6 of My Best Moments as a Trader, Teacher & Mentor

Best Moments as a Trader

Some of my best moments as a trader actually have come from being a teacher and mentor to my Millionaire Trading Challenge students:

I’ll admit it openly: I’m addicted to teaching. I knew when I established the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge that I could utilize my experience as a trader to help others realize their full potential and attain their financial dreams. However, what I didn’t know was what an absolutely incredible experience it would be for me.

My students make my life better and improve my own trading every single day. Here are six of my most incredible moments as a trading teacher and mentor.

1. Establishing my Trading Challenge. I am a self-taught trader. When I was rising up the ranks and learning how to trade penny stocks, I didn’t have a mentor. Yes, I found success. But I still have regrets about not having sought out a mentor at that time.

I earned my first million by my early 20s.** But if I’d had a mentor, I probably could have done it even faster and with FAR less headache/confusion/big losses along the way. Having a mentor is like unlocking a secret code in a video game that takes you to the next level. Some of best moments as a trader involved mentorship. A mentor can advise you from a place of experience, and guide you on a path so that you can avoid making unnecessary mistakes. I could have lost less money and made millions faster by having a mentor.** In part, this is why I established my Millionaire Challenge.

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As a teacher to the Tim Sykes Million Challenge team, I am able to provide the mentorship I never had as an early trader. My hope is that my students can utilize my life and trading experience to find success more easily and smoothly than I did…so I can help cut down their learning curve!

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2. My first million-dollar students. It was a thrill and a great moment when students began signing up for my Challenge. However, it was magnified times a million when my students began to break the million dollar mark.**

My first two students to break the million dollar mark did so in rapid succession. They applied themselves to their work as traders, learned from their mistakes and kept on doing what was working until they’d amassed millions.**

The achievement is theirs, of course, but the pride I felt in having guided students to this incredible milestone of financial success has absolutely been one of my best moments as a trading teacher.

3. The continued success of my students. When it comes to my students, they don’t just make a killing in the market and then the “happily ever after” credits roll. They are committed to continued success. This makes me extremely proud as a teacher.

Tim Grittani made $1 million, and then $2 million, and then kept earning. Now he’s surpassed the $4 and $5 million dollar marks; he documented lessons he’s learned along the way in a post by Tim Grittani on 40 lessons learned upon passing $4 Million in Profits. He’s continued to grow, learn, and most importantly, earn. He’s a great teacher in his own right now, and I can’t wait to feature his lessons upon surpassing $7 million in profits soon! The continued success of my students makes me proud every single day.**

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4. Being featured in the media. I have a lot of pride in my accomplishments as a teacher and mentor. I don’t necessarily need accolades to feel good about my efforts. Nonetheless, it’s nice to be noticed and appreciated for your efforts.

My Millionaire Trading Challenge has been featured far and wide on the media. It’s been featured on television, radio, magazines, and countless websites. It’s incredible to see the impact that the challenge has made in the world. Knowing that I am responsible for creating that has been an incredible part of my career. The increased exposure also means that the challenge gains a wider audience, which means that more people have the opportunity to try to become successful traders and make their financial dreams come true.

5. Good AND bad reviews. Good reviews are wonderful, beautiful, satisfying…insert any number of positive adjectives here. Some of the best moments of my career as a trading teacher and mentor have been reading positive reviews and testimonials about how the Challenge has made people’s lives better. When people begin to believe in themselves and find the financial success they have always wanted, it’s incredible to see all of the changes that occur in their lives. Not only do they have more money, but they gain a sense of self confidence and self worth. It literally changes their lives, and not just with more stuff.

But you know what? I love the bad reviews, too. In case you’re wondering what’s wrong with me, let me elaborate. There are two reasons why. First, when someone leaves a constructive review or lets me know something that is missing from my Challenge, it offers me the chance to improve it and make it better for succeeding students. I am open to input and improving myself; it’s how you keep on growing and a necessary trait to be a longtime millionaire.

Second, there’s the opportunity to change their mind. One famous example is my first million dollar-breaking student. He was actually initially a naysayer who said some negative things about my Challenge. However, by talking to him, I persuaded him to give it a try, and he ended up becoming my first student to earn over a million dollars.** So, you see, sometimes a negative review can turn into a serious positive result.

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6. Continuing to grow. One of the greatest moments I have as trading teacher and mentor is when I stop and realize how much it has fostered growth in my own career. This is a moment that I have over and over as a teacher.

As a teacher, my students challenge me in ways I never could have anticipated. They ask questions and they work in ways that inspire me to become a better teacher and trader. The opportunity to continue learning and growing is incredible, and I am fortunate enough to experience this on a regular basis through working with my talented students!

Being a trading teacher and mentor isn’t always easy, but it’s so incredibly rewarding that it’s worth the work. I look forward to continuing to nurture and help the future traders of the world earn their fortunes!**

These were some of my best moments in this game, what are yours? Leave a comment below with your answer!