Big Picture Barry Ritholtz Gives A Damn Fine Interview - Timothy Sykes

Big Picture Barry Ritholtz Gives A Damn Fine Interview

I give the guy crap because he covers the most popular topics du jour, hasn’t been returning my emails as of late and for some unknown reason, still hasn’t received the copy of my book I’ve now sent him multiple times, but Big Picture Barry Ritholz is not only the world’s top investment blogger, he’s also 100% dead on about the blogging world and Adsense in this Yahoo! Tech Ticker Interview:

Key takeaways: Blogging success comes from being a hard ass, being opinionated and clearly expressing your points

Bloggers don’t have to be objective, we’re not journalists!

Financial journalism is a joke—journalism majors just report the news as they’re told, they don’t realize business/finance news can be skewed

I really gotta press home this last point, you should only listen to people who have continually proven their abilities to make money in the markets, their opinions matter, you can learn from the way they view the world, not the lemmings who report simply for a paycheck

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  1. timsykes

    Al, great find on SCON, its got a ways to go before being a supernova, but its a nice momentum play.

    Sykes pattern, supernova, yes, all the same, big microcrap runup on hype, fading volume, big rundown, simple

  2. Alex

    How do you do your advertising, if not AdSense.

    Also, check out ARTX…third up day in a row, up about 50% over past 2 weeks, although it’s illiquid.

    My guess is you traded SOLF today.


  3. Davey


    Couldn’t get any REED to short so I got in on ASTI on the crack below 15.50 thanks for the heads up

  4. Jeff C

    Watching ARTX, GLOB has a ways to go maybe, COT had an ANALyst upgrade that shot it up with the John Q Public’s, whats the consensus on these? QBIK and SYBD have reversed nicely today too…….

  5. Max

    well I just took my profit at $4.50

    I guess I realize now that if I feel I want a second opinion on taking profit… I should just take it and run

    lesson learned, and fortunately it was a profitable lesson…

  6. timothysykes

    Since I’ll be speaking at Blogworld in Vegas August 15-17, gotta have a PennyStocking full day workshop too on October 18th, probly at MGM again like last year… who’s in! cost will be $497 for a full day including breakfast and lunch…will have official signup sheet next week, but just curious as to how any of u wanna do this

  7. tbohen

    I would seriously consider it, I was bummed I didn’t make it to the one last year, put me down as a strong maybe at this point.

  8. parabol64

    FRZ – was risky but shorted a small position of 300 @4.4 covered @4.17 for around ~$60. Might reshort later if it fades properly.

  9. TerranFirebat

    para: i think differently. Having been on the wrong side of a long position too many times I know that when I see red like that it scares the daylights out of longs. Forget the limit order, I just put a market order in lol. market order to cover too when it bounced.

  10. parabol64

    I didnt cover the first time it hit 4.12 though, and watched it climb up to break-even levels. Had it turned green I’d covered, gladly I was patient and covered when it was close the day’s low.

    I suppose there’s some predictability in morning panics too; Tim prefers to be in the day before though, to guarantee a good entry. However, with Tim’s strategy there’s always the risk that the morning panic won’t happen. In which case shoring into a morning panic is more even less risky cause you have confirmation? You just have to be quick.

  11. tbohen

    Shorted $FOH for the fuck of it because it was on my list and my alert went off, IB only had 400 frickin’ shares, I’m up fitty bucks bitches!!! 🙂

    It sucks when your trading plan works but you can’t get shit for shares….

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