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17 Celebrities Surprising First Jobs At $MCD Cleaning Toilets & More

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But a female trading challenge student put together this fine list of celebrities who did have rather surprising jobs

(and I mention “female” to help you understand why she uses the word “dreamy” to describe so many male celebrities)

Not everyone was born into the lifestyle of Paris Hilton. Most of the richest people in the world started somewhere, and this post is going to delve into their first jobs. From paper boy to working in a grocery store, you’ll never believe how far these individuals have come. This post should be extremely inspirational for you. Even Tim wasn’t born with tons of money, he started out teaching tennis during the summer at a local club. Now he’s worth millions!

Maybe you are reading this during your lunch break or while applying for jobs on the internet, so know that no matter where you are right now, the sky is the limit. We first take a look at famous billionaires before moving on to some of the most successful celebrities in the world.


Oprah began working in a grocery store before working at a radio station once she turned 16. The small store was located next to her father’s barber shop in Nashville, Tennessee. The fact that she was already working in broadcasting by the age of 16 is quite impressive, showing that she was determined and knew what she wanted to do at a very young age. Whether you like Oprah or not, you have to respect her hard work and persistence in pursuing her dreams.

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City and founder of Bloomberg LLP (famous for the Bloomberg terminal), is now one of the wealthiest individuals in the USA. His first job title was “parking lot attendant.” Bloomberg worked his way through college, as he eventually got a master’s in business administration from Harvard. He then moved on to working on Wall Street at founding Bloomberg LLP and now serves as mayor of New York City.

Giorgio Armani started out at an assistant photographer at a Milan department store called La Rinascente. Due to his hard work, he was quickly promoted to the store’s style office as a buyer. Even though he was born into a middle-class family, the fashion magnate we now know him as showed an early fascination for theatre and fashion.

George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars Saga, was first a teaching assistant for Navy students. He then pursued a job with Francis Ford Coppola before becoming the Hollywood icon we know today. His net worth is now in the billions.


The late Steve Jobs started out with a summer job at Hewlett-Packard during high school. This is where he met Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. From Apple to selling Pixar to Walt Disney, Jobs had a net worth of several billion before passing away.

Warren Buffett was long the wealthiest person in the world, but the famed investor was not born into a wealthy family. Buffett’s first job was as a newspaper delivery boy. Given, he did start his delivery business by himself at the age of 13, showing his acumen as an entrepreneur. Before graduating from college, he has $10,000 from his business ventures.

Bill Gates, also wealthiest individual in the world at certain points in his life and good friend of Warren Buffett, began his career as a computer programmer for TRW while a senior in high school. Gates went on to attend Harvard but dropped out to pursue his passion for technology.


Jim Carrey was just 15 years old when his father lost his job. This meant that the family needed extra income, so Carrey took after-school job as a security guard and a janitor. The Toronto native also visited local comedy clubs, where he initially got booed off the stage and refused to return for about two years.

Nikki Blonsky is a rarity among celebrity actors. Most of them have to go through numerous auditions before they catch a break, but Blonsky was just working at a Coldstone Creamery and getting ready to go to college when she auditioned for Hairspray. She says that she didn’t even tell anyone else about the audition because she didn’t want to have to explain it to people if she didn’t get the role. She received the news that she had been chosen to star in the film the night before her senior prom.


Chris Rock, one of the greatest comedians of the day, started out working at Red Lobster, the seafood restaurant. Rock has now stared in a number of feature films and has done comedy tours around the country.

The dreamy Gerard Butler first wanted to be a lawyer. Working at a traditional Edinburgh firm, he soon found that he hated that profession and was let go from the company. He then headed straight for the entertainment industry and hasn’t looked back since. He was quoted regarding his firing from the firm saying, “If that hadn’t happened, where would I be?”


The drop-dead gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones said that where she came from, people didn‘t even think about movies. “I wanted to be on the stage,” she said. She was only 10 years old when she did Annie in her native U.K. While performing in 42nd Street at the age of 16, David Merrick saw her and cast her as the lead for two and a half years. She credits this to her strong work ethic.

Miss Debra Messing first started out as many young girls do, babysitting. During graduate school at Tisch School of the Arts, she was a nanny for a little baby, saying that she loves watching children and that they are the most theatrical out of all of us.

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs started out cleaning bathrooms at a Mexican restaurant.


The dreamy Christian Bale, star of the latest Batman series, first delved into acting in a commercial for a fabric softener in 1982.

Gwen Stefani is now a platinum recording artist, but this blonde from Orange County, California started out mopping floors at Dairy Queen.


The Notebook star, Rachel McAdams, started out working at McDonalds for three years.

For our last celebs, we’ll have a job that is a first on the list. Hollywood titan Johnny Depp started out selling ballpoint pens over the phone!

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