gift number two is this hour-long webinar with Mark Croock. So I’ve posted a link right in here on Previously, this hour-long webinar that he gave was just for challenge students. You know, he gives one, sometimes two webinars a week, as do Michael Goode, Tim Grittani, and myself. So, challenge students are getting like two, three, sometimes four webinars a week.

But this hour-long webinar is now free if you click this link. This is our holiday gift, Chanukah gift number two and he just gave this just before Thanksgiving and it’s all about trading volume. And it’s an incredible, incredible webinar. I know my challenge students loved it and Mark Croock taught some very good lessons. So I’m very proud to offer this to you for free so that you can understand this key indicator. Trading volume is one of the key indicators that I look to trade and it’s important to look back. So Mark Croock did this great…I believe it’s exactly one-hour webinar where he talks about what different patterns with different trading volumes mean. The key to our success is all about studying from the past and being better prepared for the future.

So Mark includes, I wanna say like two or three dozen examples of different charts from the past and he’s talking about charts that he’s traded, some charts he’s missed, but analyzing these charts and seeing what patterns are best, what trading volumes are best. And this is an incredible, incredible webinar. I mean, only a few hundred people have even seen it and almost everybody loves it. Those who don’t, seriously, I know you just want hot stock picks but trust me, you want to look at these key indicators. It’s not enough just to know, “Oh, this stock has breaking news. This stock is good, it’s gonna go up.” You need to be better prepared.

Remember that 90% of traders lose money. I’m sorry to keep bringing it up but part of the reason why is so successful now that we have over 100,000 members, is because we’re trying to help each other get better. It’s not about sharing hot picks in some bullshit chatroom. It’s about learning the indicators and then using those indicators to choose the best trades every single day. So your Chanukah gift number two tonight is Mark Croock’s webinar, 100% free and then last night’s gift, for Chanukah gift number one, is this 50% off deal for Wolf Millionaire and that’s if you go to This is the URL and you save 50% and you can see how lots of people are now making five and six figures off instagram. Some people are even making seven figures but we just made it easy, How to make Six-Figures using instagram. So, learn different strategies.

I posted this yesterday and I was surprised that some people were like kinda pissed. They were like, “Tim, you should stick to stocks. You shouldn’t go into social media.” Why? That’s the most narrow-minded, dumb shit that I’ve ever heard. When I first got started teaching stocks, everyone’s like “You should just be a trader, not a teacher.” Where are these rules preventing you from going into new opportunities where if you provide a good service and a good product, why is that a bad thing? The problem comes when, you know, you go into a new industry and you provide a shit service and a shit product and we teach you nothing about instagram and there are a few courses about instagram out there and I’ve looked at them all and they’re all shit. You don’t make any money using those strategies. Some of them are like how to buy likes and that’s fake. Fake stuff never does well in the end.

So the beautiful thing about my teaching, the beautiful thing about my training, the beautiful thing about Wolf Millionaire is it’s all real and we’re very proud to show you. It doesn’t matter what industry or niche you’re in. If there’s an opportunity to make good money because of this strategy where there’s, you know, kind of these inefficiencies on instagram and other social media where you can basically learn to grow your following and make money following rules, no different than the inefficiencies that exist in the stock market. So, for me, it’s all related. I don’t know how to think narrow-minded. I’m ashamed for some of you guys who do. But if you are open-minded, you should be using different social media to make money. You know, you probably already have like a Facebook or twitter or Snapchat or instagram account and you’re just not using it properly because you have no guidance. This is your chance, 50% off for that.

And then if you do only want to stick to stocks or if you wanna learn stocks too, that’s fine. It’s literally whatever you want. Where was that link? On, I couldn’t embed the video because it’s a premium video. So it’s not anywhere else except using this link but I made this link available for all. So if you go to and click this link to see Mark’s hour-long webinar, you can watch it for free and Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to everybody. I’ll be back tomorrow with a free video all about the stocks that I’m watching for Tuesday and you’re gonna wanna watch it. It’s good to be prepared the day before the market opens and that way you’ll know what are the key support levels, what are the key resistance levels. It’s not just like, “Oh, this is a hot pick. This is a hot pick.” I see so much, just misinformation and dumb information. This is part of the reason why I love teaching, you know.

I know I probably rant too much but I get a lot of comments, probably more comments than anybody else in the entire stock market. And I see what a lot of you guys have issues with and a lot of your assumptions. If you truly want success, it comes down to preparation. I’m sorry that there’s no easier way, you know. I don’t know what to tell you. I know that there’s a lot of webinars and videos to watch but what’s the alternative? If you don’t watch, if you’re not prepared, then you’re like 90% of traders who lose money and you’re probably like 95% or 99% of people on social media who’s not using it to make any money. It doesn’t matter if you have your own business or if you don’t live an interesting life.

Once you watch these guides on like Wolf Millionaire, you’ll see that the assumptions that you have of what you need to make money are just wrong. And if you watch Mark’s hour-long webinar about volume, I think that’ll help you, you know, cut through a lot of the bs that’s out there about which stocks you should be in and which setups, and what’s easiest and what’s hardest. And I can’t force you to study any of this, you know. That’s the problem. I can talk about the benefits. I can show you my millionaire students. I can show you, you know, the millions that I’ve made and the hundreds of thousands that Mark has made and I can show you Anthony who was my mentor on instagram who created the twenty-plus-hour Wolf Millionaire Guide. I can show you his brand-new $200,000 McLaren, paid for with money that he’s made on instagram but I can’t force you to study and that’s up to you. All I can do is kinda show you the ropes, show you the strategies, and give you, you know, videos and links and it’s totally up to you.

So if you don’t want to study, especially during the holidays, I understand it, okay. But I’m still gonna throw out these links. I’m still gonna give you these free webinars for those of you who do wanna study. And if you made it through this long in the video, I want you to leave a comment and I want you to say one word. Say the word dedicated because for all the negativity that I focus on, there’s a lot more positivity and that’s why I love teaching. I probably shouldn’t even talk about the negativity that much but I feel like the negative people and the people who have like the wrong ideas need to be brought over to the light more. And so that’s why I do spend time on them. Some people are like, “Tim, just ignore them.” And for me, I can’t ignore anybody because I don’t know who my next millionaire student is gonna be. I don’t know who’s gonna be dedicated.

And somebody who’s maybe totally against, you know, making money on instagram or totally against penny stocks, if I can get the right information inside your brain, maybe that will, you know, make something click and you’ll be my next, you know, millionaire student. Michael Goode, let’s not forget, was my first millionaire student and he wrote a blog post about me at first, called “Timothy Sykes is Full of BS.” We went back and forth in the comments. He watched all my DVDs. He’s now made $1.6 million, one of my good friends, moderator of my chatrooms. So if I ignore the negative people, if I ignore the haters, then I’m missing out on a whole bunch of potentially dedicated students, you know.

You’re not wrong to doubt this stuff, okay. I know that this whole teaching world is full of scammers. That’s why I show every trade, I show my brokerage statements. I show my audits. My trades don’t even matter, my students’ trades matter more. I have 4,000 plus video lessons. I have 1,000 plus webinars. I mean, I show as much as I can. It’s not humanly possible to show any more than I do. So, if you still have doubt, I can’t get you over to the light but at least I can keep continuing to try and that’s something that I will always do. It doesn’t matter if it’s Chanukah or Christmas or just a regular day of the week, I’m always gonna try.

So today’s attempt to get you getting good information is the 50% off deal from yesterday and now this free hour-long video. You choose but have a great, happy holidays and remember, if you’ve watched this video this far, leave the word…leave the comment dedicated. Just one word in the comment section. I’m really curious to see who is dedicated and actually watches these videos til the end. It’s kinda surprising how few of you actually do but props to you if you’ve gotten this far. I hope you enjoy your holidays and I hope to provide you good information. Thank you.

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  2. Slayer

    The video was titled, “My Chanukah Gift #3” but it seems ~1/2 of it was about trying to convince students and talk about the non-believers and non-dedicated.

    As a DEDICATED student that 1/2 portion of the video wasted my time. Time I could have used to study.

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