Celebrating My 34th Birthday Today: The 34 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned - Timothy Sykes

Celebrating My 34th Birthday Today: The 34 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned

To celebrate my 34th birthday today I’m doing a few things to celebrate first I’m having a 50% off blowout sale for a few days on these annual newsletters here and these DVD study guides because providing educational tools for those who want to grow their accounts exponentially is my primary focus in life.

I’ve also just arrived in Tokyo, Japan with my fiancée for a week given that I’m an unabashed lover of all things sushi and Japanese.

In this blog post I hope to share with you all of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my now 34 years living a most blessed life for which I’m eternally grateful.

1. Starting with the most important lesson, it’s that ANYONE no matter your background, sex, race, location, age or even starting dollar amount is in the position to control their own destiny and enjoy true financial freedom, thus a higher quality of life, all within a few years if you are determined and willing to put in the time required to study and gain enough knowledge to capitalize on any and all of the opportunities afforded to you given this unique time in history with a very fruitful stock market & just two decades after the introduction of the Internet which has minimized the cost of financial speculation dramatically. It’s not just me who has turned a few thousand dollars into several million, several trading challenge students now have (see examples here and here and here) and any ore are getting close to seven figures

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2. Hard work is far more important than talent and smarts (ex: I suck at math, but my millions are a result of a job that relies heavily on it)

3. Hard work and determination are great attributes for those who want to succeed, but if you’re on the wrong path – i.e. working a 9-5 with no upside or diversifying your $5,000 “portfolio” – you need to be told what you’re doing wrong and get on a better path with more upside potential.

4. Nobody and nothing in the world is perfect so even when you try your hardest, accept reality and continue to give it your all since that’s all you can do in life.

5. Most people take things too personally and that raw emotion hurts their ability to think clearly and limits their potential. I am especially guilty of this since I’ve dedicated my life to teaching and penny stock lies and misinformation makes my blood boil. I wish I could go back 5 years and take away a lot of the anger I felt and expressed openly towards people who didn’t know any better when it came to my teachings. I burned a lot of bridges that could’ve helped me later on, don’t make that mistake.

6. Always value your friends, family and loved ones for they will be there for you no matter what. At times in my life, I’ve focused too much on my work, and travel, and I lost sight of this…learn from my mistake.

7. No matter how much success you have in life, be humble and grateful for the entire journey, good and bad, since it’s the journey along the way that’s actually more enjoyable and fascinating and it’s what you’ll remember more than any end result.

8. Money is one of the most useful tools, if not the single most useful tool in the world, learn everything you can about it and do it early in life so you have an advantage over most people who fail to recognize its importance and suffer from that lack of knowledge all their life.

9. Cut losses quickly when something feels wrong and is heading in the wrong direction, in investments, relationships, careers; pay close attention to signs & indicators, good and bad. Push it to the limit when momentum is on your side and it feels right.

10. Your life can be greatly enhances by taking calculated risks. Emphasis on calculated, not just risk in itself.

11. Consider the risk/reward before agreeing to something or making an investment. For example, you might think I’m totally full of shit, but what’s the risk of watching these free stock market video lessons and these 400+ free Youtube videos here…a little time? Remember my first millionaire trading challenge student thought I was full of BS, and called me out in this blog post, before giving me a chance and now making seven figures based off my teachings.

12. Past performance IS indicative of future returns, despite the finance industry customary legal disclaimer I know of no better indicator of the future than the recent past and this applies to people, investments and life.

13. You don’t need a lot of money or experience starting out, just good ideas and a steadfast confidence in yourself and your inevitable success. Work harder than everyone else and you’ll have better odds of doing better than everyone else.

14. Invest heavily in your education in all things that interest you, be the modern day Leonardo Da Vinci, especially when starting out. Be a sponge for information as knowledge pays great dividends all your life.

15. People are afraid of failure, mistakes, embarrassment, but these are all much needed experiences on your path to success and those who attain success without it are ill-equipped to deal with their success. That’s right, you MUST make mistakes to become more well-rounded, the bigger the mistake and the greater the embarrassment, the better and more meaningful the lesson for you to utilize to better your future. It’s okay to make mistakes along the way, they help shape you.

16. There’s too much negativity in the world, people need to believe in themselves and others more because we’re all capable of great things if given the opportunity.

17. Education is a lifelong process, too many people give up on it far too early in life. It’s very far from an exact science, but if you are consistently open to learning and trying new things, it will sink in eventually.

18. Miracles and inspirational stories like this young man and this young boy happen every day, they just don’t get enough exposure in our society and that needs to change.

19. The world is a vast and beautiful place, you should go explore it and get a better idea of what it is that you love, then focus on that

20. Don’t go down any path purely for financial gain, especially if you don’t enjoy it, life is too short and no matter what it is that you love, if you work hard enough and dedicate yourself to it, you will have plenty of financial gain and have the life-changing added bonus of loving what you do.

21. Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure does help make life a lot easier…and more difficult in some respects too. Mo’ money mo’ problems…but with the money you can hire other people, very qualified people, to help solve your newfound problems 🙂

22. Having traveled to over 100 countries now and met & talked with people from all walks of life, I can confidently say people just want to be loved and then treat those they love and who love them well.

23. Love is great, but many of the sweetest and best intentioned people I’ve met are living in difficult circumstances due to their lack of savings and earnings and it breaks my heart to see. Donating money is not always a solution, education is.

24. The financial education industry is in the dark ages as misinformation and complexity combine so that almost nobody has the proper knowledge or perspective to get wealthy anytime soon. There’s great opportunity if you’re a proven expert in any one financial topic or topics whatsoever as the world hungers for experts, not journalists, sharing their knowledge.

25. I’m nowhere the best or richest trader in the world, but by being transparent with all my profits, trades, patterns, rules and lessons learned over 15 years, I open the door to helping people understand how to be part of the 5-10% of traders who are consistently profitable…and that consistent income, though it doesn’t come daily or weekly like most jobs, helps people live better lives.

26. The Internet is such a world changing technology, we’ve only just begun developing its potential, the next few decades and centuries will be the most exciting

27. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace and there are so many talented people working on so many great projects, I can’t wait to see all the upcoming breakthroughs that will make our lives and health better.

28. Social media seems commonplace to us now, but we forget just a few years ago nobody even knew what a hashtag was. Even more the majority of the world doesn’t understand this new Internet community, we live in a bubble that we often forget.

29. Social media helps spread good information and its users help curate to make the most entertaining, not necessarily the most useful, content wildly popular in faster time than any other time in history.

30. Due to widespread hatred, misconceptions & a lack of scalable profits, the penny stock niche has the least completion of any sector in the world and this low hanging fruit should be plucked by those who recognize having a small account is an advantage that allows you to earn exponential profits rather than the 10-20%/year BULLSHIT the vast majority of the financial world seeks to earn.

31. There will always be failing small companies and unethical promoters/insiders who lie, hype and manipulate their stocks thus creating opportunity for traders and investors who ride the momentum up and, my favorite, ride it down!

32. Look for business and financial opportunities of all sorts, don’t discriminate as it’s the lesser known/smaller niches that offer the most opportunity (i.e. too many entrepreneurs try to create businesses that aim to capture 1% of the massive Chinese population rather than 100% of let’s say the tiny penny stock niche like my educational business does)

33. Wake up every morning knowing that it’s a new day and you’re capable of changing past bad habits and changing your life for the better. Even if you already have the best life possible, you can always challenge yourself…never give up…never surrender…always be growing and experiencing new things.

34. No matter your dreams and potential, without your health you have nothing. I am VERY guilty of letting my health slip to focus on business and my students several times in my life. I’m still young…somewhat…I am so proud of my now several millionaire trading challenge students, but between roughly 3,000 video lessons, over a dozen DVDs (which are 50% off for a few days here to celebrate my birthday) and hundreds of hours of webinars, it’s time I pull back a little…just a little…from my all-encompassing focus on teaching and lose the 50 pounds I’ve gained over the past 2 years as my educational business has exploded. I hate not giving it everything I have 110%, but the best part of creating such a massive content library is that I can afford to give just 100% and focus a little more on myself, which is actually better longterm for my business and students anyway. Long story short, lesson #34 is to recognize the areas in your life that need the most urgent improvement, stop making excuses and tackle the problem ASAP.

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  1. Ed Riley

    Wise words and thoughts from a 34 year old Happy Birthday
    お誕生日おめでとうございます challenge yourself to losing the weight

  2. Armando Cabrera

    Happy Birthday, the 34 years of experience you have contributed to your student, traders, shorters and humanity will live on, that’s an accomplishment and a gift in itself.

  3. Guest

    Tim excellent what can ” Love your Ethics” you are an old SOUL ” just keep growing ” Happy Birthday and thanks for those lovely 34 set of points you made a big influencing 1000’s with your kind honest and good words keep up the good work! love you !

  4. Zac365

    Tim excellent what can I say ” Love your Ethics” you are an old SOUL ” just keep growing ” Happy Birthday and thanks for those lovely 34 set of points you made a big influencing 1000’s with your kind honest and good words keep up the good work! love you.

  5. w1nw1nw1n

    great great lessons timmi! thank you very much for sharing your experience and knowledge.

  6. Skweez

    I’ve read a lot about you (negative) since I started trading, but if these words are truly your own then …SheElohim yevarach otha….always.

  7. Kevin Byrd

    Happy Birthday Tim.
    I am one of the new students here and would like to say Thank You for the desire to share your knowledge, wisdom and desire to help others. I nearly chose someone else to mentor me but the night before I prayed that.I was making the right decision. The next day as if by divine intervention, the first Google search I pulled up just happened to be about you. The suggestion that same morning from YouTube for a video I may be interested in was also yours.
    I’m hear for the long haul….

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