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My 2010 performance in chart form

Michael Goode is not only one of the 12 expert speakers at my upcoming conference, one of the top rated bloggers on Investimonials (check out his 66 reviews) and the moderator of the chatroom for subscribers of my 4 newsletters, he also has banked nearly $200,000 with my strategy of short selling pumps…see his bio from the conference page:

Michael Goode is an annual six-figure-profits trader who blogs at ReaperTrades & moderates the TIMalert subscriber chatroom. He initially thought I was a fraud, but nearly $150,000 in profits later, he’s changed his mind…see his post he did explaining his about face when we was up just $77,000 using my strategy. He is the most conservative quaker day trader there is and this is his bio from his site: “I have a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology (with a focus on learning and memory) from Washington University in St. Louis. I left graduate school in August 2007 and following some brief entrepreneurial forays I became a full-time stock day-trader in May, 2008. I live just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have a few different trading strategies I use, but most of my trading can be classified as penny-stock trading that I learned from Timothy Sykes. I have blogged about day-trading at ReaperTrades since the summer of 2009, but I have blogged (and continue to blog) about fraud and investing at”

That’s all well and good and he was scheduled to speak from 8-9am on Monday November 15th, but after reading his presentation entitled “Scientific Penny Stock Trading”, we’re updating the conference schedule to give him an extra half hour because his presentation is THAT good….and useful….and enlightening.

We only have a few more conference spots so be sure to visit the conference page and use the special coupon codes WEB2010 to save $700 off the regular ticket price and attend via live video and VEGAS2010 to save $500 and attend in person.

Below is a slide from Michael Goode’s awesome presentation:


…and heere’s a video we shot at last year’s conference (notice he was only up $90,000 back in October 2009 while now he’s closing in on $200,000 in trading profits ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Michael Goode

    I should point out that it would have been a lot better to use standard deviation of % profits … I didn’t use that because I was running low on time and that would have required some extra work to figure out. Likewise with the “All other” % profit, I should calculate that, but it would have taken time that I did not have.

    Also, this slide does not show all my trading profits, just those from short selling things that are obviously pump & dumps.

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