Ask My Student Who Turned $1,500 Into $4.7 Million ANYTHING

Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million

You Can ask My student Who Turned $1,500 Into $4.7 Million ANYTHING!

As you might’ve read the other day, in this post “3 Big Milestones This Week” my top trading challenge students and I have had a VERY busy few days/weeks, even though August is typically the slowest month of the year…but the past 2 years, August has been on fire, along with June and July, so take advantage of it!

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Not to mention all the projects my charity, The Timothy Sykes Foundation, has now completed after months, and more accurately years of work…

Anyway, I have a lot of upcoming six-figure and millionaire students, great hard workers, like this guy, but now the man himself who was featured HERE on CNN has surpassed me in trading profits — he’s made over $1 million in 2017 already, despite traveling a ton and now he’s at $4.7 million, which beats my $4.68 million — and we’re going to have a Q&A interview tomorrow, so leave your questions in the comment section below and we’ll try to answer them all!

You can learn more about this great trader HERE and HERE and let me just repeat, because I’m sure right that some readers don’t believe me: post whatever question you want in the comments section below and we’ll try to answer them in a Q&A session we’re doing tomorrow here in Bali!


We’re going to try to do it live for trading challenge students, but it will also be recorded and archived, so let’s hear what you got, and mind you, don’t waste our time with BS questions or anything that you can easily Google — really put some time into asking good solid questions as I want to try to top these videos we did a few months ago when we were hanging out in St Maarten:

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Ashley

    Question, when entering a long, what makes you determine whether to hit the ask or place at the bid. Thankyou and congrats!! both of you

  2. Robert W

    Hi Tim G:
    1) Have you modified any of your technical strategies (for listed stocks) from Trading Tickers?
    2) Can you explain any new strategies that you have developed since Tickers?

  3. Marc DiLiddo

    My question for Tim. Can you provide some overview on your process for researching stocks. Using screeners, etc.

  4. skylar wieber

    im having trouble understanding level 2. and how to predict how it effects the current price on the chart. and why sometimes the spread is only a penny then sometimes a few cents seconds later. could sombody do a youtube video on just level 2 on how to use it properly in conjuction with the charts?

  5. Anonymous

    in the beginning did grittani have trouble pulling the trigger on set ups he thought he saw? if so how did he get over it

  6. Rory Mullen

    Way to go. Do you think you will be able to maintain your gains going forward?. Remember you have a chance now to pay it forward, have you done so?

  7. mother trucker

    in the beginning did grittani have trouble pulling the trigger on set ups he thought he saw? and if so how did he get over it

  8. Mike

    How did you reach your turning point to consistent profitable trades and/or what specific actions do you feel led you to that turning point?

  9. Andy Williams

    Hey Tim, everyday I start around 7:30, check gainers and previous nights W/L, check which have ugly charts, go through filings for financing, offerings etc and choose the ones I think are least likely to hold any gains or have resistance above for SS. I make trade plans for each …rinse repeat until market open. Is there anything else/other good habits I should be doing with my time in Pre? Any other info I should be looking at in filings?


  10. Ed Humphrey

    Hi Tim G!

    First of all congrats on accomplishing your goals and becoming the Tim Challenge top earner!

    I’m struggling with consistency and seem to give my profits right back when ever i have profitable trades. I feel this is the only thing holding me back from making real progress. I know that you are big on the Daily Trading Coach book and i was wondering if there is any lesson in the book that you feel got you over this hump specifically?


  11. Andrew Taylor

    Hey Tim G and Tim S. Question: I create a watch list and a plan the trade, and when I enter a trade it always seems to go the other way big time, so I cut losses quickly and then hours later or days later it goes the way I planned, but its too late and it happens ALL the time. As a result I am losing money. Now I am just scared to enter trades, and now when I am scared to enter the trades I planned, the trades now seem to go exactly the way I planned, but I don’t enter them. Talk about bad luck! Does this happen to you? What should I put in place to help stay on the positive path?

  12. GT500

    TIM G. I am searching at some high ODDs long strategy. Do you still go long, if so what are some patterns that you would play? I know that you are looking for multi-time frame b/o. Do you every buying big panic at the open or buying ABCD pattern intra-day? If so, what do you look in that on a big picture, so daily chart. Ty.

  13. Kevin C.

    Hey, Tim. Congratulations on all of your success !
    I realize the markets are always changing and we have to adapt, but I am curious as to what exactly was your “Eureka !” moment when things finally started to click ?
    Thank you for your time,

  14. Danny

    Tim G, I want to congratulate you on such an amazing career filled with so much generosity and transparency. Thank you also for your recent trade recap videos on YouTube, they are a gift.

    It’s kind of a shame I feel, but I have no real questions about trading in general as I’ve come to see how simple it is, regardless of how difficult it can be.

    #1. The special broker has raised it’s minimums to 50k now, are you aware of any other brokers with great borrows/preborrows with lower minimums?

    #2. I haven’t been around long, what is your overall sentiment as far as this summer goes? Your thoughts on opportunities compared to other times of the year?

    You’re the best guys! thank you!

  15. The One


    As best as you can remember… What/How exactly did you study in the beginning. What DVDs did you listen to, what was your routine prior to actually trading?

  16. Ryan

    Thank you guys so much for doing this! Here’s my question for both of you – what advice can you give to someone if they know they are trading high-odds patterns and taking small positions but they still have trouble taking positions because of the fear of being wrong and losing money?

  17. Bryce Berry

    I have trouble getting out way too soon. How long to do you hold before determining that the price action is favoring you or not?

  18. Nhya

    In your opinion, what’s the best chart patterns for longs right now?

    Congratulations, soon enough I will have my own post 🙂

  19. Tod

    Which setups is best to focus on depending on the type of market and what is the best way to practice to be able to tell in 10s seconds after looking on the graph which side you will take if any (long, short)?

  20. sue sgaggero

    Why are spread sheet important for you?? Do you still use the same promoter list as in the webinar trading tickers??

  21. Patrick

    Question: Hi Tim Grittani, how do you motivate yourself when the odds are not in your favour or your going through a though time in life in general. How do you work with it in order to be mentally fit for trading. Thanks a lot for answering this question.

  22. Suzanne

    Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishments and thank you both for being willing to help others succeed! I just became a challenge student this week. It is an unbelievable amount of exciting information as I literally just began learning about the stock market 3 months ago.

    It’s hard not wanting to jump on the hot stocks, but I’m so new I don’t want to throw my money away on something I could’ve learned had I just waited a few short weeks or months.

    Did you find yourself wanting to jump on the hot stocks, or did you study all the information first? Thank you!

  23. Usman Khan

    Hey Tim S and Tim G

    First of all, I would like to thank you both for being so accessible to all of us.

    My question for you is what problems did you run into when you first started trading? Essentially, what might be a few things you wish you knew that you know now?

  24. Dobrin Aleksandrov

    What is your best pattern for long position , and how big was your position of your stack when you start with 1500 $ !

  25. Erskin MElvin

    Hello Tim Grittani My name is Erskin Melvin I’m a member of Tim Silvermembership can you please elaborate on how your daily routine goes from waking up to the closing of the stock market? How your scanners are setup? How did you figure out your strategies? How does your trading style different from Tim morning Spikes and shorting style?

  26. Matt Barger

    Hey Tim’s! How do you guys prepare the night before and the morning before market open? What scanners do you run, do you already know your size in position prepre market open, and how do you keep an eye on your watch list stocks price action at the market open when it’s moving so fast, especially on a laptop? Thank you guys!!! #1MillionPusuit

  27. Jack Harland

    I guess I’d like to know how you find the stocks you trade, I know you follow promoters for pump and dumps and the likes. I would like to where you get your trade ideas from such as promoters, scans used, websites you look at for research and overall information for your daily watch list.

  28. Torin Vanderpool

    Hey Tim! What was your aha moment, and what was your biggest hurdle to overcome as a trader?

    Thanks !!

  29. Chad

    Can you talk a little about when ATMs/ warrants are issued to a company? More specifically, how you are able to pick out which days they will be used or effect the upside of a stock. How much more confident are you in shorting the front side of a move like your HUSA short on 8/1/17?

  30. Rahul Bakshi

    Hey Tim & Tim,

    I’m spending lots of hours studying but there’s a plethora of videos/lessons. I’m getting through “How to Make Millions” right now, after which I plan to watch Trading Tickers. But again, there’s alot of Tim’s material and I am studying hard. Just trying to understand how you shaped your studies in conjunction with starting trades based on that knowledge?

  31. Skyballs

    How do you get over self doubt about a trade if you think it’s a good setups but to scared to trade it? Guessing it’s a confidence of not studying enough issue?

  32. Scott Tysar

    Wow my question got in better make it short so we get through them.
    Question- What was your study schedule like when you were really at the peak of your studying?- because i believe i need to study more 1 hour a day is kinda low that said with school I have other responsibilities.

    Thanks Tim’s S and G

  33. John P.

    What advice can you give for determining when to exit a winning trade or at least to start taking some profits? I have had so many trades that go my way and I wait too long and turn what could have been a profitable trade into a losing trade because I was waiting for the price to go higher.

  34. Kyle Williams

    For both Tims – what was your mentality in sizing up when growing a small account? I have had a consistent winning % and been profitable for the past 3 months and looking to start uping size. Should you wait for your account to get bigger to up size? Or should you up size to make your account bigger? thanks!

  35. Josh K

    When playing a b/o, how can you tell when it starts to top after it breaks so you don’t get caught in the pull back with the possibility of losing all gains. Also, what do you find is the best pattern working right now

  36. Mike

    Scaling in and out a ticker several times. Does it affect the PDT rule?, and does it cost you more as far as commissions go?

  37. Alvin

    Tim G – I see in some of your videos that you use VWAP on your charts. Can you please explain how you use VWAP for different setups? Thank you!

  38. Oliver

    Can you talk about your AEZS short – where you started shorting, where you covered, and how you picked your entries and exits?

  39. Sebrina

    Hi Tim G . Many many congrats. Only in the challenge a few months. I know I have to find what works for me with a small account. Shorting scares me at the minute. What patterns would you recommend I try out? Just want to have some structure and not randomly enter trades.

  40. Nicholas Leede

    If you are long overnight on a multiyear breakout like AVEO @ 3.30 earlier this week and the stock gaps up but its all time highs are at 3.50 and the stock tops at 3.48 pre market and looks weak going into the open would you use your risk from the consolidation before the breakout from yesterday or would you move it up to G/R or the breakout level. To clarify I longed the 3.30 breakout the day before but moved my risk to G/R near the open because I was a bit scared by the weakness and stopped out during the morning washout that held the 3.30 B/O which then preceded to make all time highs. In your DVD you say you typically use G/R as risk when swinging OTC multiday breakouts so my question is in most cases like this would you keep your risk from the previous day or would you move it up to G/R or the breakout level? Also does your decision to move up your risk level when swinging multiday breakouts typically differ from OTC to listed stocks?

  41. Eric

    Intraday scanners constantly running Vs. nightly and morning scans only

    Some people scan constantly. While others scan only in premarket … Gritanti you run a daily scan. constantly … Sykes you don’t … How effective is running the Intraday gainers scan ? Do you run it on equityfeed and how does it compare to STT (have you used it yet)

    Can you scan and react fast enough to make the play if it only lasts 5 minutes …. I’ve always missed plays this way… They are just to fast for comfort .. Even if I know the patterns and I am prepared …

  42. Paul Delgado

    Hi Tim G. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I have learned so much immensely however I am lacking in developing a solid watchlist which I start over every 3 days. I see too many plays that I considered done, ie FENG, BITCF, although I captured some of the .86 dip this week, but not even patience or volume to keep my attention. and they weren’t. Both were a solid 25%+ play, BITCF 100%+ in days. When and why will you clear and/or add a play on yours? Volume decrease, if so limit? Break support, if so by how much percentage? As far detail as you can go even in an explanation even in a webinar combined with Tim may be resourceful. Thanks for this, you both are very inspiring!

  43. Eric

    Have you and Donna started that animal charity on the island yet ? … I’m sure they need help with that

  44. Liz

    Wow! These are All Great questions. I know that many answers are on your past videos. I’m very new and still studying, however, I want to know as I don’t believe I have seen in detail how it is that you pay yourself off as you’re gaining in a trade? And how is it that we don’t, shouldn’t DO a Hard stop. Can this Also B shown thru a live teade at the September conference? That’s what I’m very interested in learning. I believe I can figure, how to prepare for a trade from your recent and past videos, and from your most recent Millionair students like Steve D,, and Roland. Thanks a Billion Tim & Tim!

  45. Anonymous

    Which videos and studying from the Tim Challenge library gave you that lightbulb moment and the confidence after watching./learning to place your first trade?

    To TG!

  46. john

    Some people ask which video lesson I should start studying, and for any new and even old
    these two and steven dux are the best. It will give you the confidence of where to start trading.

  47. Usman Khan

    Nvm my question. I just watched the interview posted here.

    Best use of my hour ever since I came here

  48. DNN

    Many people dream of being a millionaire. What they don’t know is that it’s hard work becoming one. And it’s harder staying one. It’s easy to say one wants to be a millionaire. But until they’re ready to handle responsibilities associated with having enormous amounts of cash, they’re better off staying on their cushy jobs.

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