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UPDATE: Ever since CNN Money featured my top trading challenge student and his rise from $1,500 to $1 million in trading profits in less than 3 years in this article and our appearances HERE and HERE on FOX with Neil Cavuto & FOX & Friends, my haters have risen tenfold…they still don’t understand that I teach trading rules I’ve learned over 14 years and that these rules help EVERYONE make wiser trades and investments…just like my first millionaire student who I wrote about HERE who initially thought I was full of BS…before he made $1 million using my strategy 🙂
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I love guest posts like the one you see below, if you have one in mind, please do contact me…or if you’re a subscriber then you can tell me what you’re thinking here….check out this great guest post:

You often repeat yourself that “alerts are to help you learn.” I wrote an article that explains my take on trading TIMalerts. Please take a look. If you like it you may use it on your blog, otherwise, no problem.
Gregg S. lx21

Silver subscriber

Bio: Full time stock trader for over 11 years with an average trading profit of $950,000 per year.

TIM budding in: The following post is sooooo good, I had to read it outloud in this video…that’s how much I appreciate and agree with Gregg’s articles…reinforcing my experience that people who make a million or more per year are just plain smart and all the poor people in the world should try their best to learn from millionaires ONLY…if you’re too lazy to read or can’t read, then watch my two videos below:


OK, here’s Gregg’s tremendous post:

You’ve got to make your own trades!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a wildly successful stock trader and go along for the ride? Many of us have dreamed about of finding the stock trading genius who we could follow trade by trade… and get rich quick!

Despite my own success, I had long believed that I should diversify my strategies, augment my income, and broaden my trading skills by finding a good trader who I could follow. I have tried out various services and subscriptions over the years. I have always done my due diligence – researching their backgrounds and trading history as best I could.

Sadly, despite multiple attempts, I have always lost money trading someone else’s picks. My experience ranges from Tokyo Joe to programs that picked stocks based on mechanical systems. I have traded picks and lost money even while the stock picker made money. The lesson learned is that you can’t make money blindly trading someone else’s picks.

Why is this so hard to do?

There are probably multiple reasons, and surely they vary with each individual I’ve identified at least three reasons why I can’t profit off of someone else’s picks:

1. I almost always get worse fills than the stock picker. If a stock picker buys a stock at $2.00 and sells at $2.20, he made a nice 10% profit. If I attempt the same trade, I will typically get filled at $2.05 and $2.15 respectively. That would be less than 5% profit – half what the picker made.

2. I seem to miss getting executions on the really good trades, yet I always get executed on the bad trades. If a stock picker’s trade is a great trade, it will often move away from the entry price almost immediately, leaving me empty handed.

3. Inevitably I am away from my computer or distracted when the stock picker alerts his exit. Poor timing on exits will easily erode profits.

If I consistently underperform the stock picker, frequently miss out on the most profitable trades, and screw up on timing the exits, I will be doomed to breakeven at best.

I am a PennyStocking Silver subscriber. Overall I have LOST money when I blindly follow Tim’s picks. If I believe you can’t make money trading another trader’s picks, then what am I doing here?

Years of experience have taught me that the only way to make money is to make your own trades. Once you have a successful strategy, you must learn it inside out. You should internalize it to the point that it is part of you. You should know what to trade, when to trade, and how to trade. How can you make money if you do not know when to enter or exit? How will you have the guts to hold onto a great trade when it’s showing a loss if you don’t have conviction? How will you know when/if you should bail out?

If Tim buys a stock at $2.00 and it’s now at $2.07, should you buy it, or is he about to sell? If the trade is yours, you will know what to do. You won’t need Tim, or anyone else to help you.

I confess, I do follow Tim’s picks. The difference is that I don’t buy or sell because he sends out an alert. I buy or sell when I want to make the trade. To me, his alert is a reminder or a heads up to check out the stock. Maybe I was trading another stock and missed a great setup. If I get his alert and I see a desirable setup, I will trade it ONLY if it is a trade I would have taken even without his alert.

I never made money by foolishly buying or selling just because an alert popped up. But I have done quite well trading stocks and setups that he brought to my attention via a TIMalert. Learn how to make your own trades, and then you can be successful.


October 14, 2010
11:00 (approx) – “TIMalert: shorted another 30k Evergreen Solar, Inc. (ESLR) at 1.15, now short 50k at 1.155, goal is still to cover around $1 today”

I was wrapped closely watching 5 or 6 other stocks. I already had an interest in ESLR, but I wasn’t paying attention to it at the time. I double checked ESLR due to his alert. I liked everything I saw. I placed an order to sell short 25,000 shares @ $1.15.

11:35 – “TIMalert: covered ESLR at 1.17, lost 1.5 cents/share, not breaking down, could still be big squeeze, no thanks, cut losses quickly, breakeven on the day given my winning position in DSTI”

I was once again ultra-busy with lots of stocks to watch. I quickly double checked ESLR and determined that I still wanted to hold it short.

12:45 – “TIMalert: reshorted 66k ESLR at 1.14, looks like i just needed patience, the crack is onnnn, goal is $1, but i’ll chicken out before then”

Once again double checked it. No change in my opinion.

1:26 – “TIMalert: all out of ESLR at 1.07ish into this panic selling, could go more, but I just made $3k so I’m taking it’

I had my own personal exit target. I could see his rational, but felt no need to alter my trade.

1:33 – ESLR hit my limit order and I was out at $1.02. $3100 profit after commissions.

See the trade

Using Tim’s alerts can be a great way to learn for beginners. His alerts can be great for more experienced traders as a way to call attention to potential trades. But I would never expect to make money trading them blindly.

Note: I know many of Tim’s subscribers claim to make money. I would be surprised if there are very many that simply enter orders based on alerts alone. The successful subscribers have learned how to use Tim’s strategies. Although they will make trades in the same stocks as Tim, they are often entering and exiting trades based on their own timing.

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  1. Junkmail

    This is the most sysinct explanation of what successful trading is all about. …….. too bad it will go over the heads of so many who read it and or listen to you read it Tim.

    Excellent letter Gregg. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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  3. Alex

    *I’ve been aware of Timothy since I moved back to Orlando in mid ’00’s. I’ve read hundreds of his comments about stocks over the years, and followed up on them months and years later to see how they behave.*

    At least 75-80% of the time, you’re preternaturally, creepy-accurate, Tim. Seeing the trades you post, and then later reading the blog posts you open up to non-subscribers like myself, you clearly create trading-plans that are cleaner than the other professionals out there can in their own niches; but then you sometimes end up ‘shooting-from-the-hip’ a bit while trading for yourself instead of disconnecting emotionally.

    Maybe you’ve just seen too many fakeouts go horribly awry, but IMHO, you might sometimes allow yourself to enjoy the rush or feel the sting too much as the numbers change, BEFORE they’re even locked in and realized as profits or losses.

    While you’re clearly the rockstar of microcaps (and the original), I don’t think you get enough credit for your expertise, or give yourself enough credit for how superior you are at predicting the stocks in your niche. If you were this accurate with Bluechips, you’d be a household name (although, a lot of people know “the guy in the bathrobe from WSW” before they know “Sykes,” for some reason).

    lx21 is right about your picks and your trades, from what I’ve seen. You know what these stocks are going to do, and you know what it’ll look like if you’re mistaken — then you sometimes still trade with emotion (although, you get some slack on ESLR because it was so heavily abused by automated scalping computers that cause weird errors and fakes if the algorithm’s buying behavior is interfered with slightly by normal marketmaker-adjusting of minor demand).

    No matter how many books a person reads, or how exceptional the track record is of the person giving them trading ideas, nothing trumps seeing stocks play out live over and over again until they get a feel for what their thresholds are, how they should be set, and what should make them consider adjusting them as it plays out. The stocks I see posted here all the time are some of the best patterns, and playing them with an expert-backup sending alerts is likely the best way to develop a personalized feel for playing them while having a professional safety net.

    I wish there had been someone out there like you teaching how to play the mis-valued, out-of-the-money Options a few years back. 🙂 Options traders try to make them seem more mysterious/incomprehensible than they are.
    I know people who have purchased your DVDs, and you take the mystery out of the “bizarre demilitarized zone of stock trading” for people so they have no excuse to not be able to navigate it successfully.

  4. Alexstrong27

    Have to agree with Alex, it be great if we could get more info on option trading on here and from yourself Alex, as your a good option trader!


  5. PCHtrades

    Super excellent write-up and explanation for how to really use alert services to your advantage!

    Many thanks to both Gregg (lx21) and Tim for sharing their insight. I’ve been trading full time for a little over 2 months now, and while I’m finally learning to control losses (which seems even more important than focusing on profits), I would have failed by now without resources like, Investimonials, Tim’s educational tweets, and the posts of the numerous other transparent traders.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

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  7. Bernie

    As a newbie who started the Trading Challenge a few weeks ago, I’m glad that this is exactly what I was expecting to learn. Become independent and understand why Tim is doing his trades, so I can find my own tuned version of the PennyStocking strategy. I’m happy to see that you’re not intending for us to become your followers and replicate everything you do for life, that wouldn’t make sense.

    Guys, everyone is different and have to put its own time and effort to find his/her comfort levels. Just deal with it!

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  9. Felipec81

    awesome post.  I totaly understand the last point, time your trades, sometimes tims alert can be a little to late because of the volatility of the stock, but they are still worth waiting for that opportunity.  awesome post, I can relate to it.

  10. beruska

    This is what I hope to get out of my subscription fees: knowledge and the confidence to use it. I envy the trading challenge students who got to watch Gregg’s hour-long presentation. I watched the 10 minutes excerpt 3 times!

  11. Darinallen

    I appreciate this post. I have to admit, it corrects some misunderstanding I had.
    Great post.
    Thank you very much Gregg and Tim.

  12. ted

    “The lesson learned is that you can’t make money blindly trading someone else’s picks.”well i make money everytime i follow APS picks,i just don’t hold on too long

  13. William S

    Just signed up to Pennystocking Silver a couple days ago and just read this. This is great. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks Tim and Gregg!

  14. Marc

    Yeah I could have read it for myself but thank you Tim for taking the time to go over it and allowing me to get so much more out of it.

  15. Avi

    This is great!!!! Tim, I love that you don’t pretend that there’s a magic formula. Trading penny stocks isn’t simple, but you’ve got the right strategies.

  16. Max Ghezzi

    Amazing fucking post! I agree 100% with everything he says; Somehow, this should be required reading for ANYBODY signing up for any stock chatroom and/or stock ‘guru’ service.

    It takes YEARS of practice, due diligence and unwavering grit to become good at day trading and although you can cut down the learning curve substantially by subscribing to a chat, at the end, it’s what you learn on your own (albeit based on theories learned from your teacher), that shapes you and defines what type of trader you’ll become.

    So yes, it’s invaluable, especially for a beginner trader but also a more advanced one, to be part of a chatroom and/or some type of community where one can share ideas and learn from each other, BUT, at the end of the day, you have to become your own trader and trade your own trades, and NOT rely on others for a quick stock pick.

    Or as Confucius once said: “If I show a student one corner, and he can’t find the other three on his own, the teaching ceases.”

  17. John Wayne

    What a phenomenal post. Tim, thanks for being genuine and Greg who took the time to write in his blog about his strategy’s and compared them to yours.
    This should be required reading. Happy trades to all.

  18. Isaac T.

    Awesome we’ll said exactly what Tim wants his newbies like myself to do, research, learn, and find your niche. Great post 10/10

  19. yeayea

    Actually when you start to understand his strategy, you start looking at the stocks thru tims eyes. and no it is not “TIM IS FREAKINGLY ACCURATE, HE JUST follows his logical thinking. what i think that is FREAKINGLY scary are the degenerates speculating about stocks in his chatroom

  20. Robotrade

    Great post. Now where’s the free picks? You would have to come up with a good method that is tested and based on blindly following stock picks. Get an average and see what happens. Some traders now have pre-alerts.

  21. Robotrade

    Best advice I’ve got from Tim’s free info online is: “If the stock does not do what you want, then get out.” I’ve added something to that from my little experience: “If the stock does not continue to do what you want, then get out.”

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